Lighting sets aside the gunblade and her armor for Yuna’s summoner garb and rod. This and many other outfit are amongst the many outfits you’ll find in Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII.

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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 systems and for digital download on the PlayStation®Network for $59.99 on February 11, 2014. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.


  1. TheCoolJazz - The Crazy Banana Man

    I have no idea why is everyone bitching about Lightning dressed up as Yuna, FFX was not that good anyway :/

  2. KratosBlueAngel4

    So is this outfit going to be DLC or something?

  3. xArchxAngelx18

    No Lightning! you cant pull off Yuna's outfit

  4. Chuuni Chewer

    I guess they were trying for the summoner look because of her Odin summon.

  5. cookiewaa

    that looks sooo wrong on a boxer wearing an accountant's suit.

  6. DoctorScarlet

    This actually makes a lot of sense considering Yuna was a player model for the very early alpha of Final Fantasy XIII. There's nothing wrong with shout-outs, people.

  7. Luis R

    Final fantasy vii please come back.

  8. Tee Roberts

    im sorry but i just have to see her legs. a long ass skirt makes me feel claustrophobic and im not even wearing it

  9. Kluyunanonymous

    OHH GOD! Get Yuna's cloths off that TOTAL PILE OF SHIT ZERO CLASS SLUT Lightning. God what's next? Better yet burn Lightning returns & 13 Verses and Put that total Slut Zero class piece of total shit Lightning in the Dumpster where she belongs. Lastly. Enix Resign after we can finally get the best game FFX & FFX-2 HD! No more of this total crap & catering to total crap. 13 series is the worst in the world. How DARE they dress Yuna as that total piece of shit zero class total skank of a total slut. Dressing the best character ever as the worst. HOW DARE THEY! Enix do us all a favor. Burn the 13 series with Lightning, Lightning returns & Verses with it. What the HELL makes you think people want it when XIII-2 lasted only 4 months? Crack & Meth? Frying what ever was left of a non functioning brain with a Microwave? You're the definition of a total hilarious rock bottoming joke that'll now finally admit trouble. Ohh really Enix? Yeah no shit Shurlocks! Could have predicted it from 13 or even before.

  10. Kluyunanonymous

    What makes more sense Enix? FFX getting a X-3 & Yuna returns.Yuna being the most cosplayed & ranked of hottest & sexiest. X being ranked of best GAME EVER. X-2 selling 2 million in just 2 weeks instead of 13-2, 13-3 Lightning Returns & 13 Verses a sequel that only lasted 4 months. The most despised and hated game since 12. The most hated and ranked worst characters. Or what about FFVII HD which no one will shut up until then instead of Kingdom Fagot go run around a fairy 5 year old theme world Hearts H F-ing D. Does that sound reasonable Enix. Grow brains above your Twink Red Necks! No give us what just PISSES us off the most and act like F us we cater to retards now and only. How about FFX-3 & Yuna returns  as well & FFVII HD too instead of total crap that PISSES most fans off and away and makes boycott the series! No just continue doing Meth and give us A Justin Bieber Final Fantasy already. Ohh people will be so happy with that (Sarcasm).

