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Unlock FINAL FANTASY history by preordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII to receive Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform and Buster Sword!

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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 systems and for digital download on the PlayStation®Network for $59.99 on February 11, 2014. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.


  1. Alex Colbert


  2. Kevin Weaver

    kingdom hearts sucks dick though. why stick to something like that?

  3. TrentTheHedgie

    Let's face it, this is the CLOSEST we're ever gonna get to a FF7 remake, so stop asking. lol

  4. Kevin Weaver

    Tidus' character was supposed to be annoying. Therefor, they did a great job composing him.
    Also the story of ffx owns all the others in the series, even ff7.

  5. Kotaro Fumma

    I well never get that game now

  6. Kurt Plissken

    That's just your opinion on it though. Many people actually like KH. I personally cannot wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.

  7. Donar0208

  8. Kevin Weaver

    The game is so predictable. Everyone knows whats going to happen in kh3

  9. sean9080

    They're already remaking it -_-

  10. FROG dela POND

    Lightning! What are you doing!? Use brings about wear, tear, and rust.

  11. Rex

    Kid, the bible is the best selling book on the planet, and the writing in it is awful. Popularity does not equal quality. They are not the most iconic, they're the cash cows because FF7 hyped itself to all hell. In general, 6 is considered the series high point in story telling, with 7 having a large, immature, following of fanboy kids. the series didn't really pick up again until 9, and then it began to drop off again. I'll be sure to now go die because I don't like the game you like. =/ idiot.

  12. Kiiroi Sora

    Yeah i pre-order the game ^_^

  13. Vagrant

    You're just parroting what some SE executive said.

    They could very well remake FFVII on a current or next-gen console. Modern console games look dated the day they release anyway, so that's not holding them back. Have you even played any other games besides FFXIII this gen?
    It's not that they can't do it, it's that they're lazy and know that they have FFXIII and its inexplicable fanbase who will eat whatever shit gets thrown at them to leech off of for a while. Thankfully it'll be over with LR.

  14. KillerFox9000

    Hey, now all the Lighting cosplayers can cosplayer as a cosplayer… get it? lol

  15. Simon Brandon

    Okay I'm sorry to say this but you said you was gona bring a final fantasy 7 on ps3 and you bring out lightning with cloud weapon before final fantasy use to be about new people and now we are stuck with theses everyone knows final fantasy 7 was sorry is still the best game bring a up to date on and watch the money rollin in

  16. Stearns

    why did i see this coming? oh yeah cause shes clouds clone (figuratively to all u jerks ready to jump on my balls saying shes not)

  17. Zenphoshen

    Hmm let me get this straight, I have play multiple MMOs maxed out my characters and I haven't played enough of them to know what makes a good story that makes me want to still play. I'm sorry I have an 80 Death Knight in Wow, an 80 Elementalist in Guild Wars 2, All jobs at 75 from pre-level increase in FFXI, played Aion till level 30, played Rift till level 27 and the list just goes on. FFXIV is in its final phase and it looks and plays a lot better then it did before. You have nothing to back –

  18. Zenphoshen

    – you up other then your opinion based on an unfinished product, millions of other people disagree with you and are playing the beta right now. I also work for Game Stop and our pre-orders for the PS3 copies say a lot differently then what you spout. Also if you have played any MMO like you say you have, then you know the beginning quests are stupid easy and are just meant to show you around the area. You don't have to come onto an SE video to promote the new XIII which looks really good and be-

  19. Zenphoshen

    Such a negative jackass, so what you don't like the game big whoop, a lot and I mean a lot of other people disagree with you. The game is going to be a success whether you think it will or not I could careless. I plan on playing and enjoying it. Right now during the final phase they just added the voice acting back in and when the game fully launches everything will be set up for that. Beta does not translate to what the game will be that is why is called beta. You have your opinion and I can-

  20. Zenphoshen

    Say that it is full of holes and that if you want to make a stupid comment, I will then not take you serious and just treat you like a troll. Mind you I understand you have an opinion and that is fine you can have your opinion and I can say you are wrong. Many people will. Good day to you troll.

