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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII sees the return of series heroine, Lightning, in a world that only has 13 days before total annihilation.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII sees the return of composers Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki, who have all worked on the soundtrack for the previous title, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Hamauzu’s track used in the trailer, „Crimson Blitz“, will be made available for download on the iTunes Store on December 23 for $0.99.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 system in 2013.

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  1. Luka Arambašić

    DmC: Devil May Cry (The remake) was not a good game, it forced you to use colour-coded weapons on coded enemies, SSS ranks were given out like candy, the game wasn't hard on any difficulty, the story made no sense, new Dante was a pure asshole and tried way to hard and said everything with a slur. They used Unreal Engine 3 which gave it a 30FPS cap while the original series all had 60 and it had textures popping in and out of the game. No more than 5 enemies on screen at a time. The game sucked.

  2. TheAregadon

    uh not hard on any difficulty you sure dude? I dont know how you did it then also 5 enemies on the screen max? I'VE FUCKIN FOUGHT AGAINST 16!!!!!! AND I DIED!

  3. Luka Arambašić

    Obviously you don't know how hard a real Devil May Cry game can get (With the exception of DMC2), and yes, 5 enemies max, anything over that and you obviously either can't kill them all in time or you just fail generally as a gamer.

  4. Dragoner Productions

    No it din't suck….Why? Because I played it for my self and enjoyed it. Also I find that angry joe's reviews are to be most accurate, that the game was brought down by DMC fans, but it doesn't mean its a piece of shit. He says it as it is. ANGRY JOE ARMY!

  5. Syaft Blehblah

    ya know, because of DmC, I started to continue DmC 4.. Nero my fav character

  6. Syaft Blehblah

    whats the OST for this?

  7. yoznfroogurt


  8. Luka Arambašić

    You're just trying to convince yourself that you didn't waste money on a bad game, why? Because *you're never wrong*, and if you spent money on a bad game you would be wrong.
    The game IS incredibly bad, it has bad writing and it shows, the gameplay is easy and broken. Devil Trigger was just another thing they fucked up monumentally, instead of having something new and original they made his hair go white and coat change colour for fan service, it could've been something good in a bad game but no

  9. Dragoner Productions

    Surprised that someone has a positive opinion on something YOU dislike? Just because you say its bad, doesn't mean its a FACT. For example – Superman 64 was a god awful game, but if there is someone out there who liked it, its considered as a "good game" to him. How you view a game as "good" or "bad" is entirely up to you. So please, keep trying to pass your opinions as facts.

  10. Klein Kiesling

    is this new Assassin's creed?

  11. Luka Arambašić

    Opinions don't change facts and I'm not passing my opinion as a fact, I'm stating one.
    If a person likes a game such as Superman 64 or Aliens: Colonial Marines, they like it, it's a shit game and they have shit taste but it doesn't change that they like it, nor does them liking it change the fact that it is a completely shit game.

  12. saikumann

    The final days of 13 more like it! Thank God

  13. Chasing Butterflies

    yes! time for ffxv to shine now!

  14. Xeloph

    No, the new DMC was a shitty game and you should feel bad for defending it.

  15. Dragoner Productions

    Again, keep trying to pass your opinions as facts, you're doing a great job…

  16. Dragoner Productions

    No its not a bad game…. I agree that the new dante is completely unlikeable, but the gameplay is nicely done.

  17. crossxfuse

    music is fucking sick as shit, lightning is fucking hot as hell…god damn this is going to be amazing

  18. RandomVlog랜덤

    So much better than Serah.

  19. Enrique Gutiérrez

    This kind of reminds me to assasins creed form 0:52 to 1:30

  20. qwerty82822

    Hopefully when she jumps across the city, she'll land in a conveniently placed haystack.