  11. Kluyunanonymous

    I'm definitely absolutely guaranteeing a boycott now of FF after I can finally own the best game FFX &FFX-2 HD and not the worst games ever the 13 series. Lightning Returns & 13 Verses? How about FUCK YOU ENIX and lastly don't you EVER show your face at E3 and have the DICK TO EVER IMPLY NA deserves shit like 13 and that's OUR STYLE or BY God too bad Fukushima didn't rid bastards like you and not poor innocent people. You just PISS most people off Enix! Your a total shame to Final Fantasy, Square Soft and your country of Japan your making look bad lastly your fans you make look like total losers supporting crap. What a TOTAL INSULT you are to me and most people Enix! From the best game inventers to the hands down sorest thumb worst game inventors and worst ever times 100 ideas to come up with sack of worthless rock bottoming absolute total morons. Join SEGA at the bottom of the Ocean Enix! SEGA choose to be a screw up, unlike you who is a constant insanity of continuing screw ups. Discludes Yuna from Disidia, Discludes Yuna from other FF games unless we BUY it & puts the over rated ones instead and Lightning. ZERO respect for the BEST character ever is all you insist and continue to show. Is THAT why you want her to act like RIKKU in X-2 and have her dress up as a zero class skank slut Lightning.Hmmm…..Obviously YES! No respect for the best or best games, but ohh total royalty to total piles of crap like Emo's running around with a sword Coufcloud 1 example of way too many and 13 can't forget delusional 7 fans. NO ROYALTY and shame on us the rest and Majority. Ohh I guess if we all say X & 7 is sooooo bad we'll get a X-6 and a VII-5 and a returns,7 & X F-you,7 & X more over F-you and 7 & X just in case you forgot F-you to boot with them.

  12. RevyTwoHand

    Looks AWESOME!  But Square Enix come on announce A Collectors Edition all ready! Seriously! My money is spent the moment you announce it (or rather the extra money as I already have LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII pre-ordered since July). You gave us a C.E. on 13 and 13-2 and not on the conclusion? Ridiculous! Don't let just Japan have one please. (sorry for the repeat post. Just want to increase chance of being seen)

  13. Anzac MiRaiO

    due to her scary face, not suited her at all – –

  14. Tuan12088

    Look weird ,Lightning face was soldier like and that outfit doesn't suit here at all and what the heck is wrong with this using this same song all over again 🙁 i mean come on ,it the third game of this lame series already and you can't even think of some new song  ???

  15. ZenithZephyroth

    looks like sissy -.-

  16. Uzume OrangeHeart

    Jeez, people have to calm the hell down about complaining about XIII. If you don't like it, that's fine, no one's forcing you to like it, but don't badmouth a perfectly decent game. Is it the worst in the series? Possibly, but does that mean it's a terrible game in general? No. In fact I think the world and story for XIII is pretty damn great. It's got plenty of backround to it, it looks beautiful (I mean in design in general of course), and has great characters too. So what if the majority of the game is linear, plenty of other games are linear and are still perfectly fine. While it was a complaint at first to me, a big one actually, it eventually didn't bother me. Once I got to the more open part of the game, I didn't care how linear it was before. You've got plenty of areas late game to go through and plenty of challenges as well. The biggest issue I can bring up is how damn difficult it is to get money in the game. Monsters not dropping money was quite an odd thing to change, but I digress.

    Now, am I saying that it's a better world than Spira is? No, actually, I'm not. I think Spira's is good as well. I'm more of a fan of XII's world though, if I can be honest. All I'm saying is that besides for a few issues, XIII is a damn fine game. Again, worst in the series? It's possible, but it's not a terrible game because of it.

  17. CursedHatter

    anyone notice its the same person commenting on this about how lightning sucks. I think shes awesome and also I don't think they are comparing the games they just want to give a great skin to another great character, also if you love ten so much (I do to but I like vii more) then buy the remastered edtions coming out and leaving lightning alone. also ffxv is gonna be awesome as well can't wait to play as noct and light (not in same game of course lol)

  18. ladynikkie

    If you buy the special edition in Square Enix web store you get Aerith's costume as well.

  19. LichGamerz

    @Kluyunapaul If you hadn't noticed, there's the new voice drama within the HD remaster of FF X / X-2, which heavily implies that Yuna will return in X-3, and it also hints at the return of Sin. Also, in an interview one of their writers said that with fan demand FF X-3 will indeed happen, and that he himself would like to see an X-3. Please look shit up before having a childish shit fit all over the internet.

