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Today we released the „Extended First Look“ trailer for LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII. The new trailer showcases Luxerion, the divine city of light, which is one of the four regions of Nova Chrysalia (previously known as Novus Partus). Also released today are new screenshots that reveal a new character, Lumina — a mysterious girl whose unpredictable nature wreaks havoc everywhere she goes.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available this fall for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 systems.

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  1. doctorino sixerino

    so Is this the end

  2. doctorino sixerino

    I apologize I am not a final fantasy fan

  3. Joe C

    I <3 this!!!!!! I've played FFXIII-2 and i can't wait!

  4. Tfield

    fuck off on cloud's gear and rebuild ff7.

  5. Shep Sheperty

    I appreciate that they tried to make a 'cool' female protagonist I really do. But she is so cheesy, I almost wish they hadn't. Like a female Vin Diesel.

  6. Bluebird4321op

    cant wait

  7. Em Anne

    Noel against Lightning? O.o

  8. NoelDressary

    right. from what i can tell Noel thinks Lightning is out to destroy the world like from some prophesy he heard. So it's almost like some sort of misinformation/misunderstanding thing

  9. 132rqf8e79asdhga -

    wait this is comeing for the new console right?

  10. CIoud Strife

    I'm not defending this game in any way or form when i say this because this game doesn't appeal to me but If you want a game with multiplayer, where Squall and Lightning can duel then pick up a PSP and Dissidia Duodecim. Problem solved.

  11. Nikki

    …. 😮
    I'm so done.

  12. AcerbusZeitgeist

    I spied Choco-Boco-Lina!

  13. timgshorty

    ill get it just cuz I already got the first 2……but meh hope its good

  14. Jimmy Rodriguez

    They need to add Noel's swords and costume as avatar items

  15. Cheapgamer420

    why do they keep pushing this fucking garbage

  16. PrimeXGingka

    I SAW A HUSKY!!! <3 😀

  17. brandon reed

    just stop making shitty games! then make another pos game just remake ff7 and ff8 for the ps4. i got ff7 and ff8 on my psp.

  18. SparosX12

    Looks like they a trying to hard with this one. The transition from turn-based real time doesn't look to appealing compared to 15. Nice game though.

  19. SparosX12

    You obviously didn't see the dlc that comes with preorders…

  20. iownedyou15

    And what is that? a Cloud costume and moveset?
    So what does that have to do with what I said 2 months ago?
    Do you even understand what you're reading and trying to say?

    Some people never cease to amaze… really…

  21. CyborgNation

    Because believe it or not, there are still millions of people out there who enjoy it. Your opinion isn't the only one that matters. I could ask why people like Justin Beiber but sad day for me, turns out some people like his music.

    So why do you keep calling something some people like garbage? wouldn't that make you garbage?

  22. CyborgNation

    Well you know… that's like your opinion man..

  23. SparosX12

    Typical raged youtuber taking everything people say to offense. It's ok bro, life is real. Now breathe and have some water.

  24. SparosX12

    Also I'll take the time to explain why it has to do with what you said. You are simply upset because another guy thought it was a good idea to add Squall and other features from other Final Fantasy games into Lightening Returns. If you knew about Clouds Costume, you didn't mention it in the post so I have no way of knowing. By the way your comment is at the top of the list, if you have a problem with people replying to it, try removing it. Just saying. 🙂

  25. SparosX12

    Lol Apparently replying to peoples old comments pisses them off.

  26. iownedyou15

    You are simply confusing adding in a main Final Fantasy character to a different Final Fantasy Universe in a main Final Fantasy title (not the spinoffs: FFT, Dissidia, etc…) which never have happened before. This is still the same, only now they are integrating those costumes with specialized movesets of the character from a different FF universe. Did they ever bring the character itself (not the costume) Cloud or Squall in this FF title?
    That was being referenced by the comment. Learn to read

  27. iownedyou15

    Show me where's the rage? I am just amazed by the comment that's all. With a little common sense, is it hard to figure out that RPGS typically won't have multiplayer and this is a Final Fantasy title unless they say so (reasons for: FFXI, FFXIV). Looking back at your comments to me, all I see was just nonsense and uninformed opinions. And that comment was 2 months but it still holds till now even after the preorder reveal (since its just a costume not THE character).

    Your a waste of time :/.