  21. Zenphoshen

    World of Warcraft is no different and not cutting edge. Your argument lost ground the moment you said go play Wow.

  22. You don't know what you're talking about

    Elaborate how I lose ground? Whether you dislike WoW, the fact remains that it remains the most played MMORPG.

    FF XIV still retains the reputation of being the worst MMORPG ever created. That's why Square is going through financial difficulties, had to issue an apology to everyone that bought the game, fired it's entire development staff that worked on the game and ultimately remade an entry no one likes.

    If Square cared, they would remake VII, but I bet they'd fuck that up too.

    I'm right.

  23. Zenphoshen

    Your logic is based on your own opinion and thus becomes false, Final Fantasy XIV was not a total failure because if that were the case they would have just scrapped the project. Square cared enough to try and fix a mistake that was made. That is already been fixed and then some everyone from 1.0 that still wants to play is being grandfathered into the new game with all their stuff intact and pay less per month. You forget that while I would love a remake of a classic game in HD –

  24. Zenphoshen

    You must also take into account that they have a lot of games that they are working on and maybe after we get Kingdom Hearts 3 we may see a remake, they already have the story they just need to animate it and give it new life with a new engine. I would rather see a Final Fantasy VII remake on the next gen console as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. You say no one likes XIV yet you do not even have proof, I'm calling your BS/ You can have you opinion on XIV no mater how pointless and inane it may be.

  25. You don't know what you're talking about

    How is it BS? Look up how bad it did on it's first release. The only people playing A Realm Reborn are the delusional FF "fans".

    They also will never remake VII. Square has already stated they wouldn't because it's too intimidating.

    I still don't get what the big deal was. Sure, VII had it's moments but I think the highest point in the series was IX and before that, VI was pretty awesome. I also think XII was infinitely better than XIII. It didn't sell as much because it was a Sony exclusive.

  26. Krystian Morales

    In Toby words hot

  27. Kenneth Larson

    I hope they washed that uniform just for Lightning. You know Clouds clothes must have been rely dirty.. ^_^

  28. GameWitDice

    Soldier First Class: Lightning. I wonder If she has erotic dreams about Zack then 🙂 Since she has cloud's stuff.

  29. You don't know what you're talking about

    Shut up kid, you don't know what you're talking about.

    Delusional fans crying that something is good doesn't make it good. That's like saying that all 3 Michael Bay: Transformer's films are good because they made lots of money.

  30. JamesSeiko

    I want to see Squall Leonheart outfits. Honestly, he would look so much better on Lightning than Cloud does.

  31. David Brown

    Final Fantasy VII and XIII are both awesome games

  32. Blue Knight Gaming

    Squalls cloths on lightning would be pretty hot. I also wouldn't mind if they gave her the Aya Brea outfit from dissidia or a costume based on terra from Final Fantasy VI

  33. Stephen S

    This is frickin messed up. If your gonna add Cloud's items, why not just give the whole character.

  34. BJ Vynz

    This is a sad disgrace to Cloud's memory. Why put this thing in his attire?

  35. Hentitan

    FFVII rework on PS4 pls!!!!!!!!

  36. DecepticonSkywarp

    I am SO pre-ordering this game on the 11th of next month, one month before the game comes out

  37. Dapper Changeling

    Nice to see Squenix knowing 7 was the best one, and knowing how pitiful this game is. 

  38. ChibiTails

    Good fucking lord that outfit looks hideous on her.

  39. ToroProductions

    Here's a thought square enix…how about you ditch this lame Ass character completely and bring back the the origin of who wore that outfit.

  40. HatsunThePidgeon1

    And thus a Storm was born…

  41. A Very Angry Guy

    Meh, She still cant Do Omnislash or Omnislash V5 XP.

  42. Jehezkeiru

    Never satisfied fanbase was existed… till now lel 

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