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With the grand finale of the FINAL FANTASY XIII series about to come to a world-ending conclusion, we’ve lifted the secrecy surrounding our official LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Collector’s Edition, which features the following:
– Premium packaging featuring artwork from the Japan release
– 80 page hardcover artbook containing Tetsuya Nomura’s original sketches of Lightning, a foreword from art director Isamu Kamikokuryo, and concept art from LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII
– Silver embossed pocket watch
– DLC code for FINAL FANTASY VII’s Aerith Gainsborough’s „Midgar’s Flower Girl“ outfit

The LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Collector’s Edition is available exclusively through the Square Enix eStore and will cost $89.99.

Preorder Today!

Unlock FINAL FANTASY history by preordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII to receive Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform and Buster Sword!

Official Homepage:
Official Facebook Page:
Official North American YouTube® Page:
Official Twitter: @OfficialFFXIII

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available in North America on February 11, 2014 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and for digital download on the PlayStation Network.


  1. Legendary Overlord

    $30 extra for an artbook, pocket watch, and Aerith outfit? No thanks. The Witch and the Hundred Knight limited edition is $25 extra and has an artbook, soundtrack, and nendoroid figure.

  2. firesprite1123

    i am so pissed at this because it's square's online exclusive and i already pre-ordered from game-stop fully paid for!! i want this so bad aaarrggh!!

  3. DarkSamuraiX1989

    the cloud strife outfit isn't part of the package? lame.

  4. KopyKat81

    Looks nice, but I'm done with FFXIII. >.>

  5. musicdays21


  6. tyler godfrey

    I really want the artbook and pocket watch

  7. NeoNaito

    ONLINE STORE ONLY PERK! Jesus Christ, what if I wanted CLOUD and AERITH COSTUMES!

  8. Ryutaa Kuzunoha

    Meh, I'd rather have an OST CD then a wacht. If there's a thing FFXIII saga did very good as a whole, it was it's soundtrack,

  9. Edzoneko

    Make it available at retailers like gamestop/bestbuy etc… some people just don't like buying on he internet

  10. Robert Ackerman

    Finally something to replace my broken pocket watch.

  11. Enum995

    A collector's edition with no soundtrack?
    Bite me, Squeenix

  12. NerveGamer

    Wow awesome 😀

  13. Tatsu

    Already pre-ordered at Gamestop. Cloud's DLC is OP especially Cross Slash

  14. Jimmy

    I was waiting for the collection to be announce. once I saw the pocket watch. I went and preorder mine already 😛

  15. atrumluxangelus

    I want the watch. It actually looks pretty cool. I need to finish 13-2 as well. Still haven't gotten around to beating it,

  16. Mezchano

    Own 13 and 13-2 collectors editions so may as well get the third one too 😛

  17. Hippoloria

    Vamos ojala que salga en Europa y me lo pillo si o si

  18. Pandewo Gaming

    Want this on Malaysia.. 🙂

  19. AlyZa

    Please allow us to buy Lightning Returns Collector's Edition through Gamestop , Ebgames and other major outlets.Thank you.

  20. Guillermo Martinez

    I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. RABtoons

    Bring this to EU please!

  22. Soshi Nine

    If it's pre-ordered do you still get the cloud outfit or no?

  23. N D

    This is like a case of be careful what you wish for.

    I've been begging for some special edition for overseas fans for months. It's not my dream Collector's Edition, but it's still pretty spiffy and I want it…

    But I just can't import this from the SE online store. Even Amazon gave me some issues, but I'd prefer them over Digital River.

    Heck, I'd even slink back to GameStop/EB Games even though I haven't bought any games from them in years >_>

    SE employees, I really hope you taking these comments to heart. There are a lot of fans like me that want to throw money at your products-just let us.

  24. Cococrash11

    Great Video.

  25. Toku92

    I hope it will include Japanese Voices… I HOPE IT SO MUCH!!

