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Check out this brand new footage of LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII as Lightning traverses the Yusnaan palace in pursuit of Snow!


  1. Harkz0r

    I agree that the first half the game was basically Lightning slicing the shit out of everything while running down railroad tracks. However, from the Ark and on Gran Pulse, I found you had to make intelligent use of Paradigm Shifts – in fact, the difficulty curve of the game surprised me at that point, although you could still replay every battle if you died. That kind of killed it for me. I still prefer the style of the older titles, though.

  2. SkyExplosion

    Gonna suck just like the previous game only hope now is FFXV.

  3. SkyExplosion

    So glad I switched FF for Persona after 10 and X-2

  4. PowerWavesRatio

    or X,X,X … X,X, hahahaha

  5. PowerWavesRatio

    everyone hates ff13 and everyone owns it. true story.

  6. ZZombies4Fun

    The Main series is one thing but to have a sequal for a game in the main series, it has never been any good ever. FFXIII-2 sucked it was so incredibly bad and X-2 wasn`t alot better either, but XIII itselfe wasn`t that bad even though it didn`t reach FF standards. But we have to be honest here, the sequal to X and XIII were truly horrific.

  7. EA. Tafsa


  8. KlarizaStudios

    I'm not really siding with anyone. My personal opinion is I love the XIII sequels/prequels. If you like my opinion, great. If you don't, well everyone has their FF favs so there.

  9. someNYkid

    Or maybe people genuinely disliked XIII. I can't speak on the game because I personally haven't played XIII, but I was pretty frustrated when we got more news about sequels to XIII than we did Versus XIII (now XV) which was/is the most anticipated FF.

  10. Game Sneak

    How can you be frustrated about news on a game you've never played? You have to know if you like it before you start hating on it getting good reviews and positive feedback. And before you say XIII is hated, stop. Look at the like:dislike ratio on every XIII video. It only seems like there's more haters than people who like the game because that's what humans take note of most.

    If you see a troll post, everyone's on top of it, but any other post and not even 1/50 of those people notice.

  11. Tiberium

    Erza Scarlet "Titania" from Fairy Tail in a Final Fantasy game 😀 AWESOME!

  12. Frankie Lollia

    i love the xiii francise and i think its amazing, if people dont like it then suit yourself, but i for one absloutly love it, I think noels one of the most hottest charectors to ever actually come out of the xiii series, well and hope I gess

  13. Sadson Ferreira da Costa

    Amo jogar com a Lightning. Estou ansioso pelo lançamento deste jogo.

  14. Serenity

    Even a "great fan" almost got tired in the middle? No such thing exists. Opinions certainly do. I'm just a fan like anyone else here, and I couldn't stop playing FFXIII-2 from start to finish. I just can't understand why some people feel the need to generalize everyone's views into one…

  15. Emmanuel Grandeza

    Would love to play FF with the PS4's VR headset! if they support it…

  16. Elric

    i like that they have more classes like in FF x-2

  17. Caio Gonzales

    Serah's "evil twin" is cool!

  18. Caio Gonzales

    Is Etro irrevocably dead, or does some part of her live within Lightning?

  19. BlissCloudz

    Apparently, she just "lost her power." Not sure what that means, but I'm sure she's not dead. ^^

  20. huntingflowersx

    When can I preorder this shit? When it comes out I'm gonna be on all it baby!

  21. anyname13579

    what does serah say? i've listened to it several times and i can't make it out.

  22. BAE10

    Lumina: "You can see when you're inside this stuff? Then you can't be one of god's regular lackeys, can you?"

  23. Teck Wai

    she was lumina , not serah

  24. Noel Kreiss

    para mi uno de los mejores final fantasy  es el xiii , xiii-2   y estoy esperando la ultima entrega Lightning returns   

  25. Cool cool games

    Quite appealing though

  26. Rakiarmas

    I remembered this game just few days ago. I've heard about this long time ago, but I then forgot it in time, because I didn't have PS3 yet.
    Now after I've saw these trailers & pictures of this game, I then pre-ordered this game. After Dissidia 012 game Lighting became one of my favorite female hero in Final Fantasy series, so I really wanted another game with Lightning as playable character.
    I do have Final Fantasy XII & XII-2 on my collection. I just got them, so I haven't played them enought to give my crades & opinions of them.

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