Mega64 plays Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo – SDCC 2011

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  • Mega64 plays Deus Ex: Human Revolution Demo – SDCC 2011

The Mega 64 team (hardcore Deus Ex series fans) try out the latest demo for Deus Ex: Human Revolution


  1. jakedizzle

    Derrick is style'n with his sunglasses matching the headset.

  2. craigbo180

    When do we see trench coat one.

  3. StupidJellyfish

    Not enough sprinklers.

  4. kingfelipe12

    1000 fps

  5. Matthew Cotton

    "I'm on cutscene 2, and I haven't seen trench coat 1."

    Oh Rocco.

  6. Gandor Doomstar

    there is really..
    bright in here…


  7. Personnel Account

    I'm liking those glasses.

  8. yay rice

    j.c. botte headphones need to be made

  9. GrassDragon

    STRAIGHT UP COATS: my new username.

  10. Buckston


  11. Sock Lobster

    Definitely seems like they completely copied Mega64's vid, hope they give them some money for it and let them handle all design on the inevitable sequel for Wii U.

  12. mike m


  13. Frostbite SH

    I love how he says "I've played the original…many times" with like an upturned nose, haha

  14. skaninja21

    needs more sprinklers…

  15. Xezatt

    deus ex, douche bags

  16. gamedemon001

    Rocco soon to be on turtle beaches everywhere 8-23-2011

  17. Dissonant Euphony

    Mega64 on subtlety… ha.

  18. erick103

    @Twilleh Shut up neck beard…

  19. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog087 as to what?

  20. Alan Spacer

    the lack of sprinklers is beyond me

  21. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog08 I didn't know that an Xbox is that bad, to me its all the same, but I guess my way is old and crappy like a 1080p connected Xbox 360, I mean those graphics are SOOOO shitty and as all people know something like the PC or PS3 isn't all the same thing with a different hunk of metal around it. I need to get my vision augmented like the GODS that pc gamers are

  22. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog087 True but the port to PS2 was excellent

  23. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog087 you're missing the point, graphics don't make the game

  24. Andjealous

    Every character would look better with trench coats; Mario,Master Chief,Cooking Mama,Carmen Sandiego. Even characters who already possess trench coats will be given one. Nothing wrong with layers, it gets cold in the winter. You'll be thankful.

  25. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog087 and takes an hour to load…….

  26. Fritz Heiner

    @Mog087 I honestly don't see the point in Blu-Ray it all looks the same.

  27. Il Penseroso

    Looked terrible, canceling preorder, not enough trenchcoats

  28. Needham90

    @DJJuanitoFresh Some dont see the difference. I do.
    But it's not just the picture quality, that often depends on how good a transfer it is, it's also down to the sound quality. I watched Saving Private Ryan on DVD a short time before getting the blu-ray and the difference was immense.

  29. Fritz Heiner

    @Twilleh yeah, Deus Ex HR is so bad on the consoles, that's why its getting better reveiws….

  30. Fritz Heiner

    @Twilleh shit troll is shit.

  31. GoodFriendsForever

    what a shame

  32. Takeo M

    They actually give him the headphones XD

  33. Moises Atizol

    I want nex game deus ex, i buy deus ex mankind divided ps4 dvd versión , is a gift for my brother and i want to buy another one for mi, pc versión, i looking for a dvd physical version, i hope this franchise don't die, sorry my english is horrible

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