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Explore the real world behind FINAL FANTASY in our latest „Behind the Square“ trailer. Get an inside look at our Square Enix Japan offices and meet the creative visionaries behind LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII.

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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 systems and for digital download on the PlayStation®Network for $59.99 on February 11, 2014. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.


  1. Sniperthe0ne

    Half the the stuff the mentioned if you think back at it they used there words sly like. They said the other characters will be making a comeback but never said they will be playable leaving most people to image they will make a full comeback. kind of had me there too. And i think as DLC you can have lightening and some other characters and the clothes you mentioned so you could say they did follow up on what they said how ever disappointing it may have been.

  2. Sniperthe0ne

    Yeah everyone is all begging for a remake. always looking back and never forward. And say if they did make that remake what then? It's a business and times are changing. they need new fans while showing what made the old one like then and that mean new games and ideas.if they sucked up to there old fan-base then they would be stuck with a dieing breed of nostalgia freaks who will soon enough move on or just not bring new fans in. Thanks to FF 13 I got into the series and not playing FF 6.

  3. Danniel

    Yet that was false propaganda, they let us think that they would come back (the characters) to let us buy the game. And I seriously don't want to pay to play with addition characters, if you stop and think for a while, it's plain stupid.

  4. Sniperthe0ne

    True it is and that is why i never paid for them i just watched the rest on youtube. Maybe they did play with there words but maybe it becasue I already knew what to expect after doing extensive research on the game before it came out i was never bothered. I understood that they wont be playable and they just meant you will see them. It did feel meh yes but I knew before hand they wont be playable so it just never bothered me as much as it did you.

  5. Danniel

    What pisses me the most is that the plot of Final Fantasy XIII was done, finished, zeroed. And the came with some crock story about time travel which makes no sense into the FFXIII world, and used the Goddess Etro… which was meant only to be used in FFVSXIII, now FFXV.

  6. Danniel

    I bought because it was a sequel to a good and wondeful game, it didn't even crossed my mind about that they would screw up so bad. And after the negative crictics that this saga received and are still receiving, Square posts a video like this to make everyone think that everything's fine, but it's not.

  7. Evangel

    Everything is fine, or at least it will be.

  8. Danniel

    The negative crictics began to come out after I had the game, which pissed me off. Some of the important sites of games reviews gave good reviews and scored to the game, that was before the game coming out. You know what? You're right, I was stupid to believe them. I thought that with an antecessor game being awesome, the sequel would come as great. I was wrong.

  9. Sniperthe0ne

    XIII and Verses XII metholigy where always the same. Type 0 for the PSP as well so that should not be a shock. I do admit the ending for XIII was good but well here we are now. I just hope they give the saga a good closher on this one.

  10. Sniperthe0ne

    It sounds like you expected more that you got to me. personly I liked XIII over XIII-2 because this one was shorter and the story was weaker because of the "Freedom" it gave (That people where crying about from the last one.) I loved FF series because of it's story and charcters. I dont care if the game ran perfectly if the story and charcters are shit it's not really a FF game. It's a very good game but that's it. That me anyways.

  11. Danniel

    Only the crystal thingy. Nothing more. This discussion is going further than it should be right?

  12. Danniel

    Pulease, I'm just trying to end with this discussion that wasn't even I who started it. And for the first time with your comment, is that it is my fault that I played the game? Please, if I bought the game, played the game, and thought it was bad… I have the right to say… and I still think that it is my fault to trust in this shitty company that since XIII-2 is going downhill. My God, what was I thinking by buying this game. Now, please… leave me alone.

  13. Sniperthe0ne

    Yeah XD

  14. Pedro Lourenço

    amen to that.

  15. Daemonpool65

    I spazzed to lightning narrating the video. I hope this comes in a special edition disk or something. 🙂

  16. Firstone33

    Ali Hillis Barely Has To Change Her Voice, She Already Sounds Like Lightning It Seems. Damn Sexy.