  28. SparosX12

    I knew nothing about the topic of RPG's having multiplayer. However, I should correct you on that. Most RPG's today have multiplayer. JRPG's generally do not, but from the looks of things they are changing their views on what RPG's are and moving with the worlds demands. Hironobu Sakaguchi is even changing his ways of thinking, and has already made a new fantastic RPG with multiplayer options. Tales of Symphonia on the GC has 4 player co-op for battles. So with all that said, why not?

  29. iownedyou15

    Dissidia is made for the main reason of providing fans of the FF Series to have their own favorite FF character clash on with characters from a different universe.Lightning Returns is the ending testament for the FFXIII saga. It holds the closure to its complex storyline. Connecting it with the 2 previous games and to justify its turn in story is a massive undertaking. Just look at the questions FFXIII-2 manage to leave after and combined with these new intriguing trailers. Time for multiplayer?

  30. iownedyou15

    Hironobu Sakaguchi's only JRPG that has multiplayer is The Last Story. Look at its community now, mostly largely due to Wii and its connection services but still… Tales of Symphonia was offline online and only playable during battle encounters.

    Not to derail on the subject but if you just had any idea for the Final Fantasy Universe or JRPGS as a whole, you would know its strength lies in the story and how it plays. Multiplayer is rarely if ever in discussion. It's a good thought though.

  31. SparosX12

    You say that as if you know me well. I've been following the series since I was 5 years old. I have an open mind and know that even with Online co-op a game can have a great story. I wouldn't want FF15 to be a MMO, but it would be nice to have a FFMMO with FF15 combat, and sure as hell would be nice to have a multiplayer FF15 with Drop in Drop out co-op. Dead Space did good, Resident Evil did good, and so many other games with drop in drop out co-op did so well with maintaining a smooth story.

  32. SparosX12

    Even if it's offline, the games would be great either way. If tales of Symphonia was made today I bet anything it would have online play. If Secret of Mana was remade, I bet that would have online play as well. There were a lot of SNES titles that didn't need 3 players, but they had them… wonder why they were thinking outside of the box? smh

  33. iownedyou15

    We are talking about JRPGs in general. Dead Space and Resident Evil are NOT JRPGs. Multiplayer obviously strengthens the game since the games itself only span to 10-15 hours. Comparing the wealth of story JRPGS has to offer to such games is very foolish. Content wise and map exploration. That's why games are categorized into genres. Yeah if you really knew Tales of Symphonia at such a young age and with that cognitive ability of yours, we woudn't even have this discussion.

  34. iownedyou15

    Creating an idea to fit a multiplayer in a JRPG… How would one process that? Tales of Symphonia was extremely simple and only revolve around battle encounters. Think for yourself, keep demanding a multiplayer for such a game: Lightning Returns where extra content (customization-wise, cameos, etc…) are enough. Wasn't the story in FFXII-2 enough to make people demand more out of it and to straighten things out. The story in this is surely enough to be grandiose to keep their hands full.

  35. SparosX12

    Ok Dude, you have your opinion, and I have mine. I can care less of it being a single player experience, but it would be interesting to have two players on a game like Final Fantasy 15. How is that so hard to comprehend?

  36. iownedyou15

    As the conversation was going, You keep forcing something that just isn't there and by saying why not about the multiplayer. If it possibly considered once, then the developers would have surely announced it and said something during interviews of the game. It's good to have opinions, but clearly you are not informed about the game or even the nature of it.

  37. Cheapgamer420

    cause millions and yourself are bunch of idiots

  38. CyborgNation

    I'd argue the idiot is the person who continues to follow a game they think of as garbage, just to let everyone know they think it's garbage. What a waste of time.

  39. 2Good2BeTrue45

    Noel is the only great character from the 13 series, he deserves his own game

  40. Claire Farron

    nice argument
    "your an idiot"
    you should be a fucking lawyer

  41. Claire Farron


  42. Revyi Cross

    She not cheesy at all, she really well made and one of my fav(not just female characters) but characters all around. She my fav of all final fantasy characters. Also Ive play almost every single final fantasy game.

  43. Revyi Cross

    This is the end of ff13 story, and ff14 is a MMO, so next final fantasy game will be final fantasy 15.

  44. Revyi Cross

    Sure you can say this type of combat is not your style and that be fine.

    Just dont say it dont take skill, because the combat you talking about mostly takes coordination type of skill.

    While this type of combat takes more of strategy and thinking ahead.
    It like chess, type of skill.

    Completely different types of skills, one is being able to think ahead and other is about coordination but both is skill.

  45. Rosalie Avalon

    The game is totally missing the Final Fantasy look and is beginning to look like more Assassins creed ( in my opinion )

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