LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII – Special Message from Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning

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Ali Hillis, the voice of Lightning in LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, will be in Las Vegas on August 28 at the GameStop Expo. If you’re attending the event, make sure to meet her for an autograph and/or picture!


  1. MoonReaper44

    Is not only the voice but she look a little like lightning omg i wish she comes to our comic con i would die

  2. ff1i9htnin9

    0:00 repeat voice

  3. Squeegee

    you took the words right out of my mouth.

  4. Squeegee

    LOL! YES!

  5. 1 4 8 8

    @burvujc yeah man i know what you mean and dude! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight –> goo.glJ71QQb

  6. SirenoftheVoid

    never mind the kid,he just wants trouble and/or attention

  7. Blue Knight Gaming

    I've always liked this voice actress, she married a lucky guy. I agree with all the comments in this video lol…. She is very beautiful!

  8. Day Rankada

    You Like "Little girls"? it's okay when i call you Pedo?

  9. iceweb38

    she's also the voice actress of Jessica from Resident Evil Revelations!
    Beautiful lady and beautiful voice

  10. Bear Santillanes

    She is beautiful and she voice acts as my favorite heroine, Lightning!

  11. Xavi Strife

    Oh GOD! Her voice is soooo SEXY!

  12. whothewu

    She's the reason I like Liara in the ME series.

  13. TheOneGuyInBlack

    YOU are part of the human race. And you have no idea what hypocrisy. Go back to school. No one likes you and you should feel inferior.

  14. TheOneGuyInBlack

    And she's pretty sexy herself. What was she like when she was younger? O_O

  15. Othras

    and she's Liara from Mass Effect. I heard her on FFXIII first, though

  16. Azmodeus

    Is it just me or are the words coming out faster then she's actually saying them? Like she's lip syncing or something ? Oh well it's lightning she's the greatest lol

  17. BluePlaysGames

    Peado much?

  18. blackmage_cat

    heck yes ima see this lady!

  19. Gamaliel Serrano

    GOd! her voice is godlike!

  20. TangoAlphaTiger

    Was she just hitting on us? I'm off to Vegas! 😉

  21. SuperBlargtastic

    you like little girls? thats fucked bro

  22. Brad

    He likes "little girls" oh my someone call the police, we gots a pedo

  23. Victor Kresnek

    I'm surprised she voiced Presa in Tales of Xillia. O_O

  24. NickTheGreatAndPowerful

    I actually LIVE in Las Vegas, but I had no idea about this until just earlier today… It's a shame, I LOVE THAT VOICE!

  25. john medardo vergara

    when im not looking at video she sounds like non lesbian lightning.

  26. Kitsch Bitsch


  27. bakkburner94


  28. bakkburner94

    lets see…she was in mass effect, gears of war judgement, star wars the old republic, saints row 3, lots of naruto, xenosaga and of course, the ever so amazing Lightning

  29. Bear Santillanes


  30. Who Dat Ninja


  31. Captain CJ 97

    I'll fuck her

  32. Andraes

    im in the front

  33. Manolis

    I can fap to this

  34. Tony Knighton

    I don't live in vagas so…. crap.

  35. Tony Knighton

    But still she is hot…^^

  36. Vanitas VENTUS

    "stop by the square enix booth and say hi"…. :"O

  37. darkfire170

    vegas? time to go gambling with Lightning and to the strip joint

  38. WadeDark

    damn she has a sexy ass vo

  39. Spartanll7x

    Omg Ali Hillis <3 <3

  40. Guillermo Martinez

    She also did palutena is KI:U and Burroughs from SSMT4

  41. Stote Farus

    I love you !

  42. Clouds095


  43. Mau VC

    that voice!!!

  44. yunnie04


  45. akapdcdaka

    Sound like Tina Fey.

  46. Joseph Karam

    Good work thanks

  47. Megan Gunning

    "Square Innix" ?

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