  20. Axys 0 Rex

    I'm a real fan of Final Fantasy. This means I like playing Final Fantasy games. That's all. It doesn't mean I've played every single one. It doesn't mean I get myself off on gameplay footage from the very first FF. It doesn't mean I have an irresistible urge to swear at and insult people for…. liking FF games like I do. To me, that last one defines the exact opposite of a real fan. We're all going to have our favourites in the series, and we're all going to have criticisms, but there are constructive ways to criticise something. There are thought processes that need to be carefully considered before a valid argument can be made. 'Do we want the same game over and over again? Would that not go against the very definition of FF? Is the linearity present in XIII really not present in any other FF games? What are Square aiming for when they make the decisions they make? Have I really grasped the point in full, or has it gone straight over my head?'. Those questions should be fully considered and answered really before any argument can be taken seriously.

    Personally, I don't want the same game over and over again, because that is not how FF works. New characters, new worlds, new stories and new battle systems. A few basic elements tie all the games together, and those elements are present in XIII. I have played VIII, XIII and XIII-2. That means I'm no expert on the entire series. However I do know that VIII was a lot more linear than XIII. Arriving on Gran Pulse in XIII was akin to obtaining Ragnarok in VIII. A vast open world filled with adventure and monsters became available at that point…. late in the game. Up to that point, it's linearity and going through a pre-defined story, which btw you have to follow even after that point, in both games. So no, I don't think an argument against XIII can work there. To fully understand the decisions made for XIII, one must know what Square were after with it. I don't, so I can't really say they failed. Did I get the point? Well, after XIII, I wasn't left feeling confused or indeed disappointed, so I suppose I probably did. I wanted more, though. But that's no surprise. I wanted more after VIII. I preferred VIII over XIII, although I think an ideal future game might combine both. The story and characters of VIII, with some of the battle mechanics and voice acting, rather than text, of XIII. It won't ever happen, because VIII is done and past, and if VII, which is more popular, isn't going to get disassembled and remade, then VIII surely won't.

    Bottom line is I like both VIII and XIII. I do feel that XIII is lacking in some areas, but I cannot logically call it a bad game, because I have no argument, that makes any sense, to support that view. I did note some clever (or coincidental?) use of voice acting, too. Fang and Vanille, both Australian voice actors, and the only ones. Both characters are from Gran Pulse, the 'land down under' Cocoon. If that was intentional, I totally owe Square a high five or two. it's things like that which really stick in the mind. Small things that add a whole factor of awesome to stuff.

  21. Kirrie Sushicat ô.o

    This is not true!! I'm so crying right now!!
    Yuna is and will be forever my most beloved FF female character!
    How dare they put her outfit/techniques on Lightning??
    I mean, Lightning is actuall female Cloud -.-
    Yuna doesn't deserve to be used as a recycling product!

  22. TheStrangestNerd

    you people are just raging over this but I am actually happy they brought back the old final fantasies as well.

  23. MAntiSystem

    This is silly…HAHA.

  24. Mohammad Ghonaim

    How can we get this garb?

  25. Kluyunanonymous

    ARE YOU GOING TO POST COLD THREATS AT CameraLove too for totally agreeing with me? You do that! Just like a typical 7 fan baby who has problems with EVERYTHING by the way and not just 13 unlike me. Ohh should they go commit suicide too for HATING EVERYTHING NOT 7! For Insulting every game and character not their over rated 7. For trash mouthing and defaming Yuna for SOMETHING SHE NEVER DID OR WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR!? YOU GO DO THAT  AND SEE HOW FAST I'LL HAVE TOTAL ZERO CLASS ACTING BRATS THROWN AWAY!

    aurora Ling also totally agrees with me. ARE YOU GOING TO TELL THAT PERSON TO GO COMMIT SUICIDE TO?

    Are you going to tell Kirri Sushicat o.o to go commit suicide too for also totally agreeing with me and feeling the same way. Why? Because you can't stand being the total losers you are for liking such a worthless total noobish series with a totally worthless slut?

    Are you going to imply anyone else who agrees with me or hates 13 which most of us do the same too coward?

    Because you can't take having most people tell 13 & Enix as they are. You can't take always being destroyed in every discussion and debate over 13 that Enix NOT US CREATED!