  17. Firstone33

    I Agree. I See Alot Of Comments About How this FF Game Is Bad And then Another Comes Out And The Same thing. I will Always Like The Final fantasy Series Sure There Is Some Games that I Question But I Don't Make Some Dumbass Comment to Square Enix About It. If Only The Snes Ones Existed Then We Wouldn't Know Of Sephiroth And Other Awesome Characters Such As Lightning(though Some Would Disagree On that Part).

  18. GoldenYoann3D

    It's gonna be AMAZING :p I wonder what happened to Dajh too, Sazh and his son are truly amazing and charismatic characters! But I'm sure they'll be fine anyway =)
    Noelis charismatic too, I just hope that he'll finally understand that Lightning isn't an impostor, instead of being stubborn to believe a such thing…

  19. ビムカナン EX

    This game looks good! I'm glad that you'll be able to pick up this game without having played the other two. I played FF13, but never got around to playing the second part in this trilogy. I hear a lot of people complain about 13, but I kinda liked it. The battle system was fast paced and fun. Also the story was good, my only beef was the lack of towns and npc's. But this game looks like it has that stuff, cool. I've been playing FF games for 14 years now, I look forward to this game!

  20. Danniel

    Unrelated? Please, SE make this video to let everyone think everything is fine, but it isn't it. Their last commercial year was a disaster, FACT. If you don't like of what I have to say, don't reply… and calm yourself down.

  21. Danniel

    As I said, don't like of what I have to say… don't reply.

  22. Danniel

    Yet again, if you don't like of what I have to say, don't reply it. Save a lot of stress if you ask me. 🙂

  23. MegaLamb

    To some extent, Dirge of Cerberus definitely does build off of the story of the original VII, and I'm certain Lightning Returns will be connected far more to XIII-2 than XIII. If your reasoning is the character focus is Vincent, that doesn't work either because in XIII-2, the character focus was Serah and Noel instead of Lightning. By the logic that FFXIII will be a trilogy, so was the FFVII series, and if the FFVII series is logically not a trilogy, neither is the FFXIII series.

  24. Riketz

    Started with 4, and have played most of the series and the big games on the side. I would gladly replay 13 instead of having to sit through any of the first 3, Secret of Mana, or any other game that is horribly boosted by nostalgia from "RPG Gamers" that want to wander around like idiots in a little sandbox, with the attention span of goldfish. I certainly miss the days when the point of playing a game was to beat it and watch the ending, and have a clear direction and set challenges on the way.

  25. Danniel

    I don't understand…

  26. Boddy

    Pretty much all FF games are linear,with just a little bit of expolartion.
    There is no open world games in the series,till the release of LR anyway.
    I realy have no idea what you are talking about.

  27. Marko Cabaniuk

    I love the creative process that SE put into their games and movies! The reason why I want to work in Game/Animation industry because of that! 🙂

  28. Guillermo Martinez

    The one thing that did bother me was the giant step they took into time traveling from 13 to 13-2

  29. Fettster777

    chick who voices Lightning is hot

  30. Mentore Siesto

    This voice make me shiver with pleasure. You're great.

  31. Vitaly Prosecov

    Final fantasy 13 is bullshit

  32. Calvin Wallace

    Some of the characters are absolutely annoying.  What's up with Vanille?  That stupid hand thing she does.  Hope is just a crybaby/fem.    Gahhhhhh…

  33. zack smith

    Love the FF13 series buuuuuut the things I didn't like was I bought 13 because I liked how Lightning looked I wanted to play as her not having to play her then be forced to care about snow and his life and hope and his Cloud Jr attitude. I wanted to be Lightning now for 13-2 again I wanted to be Lightning not Serah Not Noel LIGHTNING. thank god in the final game you play as Lightning

  34. William Augusto

    This "series" is awful!! Another piece of junk is coming!!

  35. Won Young Kim

    I really love XIII and I don't understand people saying shit about the series…

  36. Mekayla Thomas

    I can imagine Lightning giving a tour of the Square Enix building in the new world. _

  37. NeoArashi

    Is the narator of this video Lightning's englishVA?

  38. Vegas Vanga

    this bitch has the most dull voice

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