Marvel's Spider-Man – Gameplay Trailer [PS4, deutsche Untertitel] E3 2018

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Jetzt vorbestellen! Erhältlich ab 07. September 2018.

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  1. James Hageman

    No one is thinking Doc Oc at the end? I mean he was original sinister six.

  2. Karvo

    Doc ock or green goblin at the end who is spiders mentor betraying him

  3. ill.Lucid

    Really really wish we had a symbiote costume in here

  4. Spider Man

    Vulture literally lost in every seen

  5. Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !

    I LOVE electro' design. It's like the old electro design with the funky mask, but not as dorky lol. Still the same old Electro! One of my favorite villains ever!

  6. Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !

    Does that sequence with chasing electro remind anyone of the chase in Ultimate Spiderman where you fought him as Venom ?! So cool!

  7. Checkems

    maybe its yuri at the end and shes actually the head of sinister 6

  8. Noe Limit Bossed

    They Did Light Work And Lied Its Venom Bc If You Think Spiderman Took Long To Say Wait You Like He Had To Wait And See Who It Was And You Heard Grawling Like Venom And You Can Hear Someone Crawling Up The Wall

  9. elias zepeda

    Spiderman:Arkham city

  10. Robe

    Que jogo lindo!!

  11. ለոժгøiժ Qüለاiту

    I like Vulture's new design…

  12. Bransen Cain

    I think it was harry at the end

  13. e3nigma

    So we just gonna ignore that electro looks like logic orrrr ?????

  14. Rafael Silveira Moraes

    Tony kkkk que top

  15. KeNeDy BR

    Xbox cry!

  16. denys dultra


  17. TheKrustyKurb

    I’m sad I’m an Xbox player but I’m a big fan of spider man

  18. lost Soul

    I prefer web of shadows gameplay. Thats just looks like "the amazing spider man" but with high budget, thats what I see.

  19. Michael Yanez

    Hopefully venom gets to be in it, I’ll buy the game anyway

  20. beto 28


  21. Aurang

    "Impressive!!!!" -Green Goblin

  22. Mason The Blue Bear

    Ps4 sucks cuz spiderman is not on Xbox one Xbox one is better but I love the game

  23. abebeo weo

    In the end they miss
    Doc octopus
    Green goblin
    And spider man will be fuck????

  24. Pedro Folger

    Quem acha que tinham que fazer o jogo para o Xbox one. Deixa o like

  25. Khaled Escanor

    6:54 the Doctor otto

  26. Cromezeus

    Yes das werden geile Videos ???

  27. Johannes Paul

    Fuck you Sony!:(

  28. Dynamie

    At the end,I think it was either Green goblin (Harry),Green goblin (Norman) Or Doctor Octopus because he is so shocked

  29. Dead Smile

    alguien que hable el maldito español jajaja

  30. BriGhtNess Games

    Chupa caixistas

  31. Ayden Durrett

    You fooled us. How dare you

  32. MrAvacado

    i dont have a ps4 i own a xbox and want to kill myself because i cant get this game

  33. John_ Rustle

    After playing the game, I do wonder if this was supposed to be someone else. That sound sounds nothing like Ock’s arms in this game. His arms make more of a mechanical sound when they move and extend. The sound in this trailer sounded like a growl. Of course, there’s also the possibility that they changed the sound for this particular scene just make it more open and keep people guessing up until launch.

  34. SettingItToWumbo

    I’m so glad that the game turned out more or less exactly like this

  35. Kolbaca

    В правом верхнем углу, ЛОХ playstation exclusive XD

  36. Bright2Dark

    Doc Oc 4sure, can''t u hear his tentakles talkin to him?

  37. Germi-.

    Quién no va a tener el hombre araña? XBOX! 7u7

  38. AyGames 2.0 gaming

    Will there be a DLC of miles morales

  39. Crustiez GT

    Sorry xbox u aint getting money now lol

  40. Mikaela Trickster

    Well spoiler alert

    It’s doc

  41. Джокслэнд

    Фу какое гавно

  42. Joseph Röllason

    6:53 "Wait… You?"
    Mr Ditkovitch: "Rent?"

  43. Omega 123547698 gamerYT

    Lo quiero tener

  44. Tomas Lazo

    its octopus

  45. cqn -.-

    Plsss come to Nintendo Switch
    Everybody go to play it

  46. Leide Costa


  47. Darryl Wallace

    ?Oh Hi Rhino!

    Am I the only one who thought that was funny?

  48. katia pereira

    O jogo é muito bom

  49. Synthwave Pepe

    This is literally the end of the game, what the fuck

  50. Blacktivity

    Am I the only one who noticed at 1:47 how Spidey made a quip saying go into the cells, and coincidentally kicks that guy into the cell?

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