Game Design Director, Yuji Abe, walks us through the Wildlands, a vast region filled with many dangerous monsters and epic landscapes. Highlights include shops, battles, controller game mechanics and a look into the deep customization menu.

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  1. Arenas Viscatanius

    Not bad. I need a ps3 or 360…..Lol

  2. Kelvin Ntukula

    Personally the gameplay in final fantasy 12 was perfect, I haven't tried 13 but from the gameplay videos I know I won't like the gameplay, this one sort of looks promising it would have been great if you had more characters but it has still caught my attention.

  3. BeLikeWater1000

    CANNOT WAIT! I think ff13 was brilliant. I enjoyed the sequel though not as much. Im hoping this will wrap up the FF13 storyline nicely

  4. Stote Farus

    man this game is one of the most shortest SE did, "neviutz" completed in under 2:50 hours…wtf?
    does that means FFXV ill have 30 min of gameplay? -_-

  5. Khin David

    is there an online mode system?? 

  6. AbsoluteMMA101

    What a piece of shit of a game…Square Enix wtf were you thinking???

  7. Jose Luis Alvarez Garcia

    I want to share something with you guys and girls, today i try the demo, i saw the same style from ff13, spam some atack, stun, and give monsters like 9999 x 10 hits, also its so linear (i dont mean linear in the thing of going to town a to town b) but linear in the maps, you literally see only a straigh line in the mini map) no explore stuff, or something. Also its looks full of dlcs, if i want to play with cloud style i must pre order the game, ¿but if i buy the collector i get aeris, so i must pre order the collector edition? thats dosent sound good for me, dont get me wrong i like the character personalization in some way but also worry me a little to go something OP like in ff13 (the ring that stun easy). In resume: i am sad cause i tough it was more like a action combat system with freedom of movement and is ff13 with some make-up but i will try the character editor. Btw is no the firts time we see "fan service" cof cof final fantasy x-2 "Monkeys ;D" and that system of styles that gives diferent set of skills. P.D: Sorry i dont use to write my toughs in english so sorry for the bad english =). Peace!

  8. игоре паник

    awesome game!!

  9. EternalShockk

    Can't to play this! <3 And that poor chocobo. :'c

  10. Jonathan Byler

    Me Likey! Can't wait to play this!

  11. James Logan

    This game looks badass awesome I cannot fucking wait for it to come out I wish I could play the demo but it won't download

  12. Joe Bro

    To all of the people giving out the hate to FF13 as a series and its Gameplay, all I got to say is this "DUMB" -_-

  13. ian mnalo

    Lightning Scarlet <3

  14. Red Rooster

    MAKE FF 12 HD

  15. Muffin Toast

    okay, for both sides

    Guys this game isn't even out yet and people have opinions, they like it they like it

    Other Guys you really don't understand how it feels to have a series ruined in your eyes, and this ruined a lot of fans for it 

  16. Ladzof Insurrection

    Gah! 67-69% on Metacritic! And the user score lol…this is an all time low for the FF franchise…..just give us XV already, jeez louise….

  17. Lilacrose1990

    Omg the monsters are way to hard and take for ever to kill even on easy

  18. Redbeak

    Okay, ive played square games since they were called squaresoft.
    And i thought, in contrast to all my friends, that FFXIII was an OK game; Though much too linear. 

    Then FFXIII-2 came, and i thought they had polished the fighting system a bit, but frankly, after played 100+hours just to force-finish FFXIII i was so tired of Lightning and her fellow party-members i could barf, so the story just could'nt hold me.

    This battle system looks really good in comparison to the first one, and a lot of the key aspects are right, but the pure fact the story's STILL based around Lightning…

    I CANT buy this. And NO, it doesnt MATTER what clothes shes wearing, its LIGHTNING. Besides, only fragments of the original Lightning, which was a pretty cool character, is left.

    Square Enix, this rings hollow.  

  19. jalene meabon

    Changing outfits and weapons in middle of battle reminds me of Erza from Fairy Tail

  20. DarkAnomaly

    Started playing this the other day and it really isn't that bad and considering the amount of  hate the game has been getting i was expecting it to be dreadful but it really isn't, quite the opposite actually IMO

    If you don't like it fine whatever, i intend to enjoy this myself.

  21. Garou

    4:20 on

    Me:"…….Oh, look. Another corridor"

  22. FatDog

    1:27… what song is this?

  23. Kluyunapaul

    Don't worry Enix. Most of FF fans are boycotting Final Fantasy now. You don't know what you're doing and you never ever listen.

  24. Khmer Review

    better than dark soul to me because it's a girl

  25. Metragoon

    I really love this game. I'm glad I got to play the entire trilogy! ^^

  26. No Name

    I lost interest in the Final Fantasy series, even though I was one of its biggest, original fans, over 20 years ago when the difficulty became a joke! These games are pathetic given it is practically impossible to die even twice in an entire playthrough unless you try to die. They seem to be made for 6 year olds anymore. What a great franchise to ruin. Hence why I (ie- my parents) have NEVER bought a FF game since FF6 for the SNES.

  27. Blue Chan

    I was considering giving it a try until I saw this video sampler. What a joke. Girl running around with what looks like a sabre but the length of her body like a 2-hand sword and a damn shield/buckler which doesn't come off. Mid way through a fight somehow that all disappears and now she's holding a halberd/lance? So where'd the damn shield go. Then a flash of light and suddenly she's holding a different shield and a normal sized sabre? WTHF ???  

    What part of this is suppose to be normal armour, equipment and professions change according to the stand/posture you're taking during a fight? And though her normal weapon is as thin as a sabre but the entire length of her body… I noticed the thing conveniently bounces out of her way as she is running away so the dangerously sharp point doesn't spear her heels as it bounces on her back. So kudo's there for realism, but the ever changing armor/weapon according to your posture/stance thing is just too damn weird and not even remotely realistic. When not in battle where does she stow all this magical appearing gear and how is it she isn't breaking her back carrying several sets of armour and weapons? SMH!!!

  28. Draagonblitz

    Skyrim is better.

  29. Juan Santiago

    i liked the first lightning final fantasy where you had other characters team up with you made the story more interesting and i dont like that its timed so you cant go around to collect items and get stronger weapon

  30. Nutz kun

    Welp guess its a good thing i liked xiii because i think it may be one of the last ff games thats not an "open world adventure" as in 5 hours of story and 50 of side quests like this one game i played recently where the character does these really well animated teleport strikes. It's brilliant

  31. kelly fox

    It's not what I looking for. I looking for Farms and defeating the Chocobo Eater that has taken over the town. Help

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