Message from DRAGON QUEST creator, Yuji Horii

From its debut in 1986, the DRAGON QUEST franchise has long been considered a staple of any RPG fan’s collection. Featuring masterful music scores by Koichi Sugiyama and the instantly familiar styling of legendary artist, Akira Toriyama, it’s easy to see how this franchise has become such a worldwide success. Another name that has become synonymous with the franchise is Yuji Horii, the original creator of the entire franchise!

Join us as we sit down with Horii san to get his thoughts on how the DRAGON QUEST franchise was born and his thoughts on the game design that’s made the franchise so popular!


  1. jotaroxtreme

    Please localize Dragon Quest X on Wii, WiiU, and 3DS and Dragon Quest VII on 3DS.  Your Dragon Quest games on dedicated game consoles is what we want, not mobile!

  2. Sr DeSilva

    squareenix lost its ways. its all about the quick dollar for them now, sad for the state of Japanese gaming. 

  3. 001edwards

    Can We Please Get Dragon Quest 7 for the 3ds in North America -_-

  4. hell-dew

    Square i would support you but not on mobile. mobile is not ideal for this series in the west. we like our portables we like our battery life we like our buttons controls. i would be more willing to pay 40 dollars for a 3ds DQ then pay 20 for an IOS one anyday.

  5. Jean-Francois Lambert

    I want DQ7 3DS and rocket slim 2 3DS. Don't care about phone ports.

  6. Sephiroth1204

    Dragon Quest Monsters 2 (both of them) were some of my favorite GBC games and when I heard they were getting a 3DS remake, I was so happy. Please bring them to the west along with DQ VII for 3DS 😀

  7. ladynikkie

    I don't need the mobile apps for four and eight, I got the original physical copies and please bring Dragon Quest 7 for the 3ds overseas! BTW if you're looking for the ds copies of 4 and 5, good luck finding them cheap and I'm guessing dragon quest X will be on the new 3ds.

  8. woepriest

    While some of us do support the mobile platform the rest of us are still on dedicated platforms, home or handheld. But regardless bring more DQ games over!

  9. Wanderer From The Past

    Thank you for all the work you and the rest of team that has worked on the Dragon Quest series. I bought my 3ds to finally play Dragon Quest VII but alas due to no localization I cannot fulfill that desire. 

    But as the old saying goes: "Better late than never". 

    It's not too late , thousands and even millions of gamers outside of Japan really want to play this, especially in the PAL region where Dragon Quest VII has never been officially released. 

    If you can grant us this humble request my fellow western Dragon Quest fans along with myself would be forever grateful. 

    Thank you Horii san and to rest the DQ team. I hope we can continue to play your games on various platforms in the future. 

  10. jackal27

    PLEASE Square Enix. Dragon Quest my favorite game series ever and I didn't even know it until the DS games came out. I can't even play the last 5 entries in my favorite game series of all time. It makes me so sad. PLEASE bring the 3DS Dragon Quest games to the west!

  11. Linka

    Please, please consider Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS. Not iOS or Android, the 3DS version, please!

  12. jackal27

    I hate playing games on my mobile phone. The controls are inacurrate, the battery life is short, and I have already played these games! We want Dragon Quest on our 3DS!

  13. jackal27

    Do you not want my money? If you announced the last 5 Dragon Quest games for the west, I preorder EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. IMMEDIATELY.

  14. Adinz0 CrowZ

    Fuck mobile gaming

  15. James Wayne

    Basically what's going on here:
    "You can have these games on Mobiles because that's all square Enix lets us do now… They won't even let us release FF and DQ games on the WiiU VC, or Chroner Triggo… So here ya go, on teh phones be cuz that's where all SE fans have always been" 

  16. Z

    Yuji, please, PLEASE release Dragon Quest VII (3DS) and X outside of Japan. I need more Dragon Quest in my life!

  17. Adrian Duran

    If you localize all the DQ games I will make sure to buy everyone one for me and my friends twice

  18. arkane9b

    Release Dragon Quest VII for 3DS in the West!!!

  19. Gray Aria

    Please localize Dragon Quest VII on 3DS!

  20. AndyMAX


  21. J .A

    Dragon Quest VII 3DS please, we don't need Dragon Quest on mobile

  22. Lu Alecqua

    We want Dragon Quest on 3DS and Wii U on America and Europe! PLEASE! 😀

  23. vagrantman100

    square, if you can't give us,dq7 remake because it have too much text in it, at least promise to bring us dragon quest 11, dragon quest is my favorite game series. please bring more… please!!!

  24. SlimeBeherit

    A lot of video games, animes and mangas never stop to consider the market outside of Japan, but they still find success in those markets. With the likes of Dark Souls, Etrian Odyssey, Persona, Shin Megami, Tales of, Monster Hunter or even juggernauts like Pokemon, to say that Dragon Quest was created purely for a Japanese audience, isn't enough to give up on it. Why is it that I never give it second thought as too whether I will be playing those games sometime in the future. It's insane that when an Etrian Odyssey game is announced I can say "I'll be playing that game a few months after the Japanese release." Why can these other companies do it, but the company known specifically for its RPG's cannot?

