LOST SPHEAR Gameplay Trailer – Welcome to the World of LOST SPHEAR

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  • LOST SPHEAR Gameplay Trailer – Welcome to the World of LOST SPHEAR

More Information: http://bit.ly/2vpgExp

From the studio behind I Am Setsuna comes an adventure in a new world where an ominous power threatens the fabric of reality itself. Experience a reimagined turnbased battle system and harness the mighty Vulcosuit armors to turn the tide of battle in this JPRG! Follow Kanata and his friends: Lumina, Locke, Van, Sherra and Obaro as they set out to restore the Lost with the power of Memory!

LOST SPHEAR will be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop January 23, 2018


  1. Agent Orange

    physical only available at SquareEnix store?

  2. ninjammer726

    has my interest peaked

  3. Mr Toasty

    I'm just happy it has more than one setting to it. I kind of got sick of snow in IAS after two hours.

  4. STG 44

    Thanks for killing Deus Ex 😉

  5. IMRavnos

    I'll pic this up when Squeenix realizes that this game should be $14.99 not $40, or $30.  I am Setsuna was meh and way overpriced.  I've played Indie RPG Studio gams that were better then IAS

  6. Dado Dem

    Wow this game looks pretty awesome!?? And that music!^-^

  7. Ace C

    I am Setsuna Summer Edition

  8. bluemonk89

    Cant wait until its out

  9. Tendi Kairosoft

    is this Soul Blazer SNes remake? –,,

  10. Blackbahamut Tenshi no Senshi

    make games per turns as FF 7 8 9,chrono trigger,legend of dragoon,legend of legaia,wild arms 1,suikodens,dragon quest,square has incredible licenses that could do best remakes

  11. swiftor

    Anything from the Setsuna team is an automatic buy. They really pour their love into it.

  12. Moowno

    I want a physical copy!

  13. Randall Natal

    Wish it was on Vita same with Setsuna. Rather have this on the go than on my PS4.

  14. Levantine

    I wish I could support this, that battle system looks pretty cool. Too bad they didn't have "big-head mode" as a toggleable option, I hate that crap.

  15. breyant

    I'm just glad the characters have feet this time…

  16. TotalJophes

    Game looks awesome, but with games like the witcher 3 and persona 5 launching at 60 bucks, asking 50 for this seems a little steep. Let's just hope it's worth it.

  17. TearTheRoofOff

    This looks like it will scratch that Grandia itch. Also getting good Soul Blazer / Terranigma vibes from the world restoration shenanigans.

  18. Mike Rotella

    Really excited for this game. I've been enjoying I Am Setsuna tremendously and the Switch is in desperate need of good old fashioned JRPGs.

  19. Ale Silva

    Massa amei

  20. MrClawt

    People jiz all over Final Fantasy when they reuse elements, but the devz put a nod to their previous game and people cry foul.

  21. Amalio lara

    You could literally change this to a Chrono Trigger game. chage the art style and the characters. The dissapearing world pieces could be lost in time or stuck in other timeline And there you go a Chrono Trigger sequel. A well… one can still hope. Will buy this game anyway. Love it when square tries new stuff

  22. Grace Kelly

    Looks like shit, this isnt how you make spiritual successors to rpgs of the past

  23. Jonny Leonard

    This game looks astounding! Hopefully it's relatively short, like I Am Setsuna. Personally I prefer games that don't take me a full year to finish.

  24. Resenhador

    I'm most likely buying it on Steam at the release. I've been wanting a Chrono Trigger remake and this fits the bill just right. It's modernized, traditional and charming!

  25. Nikita Urie

    I would get this for UI and visuals alone. Can't wait to get it on Steam.

  26. LickMySnickers

    finally a polished oldschool looking jrpg.

  27. gamerprince1999

    I'm looking forward to this game! I'm loving I am Setsuna.! and this looks even better!

  28. Righteous1

    Feels more like a JRPG than Final Fantasy does these days

  29. Halsaufschneider

    Wow, characters actually have feet this time around. I hope you didn't break the polygon budget by creating those characters…

    Who the hell ok's these games? First they compare Setsuna to Chrono Trigger, something that was an obvious & disgusting lie!
    To what do you compare this game? Final Fantasy 6? Because the characters stand on a mountain while looking down? 1:31


    Should I get this I love rpgs

  31. Tanya R

    This game looks gorgeous. ?

  32. kukon

    I like the color schemes and how it doesnt look like a vomit stew of rainbows

  33. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    look nice but dont have the time for a turn based game…

  34. Emanuel Duro

    Didnt like it!!!! ???

  35. sirp0p0

    Oh, that reminds me a bit of Chrono Trigger.

  36. Ranikai

    Just bought this in the sale for £15.99 🙂 pretty please with that! Looks good

  37. PJPF

    I heard that music before but i don't remember where or when.

  38. Justyn Hill-Hand

    This just looks like I am Setsuna 2.0

  39. Izkata

    "Reimagined turn-based battles" – from what I can see in the short clip, Grandia did it better. But still, it's a rare enough style that that pushed me over the fence just now.

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