13 days until the end! Join Lightning in the thrilling conclusion to the FINAL FANTASY XIII as she races the clock to save the world!

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Unlock FINAL FANTASY history by preordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII to receive Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform and Buster Sword!

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LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 systems and for digital download on the PlayStation®Network for $59.99 on February 11, 2014. LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.


  1. Seishin

    i guess for people that are competitive? it's not something needed but it's just optional i guess for people that are really competitive

  2. Ian Wheeler

    i cant wait to kick noel's ass

  3. SanjiBaratie

    I am scared that they will totally write of Hope,Snow,Vanille,Fang,and Sazh What about them? it's like the creators totally forgot they exist. more peoples fates/lives were affected by the purge NOT just Lightning and suck balls as Sarah.

  4. Seishin

    hope will be the one that tells you what you need to do and where you need to go and things like that so he'll be talking to you throughout the entire game basically. Snow we've seen glimpses of him where lightning and him are fighting and things like that. and there is a trailer where we see fang return but not exactly what role she'll exactly play in the plot. the only ones we haven't seen anything about is Vanille and Sazh.

  5. TheSpammer09

    I almost commented on the wrong video saying "Why the hell are you guys talking about Final fantasy when this is a league video."

  6. Vera

    I love Ali Hillis and her voice, but this voice acting sounds a little stilted…

  7. Belwaer

    Honestly, XIII was pretty and it had good characters. That doesn't fix it's tragic gameplay flaws.

  8. LilmissBrownEyes

    Why are there so many ??? T_T I don't even have the first one!! I've just seen the movie! T_T oh well…

  9. LilmissBrownEyes

    (I don't really feel like playing the original I'm just saying that I don't EVEN have it/have played it)

  10. Heu You

    I hope they have the lighting outfit in final fantasy xiii

  11. Arrognate

    Final Fantasy
    R.I.P From FF 1 ~ FF 10

  12. simplyjrock

    why don't they concentrate on ff13-versus instead of franchises of a "final" fantasy that is already done?! -___- when is versus or rather ff 15" coming out?! im so tired of playing the same girl who's trying to be someone who's way better than her (cough cough cloud cough) just no more, let her rest! her story has been over thank you squarenix for making an epic character but its time for something new

  13. simplyjrock

    i feel you on this one!

  14. IsaiahtheAvenger

    If you did your research, you would realize that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fanatsy 15 have two different teams working on the games. So they are concentrating on FF15 right now, Lightning Returns isn't interrupting it's development, and Lightning's story is not over yet. This game is the last Final Fantasy 13 game so stop complaining, besides Lightning isn't trying to be Cloud. I personally prefer Lightning over emo Cloud.

  15. IsaiahtheAvenger

    You guys should read all the new information on this game on the Final Fantasy wiki, the gameplay sounds much better than the past two games. Lightning will be fully customizable, the world will be really interactive and non-linear with an approximately 100-hour RPG experience, the game will have a new weather system with enhanced real-time action-orientated gameplay that allows you to defeat your enemies in more ways than one. It also cites it's sources for the information too.

  16. Jack

    Wow, chaos has a way with fucking with humanity, lol. Thanks.

  17. T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.

    It wasn't Square who made that promise, it was the Director (his name slipped through my mind). Anyway, yeah, did promise that this would be the most polished FF game yet. He better overachieve, because I felt like I threw my money away with the first two games.

  18. Haru Totetsu

    Leona and Charice should do a duet piece for this.

  19. IsaiahtheAvenger

    Good idea.

  20. Nikki

    Noel is one twisted fuck now TwT

  21. MrSTVR

    Wow, Noel became pretty intense.

  22. sender1996

    the best part about this game is that alot of people hate it
    makes me love it even more and feel on of the special people who appreciate final fantasy no matter what route its going through

  23. NASTAR01

    She's been confirmed, but her role has not been revealed yet.

  24. TheErryK

    stop, dont like it, don't play it. simple as that.

  25. TheErryK

    because lightning has met cloud, obviously.

  26. Patrick Aubry

    @orqexrx yeah man i know what you mean and dude! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while >>>

  27. Slaymakerlol95

    I was reading somewhere that it was confirmed that vanilla is going to be in the game. She's being held by The Order I think its called they're the group that rules Luxerion.

  28. Pradip Tumba

    @snwnubf yeah thats what everyones been saying btw! i think you would enjoy this game have a look ==>

  29. djaya1040

    i really cant wait this ><

  30. Amit Kumar

    @cpfggvk true that dude BUT! you would probably enjoy this online game >>

  31. Sergio Ivan R

    I don´t like the dress changing system in battle stuff, ( sailor moon?, FFX-2 ?) she looks like a whore and some dresses are soo weird…. maybe when the game goes out it would be an ok game, but I think Toriyama team misunderstood what some users asked as personalization in that sense, and his vision from a final fantasy game

  32. Seishin

    no she isn't as she's just a character so she isn't trying to be like anyone. it's square enix that decided to put the cloud uniform on her. the character didn't wake up one morning and decide she was going to wear someone else's clothes.

  33. LondonOntGuy

    Unplayable on PS4 and XBone, if you want that, well sorry son, you're backwards.

  34. Wayne Drake

    "The End has Begun"

    Really, Squenix? DO YOU MEAN IT THIS TIME!?

  35. Serah Strasser

    Serah didnt de she turned to crystal and gained eternal life and if she dies she gets reborn like yeul so she's not dead

  36. Soulnoid Crew

    because FFXIII-3 sounds too dumb and it wouldn't sound like it should exist

  37. Nero Smith

    I was talking about direction, the belts and zippers were just for poking fun at the man fetish.

  38. Arrognate

    Don't waste your time, Deal with it.

  39. Tony Knighton

    Why do people hate it so much?

  40. Ryan Price

    They are butt hurt that the first half of the first game was too linear.

  41. Tony Knighton

    Hmmmm. I see.

  42. Stretchin GazelaPL

    Badass Lightning as always <3 Assassin's Creed 6: The Warrior of Valhalla 😉

  43. NoctLightCloud

    Ich kanns kaum erwarten *___* ich hab zwar X und XII vor XIII gespielt, aber die geschickte um Lighting hat mich zutiefst fasziniert ^__^

  44. slayerr4365

    I know some people complained about final fantasy just being 1 2 3 4 oh just another one but this is getting confusing as fuck >.> FF13 came out… then FF14, then ff13x2 then i saw a trailer for ff15 with completly different characters for next gen consoles, now out of no where there is another ff13 game where you play just as lightning? so weird… also final fantasy was always about character interaction if you are playing alone as lightning all game it kinda removes the best thing about the series… FF13x2 was like scraping the barrel trying to find good character interaction :/

  45. Joseph Foxton

    This looks sick the 13 trilogy is coming to an end but was I the only one who saw sephiroths masamune blade being wielded towards the end

  46. Christopher

    they shouldn't mix cloud strife's look on one of the shittiest final fantasy characters.  it's like putting gold on shit. 

  47. G E

    ´´The brightest lights, cast the darkest shadows.„ – Lightning(Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 13 Days Trailer)

  48. theredmorning

    I hope people know that, Lightning was brought back with  no feelings.
    So saying she's a shitty character, is not cool.
    All characters can't be the same, have the same personality and other stuff. I mean that would make the franchise seem boring, it's nice to change things up sometimes 😀

  49. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    This game was ok at that time. The best of the three by far. The gameplay was interesting and I found it quite challenging vs bosses. You could be wiped out in a second if you didn't parry effectively.

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