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  1. FireVoa

    Fool me once, shame on SquareEnix; fool me twice, shame on me… There won't be a third time.

  2. Animefreak7221

    I've never pre-ordered before… But i might pre-order this game. Can someone tell me if i need like xbox live to get the preorder bonus? Or is it like…already all set on the game/disc once i start playing it?

  3. WTFNiqhtmare

    The game is retarded.

  4. ALTimatum

    what happens is the game case has a code inside it that you input to get the in-game item. you do need an internet connection but i don't think you need Xbox live gold.

  5. FaceTimePolice

    I can't get enough of that CG scene at the end. Gorgeous.

  6. Boddy

    Don't worry,the DLC that explains everything and answers every possible question will comes eventually!
    Probably after 15…-2.

  7. 510RDawg

    I vow to finish Caius this time

  8. codyz93

    Get off here. Don't like the game don't comment on it!

  9. codyz93

    The fal'Cie created Cocoon and l'Cie in order to create enough deaths to open a door to the unseen realm to be reunited with the Maker or Bhuenvilze. That was the point behind XIII. In XIII-2 Cauis wanted to stop time so Yeul would no longer die but to do that he had to destroy the Heart of Chaos and kill Etro. But Serah and Noel stopped him from doing that fully because Noel did not kill Cauis himself. But the Chaos was unleashed and stopped time draining Etro of her strength.

  10. neberboi

    this is like ffx-2. just a fan service by putting female protagonist in a dress up game

  11. WTFNiqhtmare

    Oh I like it. But it is fucking retarded whether you think so or not.

  12. CyborgNation

    Are you saying it's retarded in a "over the top" way? or are you somehow being hypocritical with a dash of sarcas, by saying you like it?

  13. CyborgNation

    Except you're 100% wrong if you think this is just like XIII-2. You obviously haven't been keeping up on the game mechanics.

  14. CyborgNation

    woops nevermind my bad. you said X-2 not XIII-2. It's still pretty different though. The only thing similar is you change clothes to gain new abilities.

  15. CyborgNation

    He's a great villain because he doesn't have cliche motives. His motives are very painful and good in intent. But selfish.

  16. Prince of Light

    End of the world, Lightning is trying to get everyone off the dying world. Simple.

  17. darkfire170

    maybe legend of one?

  18. darkfire170

    still evily sexy

  19. Evangel

    You still liked both games, right?

  20. WTFNiqhtmare

    The story is all over the place from 1-3… I like the game though like seriously I played 1 and 2 and beat them. I liked 2 alot more because of the villain. Can't wait for 3 haha.

  21. Not sure what to put

    3 words. time fucked up

  22. Zolfried

    she actually looks kinda ok in that soldier outfit… abit overdressed for my pervy taste.. but ok…

  23. Ichigo♡chan

    and there goes lightning in the last scene, being badass as hell on her stripper pole of badass-ness.

  24. CyborgNation

    ok, suddenly the "game is retarded" seems much more friendly lol. I disagree about the story, I know it's annoying cuz it takes work to understand but I feel once I put things together it al was interesting. I especially like when people relate the characters to Norse mythology. Because inspiration was drawn from it.

  25. WTFNiqhtmare

    Lol I know I understand the story as well but i'm saying from how it went from 1's story to 3's…… its all over the place in that ssnse

  26. James Rode

    Can SE ever make a straightforward sequel? Oh wait, FFIV: The After Years was a straightforward sequel… well it would be without the chapter system. I'd like a straight up sequel though. Full linear Final Fantasy game (well, not as linear as XIII). Continuation of the previous game's plot without ridiculous plot twists in the first 30 seconds of the game.

  27. SOULsamaOfficial

    Really? lol i finish them 2 years ago and understand every thing.

  28. Daniel Hernandez

    Same brah. 😀

  29. Pytheria

    Your comment made my fucking night.

  30. SOULsamaOfficial

    All is left is to know how deep the story in this new title like how did snow survive so long? why is hope 14 again? is the nora gang dead? etc.

  31. EckoEcho

    then you are not clearly finished the game

  32. EckoEcho

    A game is not completed until you have collected all the trophies

  33. Casper Gremory


  34. wellington peralta

    didn't garra die in the last game?

  35. Tekkas

    no he's not. that was just a flashback of what happened in the XII-2 DLC

  36. Sora4277

    when shes fighting caius she's dressed up as the warrior goddess… im confused…

  37. Yves

    Maybe a flashback or a intro.

  38. niceguy60

    Neither do the people who wrote this horrible installment turned saga.

  39. Tangential_Tangine

    Caius is the closest thing to a complex character. Etro sure screwed everyone over for interfering. This is probably a cautionary tale for fan fic writers who want a happy ending. Moral of the story? Super-deities shouldn't interfere with the timeline to save a few characters!!! Sorry, but imo the story should have stopped at ff13. Fang and Vanille's sacrifices were moving, Lightning reconciled with Snow and Serah, Dahj is back, Hope grows up, yay! still, might as well see it to the end

  40. DeniseFarron

    clearly you didn't pay much attention to the storyline from the previous games… and didn't watch all other trailers

  41. GotilloDeSangre

    i love lumina's sentence
    ''There are no souls here for you to save.Just that people, waiting for the end to come.''

  42. codyz93

    It's just a costume you can have. The opening scene has already been released and Lightning is not in the Goddess armor. She's already in Divinity.

  43. GotilloDeSangre

    …she's just a kid.

  44. игоре паник

    awesome game

  45. DecepticonSkywarp

    If you wish to have my soul … you must take it by force.

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