    AM I AND FANS AT FAULT for 13, 13-2 and Lightning and Lightning Returns being totally worthless? Did WE create them or not give you 7 HD THAT YOU GOT TO BITCH AT EVERYONE EVERYWHERE PEOPLE GO!?

    You want to take up 6 YEAR OLD FUCKING FIGHTS, you take it up with FUCKING ENIX. Is that the 10 time I've made that clear now. Look people you're getting 7 HD & also possibly X-3. Because I told Enix how most of us feel with out prejudice or insulting or even death threats. What would 7 fans do & 13 losers have done. Ohh right rant and rave and insult and threaten people like David Gladda Imamorron loser!

    You I love Yuna for being totally mature, most caring and most beautiful character ever and best as well.

    You clearly like Lightning becuase she resembles the opposite. Not mature, a total skank that no one should hang around, a total zero. And you just proved it just like how lame fans of Emo fag Cloud act! Go like Lightning just because you want to be a typical zero just like her.

    GET LIGHTNING THE FUCK OUT OF VIDEO GAMES And put decent mature characters and decent games instead of TOTAL PILES OF PUKES to go bread more worthless acting people and idiots. How about MORE YUNA to go bread decent acting and more mature people instead of worthless zero class idiots.

    You have a problem with I as well as most of us liking 6 to X-2 and not 11 up and 13 as well. Well Ohh boohoo to you too. See what relevance it has and see if most of us care to hear your crying over a worthless series and worthless slut. How about CRY AT ENIX FOR MAKING IT SO WORTHLESS! Did I create the fucking game? Did most fans of FF who hate the game and series CREATE IT? NO SO STOP BITCHING AT US AND QUIT IMPLYING YOU KNOW MORE THAN US! We're not stupid and you fool ZERO. Did we create 7 that most of us should be bitched at if we don't support 7? NO!

    I, like most people like Final Fantasy FUCKING 6 to X or X-2. How about if you don't like the fact that that's most of our opinions and I stress most of our opinions AND NOT JUST MINE. How about you do us and most FF fans a favor and how about you kill your selves. Rid 13 fans from Final Fantasy and I'll kindly tell 7 fans to grow up AND QUIT INSULTING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! Go rid your selves so your 13 regime doesn't have to go put another worthless game in a once perfect FF series til Enix showed up and JUST ONLY WANTS TO CATER TO YOU AND 7 and all you want to do is just CRY CRY AND CRY SOME MORE!

    Go join COLDPLAY if you 13 and 7 fans have to have problems with MOST OF US telling you what you are and your 13 series is. Go write songs bitching and whining how NO ONE IS BEGINNING TO LIKE YOU ANYMORE! Go see if people will buy their records to you crying oh why ohh why can't people like 13 or agree with 7 fans. Ohh why ohh why? GROW THE FUCK UP!

    While you losers are at it. How about 7 fans go join Nickle Back. You can all go Sing "We want to be total Scum Bags who jerk it to Emo fags. Who want every game to be 7 you want who make people want to FUCKING GAG". "We're going to tell the WHOLE WORLD what zero class loser we are while we all go burn our selves tonight". Go DOUCHE OFF while your at it to and don't forget tampons for your mangina's!

    You 13 and 7 fans just act unbelievably worthless and retarded. Saddest most disgraceful sorest losers of fans in the world. IN THE WORLD!

