LOST SPHEAR – Soundtrack Sampler (SQUARE ENIX Online Store Exclusive)

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For More Information: https://goo.gl/nRCcwu

From the music composer of I Am Setsuna, Tomoki Miyoshi brings a new orchestral soundtrack to the vibrant world of #LOSTSPHEAR. Receive the exclusive ‘Palace’ and ‘Lost Town’ music tracks and be automatically entered to win a Nintendo Switch by pre-ordering the Boxed Edition, only in the Square Enix Online Store in NA. #LOSTSPHEAR arrives on January 23, 2018!


  1. Koops555

    im getting a Bravely Default sort of feeling from this game, I'm wondering if the peeps that made Bravely Default worked on this game as well.

  2. Mahpeyker Kösem

    Pre ordered it for my Switch ❤

  3. Otaku_GameFan

    Pretty interesting.

  4. Ty Sylicus

    This game looks good. I can see a lot of improvement.

  5. Ahmed Alhosani

    Would be amazing if they make Final Fantasy 1 Remake with this gameplay style.

  6. Homero Santos

    Played the demo. The game seemed very bare bones and had I was given very little reason to care. The music is very generic and this game feels like it doesn't have anywhere near the content/writing to justify the asking price. Give me a Bravely Default collection instead please. Much better games that understand how to grab an audience and keep the attention. Lost Sphere's battle system is super basic as well. Just my thoughts. Not ever picking up due to how boring the presentation and gameplay is. This trailer is a perfect representation of the game, boring, bland, and generic.

  7. Joaquin Garcia

    Am I the only that thought that Palace theme sounds like the SS Anne theme from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen?

  8. Honshu Wolf

    I was hoping to see actual gameplay, not them fucking running around the house.

  9. Blind

    Looks awful. Boring.

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