LOST SPHEAR – A New Moon Rises Launch Trailer

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SQUARE ENIX Online Store: http://bit.ly/2qXBwMA
Nintendo Switch eShop: http://sqex.to/YMC
PlayStation Store: http://sqex.to/MxJ
Steam: http://sqex.to/YiL

As the world faces an ominous threat that transforms cities and mountains into a white void known as LOST, Kanata awakens with a mysterious power that is able to reverse the world-vanishing phenomenon. Harness the might of mechanized Vulcosuits and the restorative ability known as Memory to shape your fate in a disappearing world, and experience the new evolution of turn-based battles in the new RPG, #LOST SPHEAR! Available Now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation® 4, and Steam!


  1. Simon Gomez

    primer comentario perras

  2. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    loos 10 years old

  3. TallulahSoie

    I like how the SE store didn't give you the theme for pre-ordering.

  4. Erick Lebron

    I'll get this one on the Switch to play on the go. My PS4 will be occupied by Monster Hunter and Dragon ball FighterZ

  5. RagnarokDel

    looks like a nice $15-20 game but I'm not paying full price for a game without voice acting in 2018

  6. xxnike629xx

    @Square Enix NA
    Awesome. I can't wait for this.
    But would it be possible to get a disc release that has "Lost Sphere" and also "I Am Setsuna"?
    I think a lot of people would appreciate that (including myself).

  7. Schlurch

    I like games with retro charm, however games with such low production value shouldn't be sold for 50€.

  8. قيمرز العاب ورحلات ونصائح

    i will take it

  9. José Moreno


  10. Chris Lightfellow

    I am Setsuna was trash and this one looks like it's the same kind of game. Just remake Chrono Trigger already.

  11. Joey Cruz

    The music for this sounds awesome!

  12. raeyo molera

    is this Digital Only? :/

  13. Erick Manuel Pedraza Enzásthiga

    Y el idioma español???

  14. Daniel

    This game is incredible despite the ridiculously low score IGN gave it. If names like Golden Sun, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Bravely Default and Chrono Trigger make you smile and you grew up playing 90s JRPGs, give this game a try. It is longer than IGN says, trust me, wink wink they missed something big. Also, the demo does a TERRIBLE job of sampling of this game. Don't trust it. I'd give it a 9/10, and for some reason it reminds me the most of Golden Sun: Lost Age but maybe that's just because I'm playing on my Switch. This is a huge improvement over I Am Setsuna. Thank you for this game Square Enix & Tokyo RPG Factory. We want more of this!!! I will be visiting Tokyo in 2020 and will personally bring every flavor of Tokyo Banana to your offices if you bring another JRPG similar to this over to the West.

  15. voidhelix99

    Personally, I just don't get the lack of voice work, for a game that costs £35. I get the FF7 retro design, it just seems like the narrative would flow better with that extra level of immersion.

  16. Ty Sylicus

    Looks so good!

    Sadly, I'm not getting this right away as 50$ is a bit too demanding for a retro title like this. 40$ for I Am Setsuna was perfectly reasonable. I like Tokyo RPG Factory but this seems like a misstep on their part.

  17. Kenneth Lindsey

    I hope there will be a port for Xbox One and the Windows Store so it could be a Play Anywhere title. If not then I guess I would get the game for the Switch later down the line.

  18. slutmonkey

    fuck chibi style graphics

  19. YMD 807

    si tubiera subtitulos en español me lo compraba, muy mal square enix la gente de latinoamerica tambien jugamos sus juegos

  20. Cillchilli Hothot

    Atleast put some little cinematic scene! Smh!



  22. Sunglare

    Why is it $50.00?

  23. joão gabriel s.f.

    Is this the new try after i am setsuna?

  24. Noctivagus

    waiting for a price drop

  25. Faedra Emberhart

    I cant believe this costs $70cad. I know the US is getting it for $50usd and when you convert that to cad its only $61 yet they charge us $70. Why do we need to pay an extra $10 for an already overpriced game. This game looks like it would cost maybe $40cad at most

  26. Firestar9114

    This looks awesome!

  27. YaZidla games

    I fucking love Square Enix for making these wonderful fantasy games <3

  28. Zek

    Dilude Sage, is a game focused on lost tribes, “you are” Cory Sine, a U.S. Marine shipped over seas, only your plane crashes on an undiscovered island. The people there think you are a god, and Cory must adapt to their unorthodox ways but promise not to show others. Focused around an age system, items come from different ages, for each tribe lower aged items evolve and higher aging items become power sources like lord of the rings.

  29. Curtis Shideler

    Sure wish these Tokyo RPG games were also offered for $20 on mobile. I'd buy the iOS app in a heart beat to play on-the-go. Same with I Am Setsuna.

  30. Kai

    Before you give Square- Enix your money listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRYh9Zuj9Mg

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