  26. DreamofSpira


  27. OctoCamo

    I hope this gets released in Europe.

  28. Andyseous New odyssey

    So imhavento,order from square Enix?

  29. Broly

    DO NOT buy Lightning Returns Collector's Edition from scalpers selling pre-orders for $200! There are a few ebay scalpers selling this Collector's Edition from Square Enix. Thumbs up if you don't support scalpers and to urge SE to let regular local game stores to sell the Collector's Edition too.

  30. DwwwD

    So there is no way to get this if you live in EU? The NA store doesn't seem to ship to like anywhere.. Thanks Square for nothing 🙁 i guess you don't want my money.

  31. Highlander

    Square Enix Europe on Twitter: "Unfortunately the CE won't be coming to Europe, but we have a Limited Edition Steelbook available for pre-order!"
    Oh yeah great support for the european fans of the game 🙁 The "Limited" Steelbook Edition will be cost 10-15€ more than the standard… for sure. Exclusive on Amazon by the way for Xbox360 and PS3…

  32. William Brown

    I'm gonna be honest, I ordered it because I want the watch

  33. DeepCupsChan119

    i chekc in EB games it doesnt have it it just shows the game only $59.99 WHAT?

  34. ANUBIS

    Take my money now!!!!

  35. benny332

    I need this is my life.

  36. MrMonstermusik

    why is this not sold in europe? please bring it to europe

  37. James Dorian

    If possible I would be grate if you can have the square enix store Europe sell this as well from what iv seen alot of people want it

  38. Perry D

    I doubt that this will get any attention from square, but I think this collector's edition would be much more complete with a download code for the soundtrack on itunes.  I know that putting the physical soundtrack in it would kill their profits, but a download link would be pretty doable I think.  Or at least a download of some of the main themes.  Anyone else agree?

  39. misty mist

    Dam, failed to even check out the Collectors copy, I'd get just for the pocket watch and the Aerith costume

  40. EnigmaticH3art

    Overall for this game, does anyone believe the CE is worth it? I'm considering purchasing this but still am unsure…Either this or the gamestop version with extra free DLC.

  41. Goddess Vert

    whats the eu collectors edition look like

  42. Sora4277

    I hate the fact that us, in europe, don't get this colector's edition, I really want that clock :'(

  43. kevin travis

    If you preorder will it be delivered on 2/11/14

  44. 182Burritos

    They fucked up by not having the pocket watch have all the roman numerals up to the XII as an homage to all the previous Final Fantasy games.

  45. OnyxSkiesXIX

    I had this pre-ordered. I had tons of trouble actually getting the pre-order to begin with. In order to get free shipping (free shipping if you spend over $100), I also pre-ordered FFX/X2 HD. No where did it say they would hold LR and ship it when FFX comes out in March. Wondering why it hasn't shipped, I call them up and learn all this. I asked them to cancel just FFX and ship my LR CE. They canceled the whole order instead. I almost re-ordered but an artbook and an Aerith outfit aren't worth spending $50 (tax and shipping) more than getting the standard game on Amazon. I just wish in the future, the Square-Enix store gets better service in every way possible, or they sell their Collector's Editions everywhere.

  46. ZodiacD

    How nice, I pre-ordered this from their website BEFORE they added that promotion "Pre-Order now and get it on the day it gets released. Shipping Early to arrive on Street Date" and now I check, my estimated delivery date is 02/13/14-02/18/14. Thanks Square, for caring so much about your fans. It's gonna be fun knowing I pre-ordered it before others yet, they will still get it ON MY BIRTHDAY. Yeah, this will be the last time I'm getting anything from your store.

    Not just that, their store is stupid. They don't even have a store. You have to go track it on some other website. When you ask about it, they'll ask you to go onto the seller's website to ask about your item. Gosh, has Square lost so much money that they can't even afford a online store to their own website?

    Sorry, It just sucks seeing I won't be getting this on my birthday.

  47. Spirit Dancer

    love it ^^

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