Meshi Quest: Five-Star Kitchen – Launch Trailer

Gourmet food fanatics! The new mobile restaurant management game, Meshi Quest: Five-Star Kitchen is now available! Create over 200 delectable dishes from an array of global cultures from Japanese ramen and curry rice to burgers and Chinese cuisine. Create the ultimate gourmet town by earning stars and gaining experience points to unlock new restaurants! Get the free fast service action game here:

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  1. theguyeric1

    Look fun I will give it a try… Downloading.

  2. M K

    Oh no SE what is you doing?…

  3. R8 CpT

    Tell Yoko to start working on NieR:Automata DLC

  4. Matthew Mamchur

    So this is what's making Kingdom Hearts 3 so long.

  5. TallulahSoie

    What? Why?

  6. lumpyspacecadet

    I've come up with a new recipeh!

  7. sgt saltstick

    S T O P T H I S A T O N C E

  8. sgt saltstick


  9. Otoshigami

    you could've just make FF15 cooking minigame on mobile instead.

  10. Clacla


  11. Harris Kekos

    You make a remaster Mario rpg legend of the seven stars for Nintendo switch???

  12. Harris Kekos

    You make Mario rpg legend of the seven stars remaster for Nintendo switch

  13. Fikri Prasetya

    Bang meshi quest di mod kan ada di ini revdl rexdl mod unlimited money dan unlimited diamond

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