Life is Strange 2 Official Reveal Trailer

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  1. Syazwan Mustapah

    Let me guess, they're gay aren't they?

  2. Qween K

    I like how so far there is no Chloe and Max because it’s really hard to come back from that ending with Life is Strange because for each option something completely different story lines because of the ending

  3. goobfrudla

    this is so hype

  4. Ordin S Pripro

    My device does not meet the minimum requirements of the game

  5. Jiwon's wink

    Anyone else noticed that these 2 were the same kids from Captain Spirit?

  6. Kyle Wainwright

    I swear to God if the lips aren't synced to the audio I'm not buying this game. It was so horrible in the first game it was almost funny.

  7. Kangatom

    I hope this will somehow ties in with max and Chloe

  8. Dol _

    Max and Chloe are DEAD. God damn let it go! y’all are so fucking salty you are ruining it for everyone else!!!!!!!!
    I’m excited for the new protagonists and hopeful for the story

  9. Tired_Lu

    I'm more hyped for when E;R makes a video on this game rather than the game it self.
    It better be a 10 part video each an hour long.

  10. Jesterx_66

    Man fuck the last ep of season 1, pls be good to me #2

  11. Poondeh

    Oh damn. They're the two guys from the ending of The Adventures of Captain Spirit. Love to see what Dontnod bring 🙂

  12. Xander Ellem

    No max or chloe, no purchase

  13. Utachi Ichiha

    Where is Max

  14. Melinda Garner

    dam good game can't wait

  15. orangyX

    I kind of want a Max and Chloe cross-over…
    It's not gonna happen but it's just a very nice thought.

  16. spootyy

    I'm gonna need the name of the guitar song in the beginning, that would be great. Thanks.

  17. The AngelicArtist :3

    I miss Chloe and Max tbh if they did Easter eggs about them or talk about them I would be so happy

  18. Severus Snape

    So no chloe or max , no thanks

  19. UGO

    I'm kinda iffy about this. I fell in love with the first one, and will be surprised if I like this one….not sure how this 2nd one will compete with the first one..meh. Really hoped Chloe and Max were back…. or Rachael for that matter… flashbacks or something

  20. Shiv Shankar

    I miss max and chloe :(((((((((((((((((((

  21. ssvishnov

    As an open minded individual who loves what dontnod entertainment have been doing with these games I am definitely looking forward to this. Love the story telling and how they make you care about the characters. Looking forward to getting to know two new characters from the Life is Strange universe


    Why is life is strange so popular? i don't understand. If you think that life is strange is a good video game then you are either an emo or in high school. I bet that they will add gay romance just like they did in the first game lesbian romance.

  23. xxxGpakos

    awsome cant wait to play it

  24. Enrico Saderi

    Really..? no Max and Chloe? No Purchase at all.

  25. Jack is not in the box


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