LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII — "The Divine Task" (Japan Expo 2013)

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  • LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII — "The Divine Task" (Japan Expo 2013)

Given its premiere at this year’s Japan Expo event in Paris, this new trailer reveals more about the involving story, exciting action and engaging characters to be included in the forthcoming LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII.


  1. Wind Fabre

    Dude ENGLISH please. I cant read a damn thing you wrote.

  2. RedCrono

    Noel n Snow r bad? idk but to me it seems like ur fighting old friends as boss fights

  3. Wingingtie3

    I just knowtist that lightning now resembles erza's re-equip from the anime Fairytail. Cuss when ever she re-equips, her armor, weapons, battling style changes. Now lightning can too.

  4. YamiNoBahamut

    Finish XIII-2, that kinda explains where Serah is

  5. YamiNoBahamut

    No, the only things you have to pay for in XIII-2 is DLC… and you don't even HAVE to pay for that…

  6. YamiNoBahamut

    Not really – the main bulk of the story is concluded in the main ending. It's a cliffhanger because they were already gonna make LR.
    The DLC episodes only explain how Sazh was there in the final battle, how Lightning came to be frozen in crystal and where Snow was. To be honest, you probably don't really need to know that in order to be able to play LR – it'll probably be explained

  7. Charlie Sora

    EXCUSEEEEEE ME 🙂 can someone explain why Hope is young again O_o???

  8. Charlie Sora

    oh and Snow is beginning to look alot like his voice actor.. 🙂 (Troy Baker)

  9. Shawn Zhang

    i hope lightning can find true happiness. she seriously deserves it. maybe a new little crush? about noel. ^^

  10. Ingrid Diaz

    I like more the Snow x Lightning 🙂

  11. Kingy Mills

    I've got to get clouds sword

  12. Gerardo Reiba

    for those who have followed the story, we can say this game looks great. I've been waiting for this ! take my money!

  13. KageKuni

    @Charlie Sora Hope is younger so fangirls like you dont think his relationship to lightning is anything other than platonic. And with Vanille gone and Snow belonging to her late sis, that leaves only Fang for romance. buuut Light will stay the strong independent woman she has always been. Because Square wants to make all shipping fangirls and boys their bitches.

  14. Danny Robinson

    The HD Cloud uniform makes you wonder… 😛

  15. Prime Jaeger


  16. Stephen Amodeo

    Snow and Lightning do not like each other first off what happend in 13 2 elavated that as for lover I would say lisen to my hands again or replay 13 you will now and no it's not Hope

  17. TwiKou89

    SE definitely wanted the renders to be in higher resolution then FFXIII-2's since the renders for the characters and the design of the game itself was fairly rushed. Glad to see LR's is getting better treatment. I've got to get me the HDMI cord for my PS3 before the game comes out so the graphics can look oh so sexy on my screen. Lol

  18. Donna Thaxton

    Wasn't planning to get this, but then I saw Fang.

  19. ecakaysami1889

    Fang Returns!!!!! xD

  20. Don'tCallMeStupid

    Your grammar………

  21. liquidheart

    my response exactly xD

  22. YuzukiEba

    lol so cheesy, she upgrades, her powers AGAIN. Wait, I feel like i've seen it before in a game called Final Fantasy 13-2. Weird. Oh well, let's save the world again, even tho Pulse went to shit in the first game. Now we have this weird place like nothing happened and we only have 13 days to save the day. Oh, let's make it interesting and put the old characters back so they were no so useless and magically become important.

  23. Sifr

    Well. I'll definitely be watching playthroughs of this.

  24. Last Gen Richtofen

    God himself my ass

  25. FoamRoll

    Hmm, is this the first ff games (that i know of) that doesn't seem anti-christ?

  26. Opahyagenn

    so… this is what Liara's been up to :p

  27. Clarissa Granke

    ever notice how hope is ALWAYS there to help save the world? he might not always be the one fighting, but he has played a key role in the survival of human kind… 🙂

  28. Aldeen Ahamed

    I really hope they make Fang a playable character. She's the best.

  29. Tyaenui

    *fingers crossed* please don't screw it up… I really like Lightning…

  30. Riskbreaker Ark

    finally square enix uses a path which was almost forgotten by them. Action based Roleplaying means Final Fantasy Storyline + Tales of- Series like Gameplay.
    This formular must be equal to the words Epic : D

  31. ichisuke ryu

    Where's venyl??????

  32. LisBun

    The girl that looks like Serah is a "near-doppelganger" of Serah. Her name is Lumina

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