LOST SPHEAR – PSN Dynamic Theme Preview & Music Sampler

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Get a copy of Lost Sphere: sqex.to/MxJ

With one week remaining, pre-order LOST SPHEAR by January 23 in the PlayStation Network Store to receive an exclusive Memoirs of the Moon Dynamic Theme and (2) music tracks before it’s LOST forever!


  1. Sir Galahad

    #SquareEnix / #SquareSoft _ Parasite Eve Remake…?

  2. TheRainySky

    when youre lukewarm on an rpg but the dynamic theme sells it

  3. Simon Elric

    Best theme – Final Fantasy XIV

  4. Krist the 30 Year Old Boomer

    >Pay more for the physical copy on the S-E store
    >Get screwed out of the dynamic theme

    I see it's business as usual for S-E, screwing over loyal fans.

  5. Christian Brown

    Sorry fam but I'm a physical type of guy ?

  6. Seo Yeon

    Amazing theme and game

  7. Steppe

    An amazing theme I'll defenitley be getting this. Please make sure to get this game, you don't see many games like this anymore.

  8. TakeThisification

    Eh, still gonna keep my Persona 5 dynamic theme.

  9. krakkenchaos

    One of the best themes I've seen. If I end up getting this game, I'll probably get it for the switch though. Portability is more important than a rad theme

  10. TallulahSoie

    Pre-order bonuses are crap. While this one is not bad it's still screwing over a lot of people. So, no. I'm not pre-ordering this, SE.

  11. GodleyX

    what does it sound like when navigating the menu? default ps4 sounds or new sounds?

  12. sostroller gon

    Que paso con parasite Evil ya no va a salir otro juego extraño a Aya Brea ????

  13. psx

    the game will suck just like the last one they made.

  14. Jay Pixelo

    theme is bad ass

  15. Hyou Vizer

    this game cost $50

  16. andre sanford

    only enough money to pre order monster hunter world with theme or lost spear with theme. this sucks

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