LOST SPHEAR – Official Announcement Trailer

The adventure of LOST SPHEAR begins in a remote town where a young boy, Kanata, awakens from a devastating dream to find his hometown disappearing.

PRE-ORDER the physical edition today for Nintendo™ Switch and PlayStation®4 and receive two exclusive music tracks on release day, available exclusively from the SQUARE ENIX Online Store!

PS4 – http://bit.ly/lsphearps4
Nintendo Switch – http://bit.ly/lsphearswitch

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  1. Gabriel88

    Hermoso juego, me llama la atencion su historia

  2. Nguyen Hai Phong

    What is this? a new version of I am Setsuna?


    Music is outstanding

  4. Tetrium

    This for sure looks like something the Golden Sun fans will like!

  5. sylversyl

    The same techs as in Setsuna (cyclone again?), even the exact same penguin mobs…..lol. TRPGF really starts looking like they're in the business of staple ware…

  6. Mark S

    This seems like it would be a good game for people who are interested in quantum mechanics. There are those who argue that large parts of our universe might be in an indeterminate state, right now, because they have never been observed by anything. I wonder if it would be possible for stuff to fall back into an indeterminate state. Maybe something like this game could happen in the real world…

  7. k1 master


  8. Simone Francese

    This game will be in italian lenguage?

  9. Not John Cena

    Mother of god!


  10. Joe Hall

    hahahahahah .. ffs .. keep it on PS, and PC don't worry .. you have other good games.

  11. Nathan Guerinot

    Story kind of reminds me of terranigma, looks sick. Gonna have to buy the switch for this one.

  12. Alan Garcia

    Your new demo blows. It make me doubt about getting it when before it was day one buy. Bad pacing. No character development. No story. Nothing. You are just thrown in the middle of some on going plot….. half way

  13. thú vị quá

    Very beautiful.I will buy Switch and that game

  14. Shivam

    Chrono trigger remake?!

  15. Louis Shah

    Reminds me of Dragon Quest 7

  16. Righteous1

    Feels more like a JRPG than Final Fantasy does these days

  17. Jean-Marc Therrien

    Haven't been into jrpg's of this type lately but I have to say that this got me intrigued. Will check it out.

  18. Luis Gonzalez

    Bravely Default anyone?


    The only problem is the price, 49 dollar is a little too much for this game. 29$ would be perfect.

  20. Ryan Ng

    Looks like i am setsuna

  21. yoshiclay9000

    Shut up and take my money!

  22. sygthaaaar

    lol is this a 50$ game?

  23. alexandre De chatigny

    look exactly like I am setsuna…

  24. Goodborn

    1:28 – Mondschein remake / ripoff?

  25. Léon

    Leftovers the JRPG.

  26. Fernando Bittencourt

    The battle's theme is bad and emotionless, but the gameplay and graphics is awesome!!

  27. Silent Motive Chick

    Arms gave me a idea but I don't think it will work I will offer YouTubers a potion which will make them have arms form the game arms!

  28. ronken14

    No character profile on dialogues ? Ugh, what a letdown.

  29. steph g

    wow, some games are just DEEP, it LOOKS like if PIXAR'S INSIDE OUT had a happier ending 🙁

  30. MisterXUltimate

    Damm square whe need a sequel of chrono trigger / cross

  31. Igeoerre


  32. Drewsefer89

    With the recent announcement of Oninaki I've gone back & replayed both I Am Setsuna & Lost Sphere. And wow! I'm really excited for Oninaki. To me these games are very underrated. They might fall in the middle of the road RPGs but emotionally they hit hard. The music, the story, the adventure, it takes you one quite the emotional ride & I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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