  25. Conradson

    Thanks you Yuji Horii, I loved the DQ IV, V, VI and VIII (and kinda enjoyed the IX). All these games where localised in France.
    Please, make the release of Dragon Quest VII 3DS a reality in Europe 🙂

  26. Nagato

    Lol all you idiots can afford 3DS and Vitas above 150-250 bucks, but cant afford a 80 dollar tablet to play Dragon Quest Mobile games, Omg I find this funny on how stupid people can be. MORE MOBILE GAMES PLEASE! 

  27. Jude

    "The remaining titles in the series are also making its way"
    "To mobile devices"

  28. Rhansley C

    I don't want to sound like a broken record but you can't expect what worked in Japan to work in the West. Yes there's 100 million+ more consumers on those devices but unlike dedicated devices like the 3DS and Vita these consumers are not gamers or at least casual consumer who won't spend more then $5 on a software. The reason why we keep constantly messaging you is because we the dedicated gamers who plays RPG games since the days of the NES, SNES and PS are still willing to pay to play heavy RPG from the past and present on our devices of choice because we feel that these devices (3DS and Vita) are built with our expected needs (battery life, buttons & sticks and service to Nintendo Network & Playstation Network) in mind. So please release DQVII on 3DS (I'm willing to except a digital only as an offer) and DQX on Wii U (or heck why not even PC?)

  29. Andrew Nguyen

    been painfully waiting for DQX ..watching youtube vidoes of japanese fans playing only gets you so far. 
    Would love to see DQ VII remade come over too..would snatch up those in a heartbeat.

  30. ZeroTyrant

    Dear Mr. Horii,
    I've been a fan of the series since 2010, and I'd love it if you would bring the 3DS Dragon Quest Monsters titles and Dragon Quest VII (3DS) to the West.
    Oh, and Slime Morimori 3/Rocket Slime 3D. So yeah, bring the 3DS titles over to North America and Europe, please.

  31. Cloudforce1

    I want another console Dragon Quest, I am getting a little tired of handhelds and mobile adaptations… I mean at least we are getting remakes of the classics and I am happy for that but I rather have the remakes get the full console treatment or a new installment, I just feel like the mobile interpretations doesn't have the immersion and wonder I felt when I played VIII for the first time

  32. Anders Møller

    Please bring Dragon Quest Heroes to Europe. I would buy that.

  33. Half-assed Excalibur

    Look Yuji, I appreciate  your work very much, but please! I beg of you! Release Dragon Quest X Online w/ Local/Online play! (By Local/Online Play, I meant that up to 4 players on one console can pair up as a party. I'm also recommending this idea only for the Wii U version.)

  34. redneckpride4ever

    I thank you for the mobile games. I always wanted 16-bit quality remakes of the Loto trilogy with a consistent script more than even the 7 remake. However, I would guarantee the purchase of at least 3 copies of the 7 remake. And SE should reconsider releasing 10 here.

  35. EmoryM

    Please put Dragon Warrior VII onto PSN so that I can play it on my PS3 and Vita.  Please put Dragon Quest VIII onto PSN so that I can play it on my PS3.  SEGA and Atlus celebrate the history of the Megaten and Persona franchises by re-releasing titles on platforms meant for playing video games.

  36. Chaos Order

    I love how the have  6 and 8 but not 7. 😛  
     good thing i bought mine   2 years ago

  37. Asukari

    I would like to see them on the PS4 store or Vita but I would also like to see DQ X

  38. piperlovegood13

    I've been a fan of DQ since about VIII when I asked my brother to hand me another RPG for the PS2 or PS1 (he has a huge collection of games in general) He handed me DQVIII and I've been sold since. I have all the DS titles in the states, 1 and 2 on GBC and plan on getting 3. I want the ones released in Japan to make it over to the states. But would prefer a console to my phone as many others. I really want VII (3DS) because I haven't found a good copy on the ps1 and prefer a handheld to start with (not to mention the money will go to the creators not the reseller if you release it here hint, hint).  I will buy every DQ game released for the 3ds even if it's just on the Virtual Console 

  39. urmanascrewed

    I really want Dragon Quest Heroes in america. Action RPG's are popular in america.  

  40. Ray Lopez

    Dragon Quest VIII Remastered for the PS4!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. David Rios

    the mobile version does not always work and is in most cases quiet cumbersome. please bring dragon quest 7 and 8 over for the new 3ds,it would be greatly appreciated. i've heard of the difficulties in the translation department but it should be worth it at the end. give me a reason to game one more time and relax with one of the best jrpg's ever created.

  42. KiTA

    Please bring Dragon Quest 7, Dragon Quest 8, and Dragon Quest Monsters 1 / 2 / Joker 3 to the US!

  43. SuperSonicKazooie

    Isn't everyone excited that Dragon Quest XI is coming next year in 2016 for the game series' 30th anniversary?! 😀

  44. Wailmerboy

    Yuuji-dono, please bring more Dragon Quest games to the states. Especially on 3ds. I almost feel like my 3ds is missing without it.

    A fan.

  45. CrimsonDragonEX

    so is DQ7 Mobile going to come over or…

  46. Atticus Walsh

    18 bitter final fantasy fans down-voted this video.

  47. Neil 139

    Would love to see new Dragon Quest games on the TV again, just cleaned off the 1980's NES and started up Dragon Warrior 3. DQ Heroes held it's own value but apparently so does NES era Dragon Quest.

  48. Sky R

    please make a vr dragon quest monsters joker addition!

  49. Johnny Freetanga

    I am still waiting for your second Tennis game 😀

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