  21. RuneDrace

    if this game comes out then people will forget about versus 13 matter a fact(depending how good the game is) fans may not complain(if the game is good, but I have a feeling its going to be good)

  22. Christian Earl

    Graphics look so bad

  23. TheSemnomedisponivel

    you do know versus XIII is now XV for ps4 and that if they released the game in a rush with only 3 years of development it wouldn't be that good,right?
    Also,it's your opinion about final fantasy 13,a lot of people liked it,and so did i,even though i played all other final fantasies before…

  24. XxMalaboo

    this looks so fuckin MILKED – STOP MILKING FF13, so shitty.

  25. Renegade841

    I have not played any of the Final Fantasy's Before X, however, i can say this – So far this looks good. I just hope it is not another let-down like XIII-2 was. Final Fantasy XIII Was a great game, there was no doubting that. I enjoyed every part of it, From start to finish. However, with XIII-2 it was a different story. It was severely lacking in a proper storyline. Not to mention you were stuck with characters whose abilities were so useless, the enemies would practically toy with you.

  26. moogleprotip

    not really a fan of 13's gameplay… they made it far far too simplified

  27. Sephy

    ff13 and 13-2 haters were no minority at all. the first one was so linear and you have no control of your characters, sure there was some strategy in the padagrim shift battle, but all you had to do in the game is tilt the analog stick and mash the x button, as for 13-2 it was sooo easy, but looks like they learned from their mistakes and i think lightning returns will be a good game.

  28. bobbyhtb030591

    And in your opinion, is that a bad thing?

  29. marsjake8

    Not angry haha just confused =P

  30. Xeloph

    It seems that you don't understand why people hate the new Dante. It isn't because he's new or different, It's because he's a fucking self insert of Alex Jones. They reduced one of the best Video Game main charaters to some shitty idealized version of some asshole.

    How could I like something when it's making a mockery of one of my favorite games?

  31. Khaz

    @kcposww yeah you go that right also… this game is tight been playing all day =>

  32. Hikigane21

    I do not thinking people will forget about versus 13 after all people have been waiting for that one ever since the first FF13 game. It will take someone a lot stronger then this to make people forget Verses. Something like KH3 maybe. Also not to much a big fan of what they have been doing with FF13 as of late. Hopefully this one will be beter then FF13-2 though.

  33. JonatDonat

    it was the beginning… so dante is bound to be a little bit immature compared to the previous devil may cry..

  34. jwan miranda

    Sigue siendo una mierda

  35. GiMarcci

    Have I seen the Dark Hour clock? 1:12 (?)

  36. Marv

    so u liked the X button smashing in ff13?

  37. MayteraMarble

    It wasn't my favorite but I still enjoyed the game over all.

  38. rmcooktails

    Well it is on the ps3 or is it because I think it's DLC right?

  39. Claire Farron

    your playing it wrong, try not using autobattle.

  40. Jade Bautista

    I know i'm not only speaking for myself when i say this but Lightning is fucking hot!

  41. Jam Jammy

    Before people starts hating on the battle system of this game. Crisis core had an extremely similar battle system and apparently people loved that. This game seems to be an echanced version of it, if not completely better.

  42. OneEsk19

    My mind just told me 'Pre-order this B*** already!'
    Guess I should listen and care about what the price will be.

  43. Mark Wise

    Ah Fuck YOU hater

  44. Shlomo Shekelstein

    it's true bro!

  45. Shlomo Shekelstein

    Nice violin in the BSO

  46. Guilherme Heitor

    the only bad thing about this is chocobocolina, yes she appears and her voice is annoying, otugh she is funny sometimes

  47. Camilo Meneses

    more this shit?

  48. sk8erbyern

    @Dragonk116 I also think that DmC was awesome. I didn't play any of them except the DMC4 but when I compare the two in terms of gameplay; combos and everything regarding the DmC feels waaaay better than the DMC4 and this makes me think others before the DMC4 wasn't any better. So even if the story or the characters or something was bad, considering the lack of Hack&Slash games in PC I think of DmC as a bliss for PC players like me.

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