LEFT ALIVE | Yoji Shinkawa Original Art Piece Timelapse

Famed artist, and character designer for LEFT ALIVE illustrates the main characters of the game. Fans who pre-order the game on the North American Square Enix Store will be entered to win this one-of-a-kind hand drawn and signed art piece.

Pre-order the LEFT ALIVE Day One Edition here: http://sqex.link/square-enix-efeb6
Pre-order the LEFT ALIVE Mech Edition here: http://sqex.link/left-alive-e3f89

Illustration by Yoji Shinkawa (KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Co., Ltd.)


  1. MNPWxXxGreenBeretDal

    This looks like the art style used in metal gear solid?

  2. Sephiroth Art

    Amazing style! Thanks for video

  3. Cahuã CMF Gamer

    Fantastic, amazing! s2
    I WANT Left Alive!! 😉

  4. Otaku_GameFan

    Awesome. I'm a Fan of Yoji Shinkawa for Metal Gear, but his style is so complicated to imitate compared to Tetsuya Nomura's work.

  5. Zane Oneiros

    Chrono Trigger or GTFO

  6. Kenzo Brix

    I want those hands.

  7. Laze Ponder

    When you try really hard to hide the fact that all this game is, is Cutout Final Fantasy 15 content :3

  8. PPF Gamer

    Awesome work left a like

  9. Zulekha Lakeca

    Wow wow

  10. Omar Ordonez

    Since they are not celebrating #Happy Final Fantasy 8

  11. Laughing Octopus

    "Here's your Major Zero Metal Gear, Bro"

  12. Herdannu Febrian

    poor Yoji…well imagine if he working on Splinter Cell rather than this

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