    I think Enix catered to you total loser 13 and 7 fans enough. And cry that most of FF fans NOT JUST ME say…..THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You just have to push people 100's and 100's of times. I feel it's well do some one SAYS IT instead of nothing and allow how stupid 7 and 13 fans act to continue! 13 and 7 fans don't own FF. Give all of us what we want instead of only what THEY WANT! FUCKING GOT THAT ENIX!!!!!!!!! 6 to X built you up and built Final Fantasy Up. Not pile of crap 12 SO QUIT EMULATING IT AND NO MORE KH OR FF13 games. THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kluyunanonymous

    If anyone see's losers dressed up as Lightning in Playstation Home. LAUGH AT THEM! Don't worry, they're used to it. And ohh gee all I see them do is cry and have only negativity to talk about over how most of us hate 13 and talk more negativity over anything or people.SEEN IT A DOZEN TIMES! Ohh no don't take my word Lightning is worthless and her fans want to act no better. No see it your self. PUT YUNA IN PLAYSTATION HOME AND SEE HOW MATURE WE'LL BE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YUNA IS AND WAS CREATED FOR! See if her fans will bitch moan bicker be negative towards people and cry! No the fuck we won't. And if we got a problem, we TAKE IT TO THE SOURCE LIKE HER! No you 13 fans just bitch and cry at people like it'll change anything or most of our opinions. It won't and my and most of our opinions stands. So cry cry cry away and accomplish nothing. It makes me and most FF fans happier and it brings out what totally lame losers you are.

  27. Kluyunanonymous

    Ohh here people. Here's a relevant topic. How many people know of the Trans Pacific Partnership? Huh. Something that translates to Globalization by of and for Financial Institutions and people wanted to cry ohh Alex Jones most always be FULL OF HIM SELF. By made confirmed by Wikki Leaks and Anonymous READ IT AND WEEP AND NOW WHO IS THE NUTS! TPP will be and will translate to Globalization and will grant Financiers Global Powers, Global Deregulations, the right to write their own global laws, their right to outsource jobs, as well as increase the amount of spying towards us and GLOBALY! The right to sue governments, the right to bann people from using the internet. Worst of all the right to imply financial institutions are more powerful than any government, president or even Prim Minister and I KID NOT A SINGLE WORD! TPP will be what truthseekers tried to warn about for a decade or more will happen. Which is Globalization which will lead to a Financially ran World Government. Out of TPP I'll surely believe Population scams will arise and make it clear what the Environmental Movement was really about. Countries are already trying to euthanize the old. I KID YOU NOT! No just bitch how most people hate 13 like it'll change things!

    Politicians amount for nothing. And start realizing Obama, Stephan Harper and who ever runs Mexico as well as most if not near all leaders stands for with most politicians as well for these Financial Institutions! Politicians run nothing. TPP will make it clear Financiers being Bankers and Corporations are our politicians and politicians and leaders will have power over nothing! STOP this total insanity and circumventing of People, citizens and most of all all governments!

    Rosevelt made this comment which is now perfectly clear to be totally true. "The real truth of the matter as you and I know, is that Financial Institutions from large centers have owned government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson"(The president who through hell of trying, got rid of the 2nd Central Bank Of America).

    Jefferson "I sincerely believe Banking Institutions are more dangerous than standing armies. If the American people ever allow Bankers to control the issuing power of their currency first by inflation then by deflation. The Banks and Corporations that will grow up around them will deprive them until they grow up homeless on the land their ancestors have conquered.The issuing power should be restored to the people to whom it properly belongs".

    Lincoln "The money powers pray upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety for my country. Corporations have been in throne. In year of corruption will follow and the money power of the country will endevit a prolong a terrain by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed".

    Woodrow Wilson "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined this country. Our great industrial nation is controlled by it's system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men…Who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world-no government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men".

  28. Jorge P López cantú

    Espero que este gran título no llegué a decepcionar a los fans de Final Fantasy, también espero qué no llegué a ser otro título estén corriendo los errores de otros videojuegos del mismo titulo porqué si es hací no estamos viendo nada novedoso, pero se que este videojuegos es mucho mejor que otros titulos de la misma franquicia y misma compañía.

  29. Christopher John Elancheziyan

    doesn't really suit her, should have a different design.

  30. mason barrigar

    this is Savior Of Souls but this one sounds a bit different

  31. Momo Kokami

    Yunas Garb In The Game = Most Op Thing Ive Ever Had

    * I

  32. bradley24076

    Has anyone used this Garb for Bhunivelze?

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