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Through the eyes of all three main characters, take a look at how every step and decision made will make or break your way through the dangerous warzone of Novo Slava. Available on PlayStation®4 and STEAM® on March 5th, 2019.

The MECH EDITION is available for pre-order exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store in very limited quantities. The DAY ONE EDITION is now also available for pre-purchase on PlayStation Store and STEAM.

Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) join forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.


  1. Ivan Kurniawan

    Dear Square Enix, hopefully this is become a consideration in the polishing of the game before the launching date :

    1. Please fix the character movement and animation, slightly natural movement is appreciated.
    2. The firearms recoil sensation, it is unnatural and too much recoil for that class of weapon, please balanced that so the gunfight is more fun to do and not too punishing for the player, considered asked other SQE subsidiary such as Eidos to give a proper firearms-sensation
    3. Please polish the wanzer-combat mechanics.. and please don't rehash the failure of the FM EVOLVED, why bring Mr. Toshifumi Nabeshima as a director ? Because he has experience to direct fast paced mecha-combat like the AC series.. yes ?
    4. Bring wanzer-customization from the past FM title
    5. Considered to learn from successful title such as LOST PLANET 1 & 2, how to balance the character combat & mecha combat and create more fun experience for the player.

    Maybe that's all of my suggestion as a long fan of Front Mission and other mecha-combat genre. Hopefully it would help to increase the game quality and make other new player to enjoy this new game title

  2. Ostap DontStap

    Что за высер? Кому то еще интересны, медленные большие роботы, на которых можно передвигаться только выпадами?
    а Анимация передвижения на картанах? словно в штаны навалил, и нужно идти осторожно, чтоб не размазать по булкам.
    И да, эта игра, это дипломная работа Японский студентов.

  3. WingZeroSys Gaming

    It reminds me of MGS Ground Zeroes/V and Survive but with pilotable mechs.

  4. SuperCactaur

    "Use Stealth to get into this building!"

    Characters immediately begin yelling once inside

  5. Edward Temple Jones

    All the people saying this looks like a PS2 game must be Teens and Children. If you actually Were an adult when the PS2 came out you'd remember just how bad it looked and its limitations. Look at the release of Shenmue, that's a 2000 game. If anything i'd say this game's graphics might be late PS3 era, but the size of the world and the mechanics wouldnt be possible on anything but current gen ware. SO please think before you whine, you have no idea what your talking about children

  6. SlyBeast

    3:25 "Someone fingered me…"

  7. CB Zero

    Front Mission + Metal Gear + The Division

  8. Vladimir Tarasov

    Игра про русских без русской локализации. This is pizdec comrades.

  9. KitFX37

    need more time this game will are good game

  10. Stellin Ar

    16 GB RAM… Srsly??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Like everyone said, it needs to be worked on a little bit more. I liked the story and the voice acting, but the dialogue choice command thing was bad and needed a bit more of something to make it stand out. The gameplay needs something too, with the way it looks now is almost close to what could be a good game. Could. It just needs something to boost it, just something else we haven't seen to make it stand out. Plus I hope the difficulty is a cunt in this game, because I need to see some intense moments in this game where it is mandatory to stock up on items to survive shootouts.

    Plus have the enemies react to being shot instead of them looking stiff and lifeless, or at least get them to move and make them shoot back while they are getting shot, just something to make them move at least. While I'll stay for the story, I won't miss the gameplay all that much. Plus the stealth needs more fine tuning, it's almost like a Gears of War rip-off than a Metal Gear Solid rip-off (plus the Wanzer needs more fine tuning as well, and I know it's fast and awesome, but it needs to have something to it too that separates it from Metal Gear. Plus put in more guards protecting it so that if people are going for a Wanzer, they may have to work for it, just something to make going into a Wanzer more like an achievement than a chore. Also the camera sort of sucks to look at, mostly because it looks primitive and we've seen it done better elsewhere, but I'm sure they can fix it and make it less jarring to look at. But I'll be fine with whatever they choose for it, I know I'm not making the game, but put in a little bit of an effort into it, at least).

    It could be awesome to find different ways to avoid fighting and escape without killing everyone. Although it 'could' be a successor to Metal Gear Solid, it still needs some fine tuning and a little, if not, a lot more time in the oven. And hopefully while this game is getting more time to be worked on, try to actually work on it developers…

    I'm not high and mighty, I want good games just like everyone else and at least something good for my future children to play with. If this was just another shovel-ware game then just release it Square-Enix, We know you have a reputation for promoting crap games lately. While you're sucking your thumb and rocking back and forth trying to figure out what went wrong, we'll be playing true triple A titles and possibly older games that are infinitely better than the current games we have now, we've had enough joke games from you, Square-Enix, and we're happy to move one and forget about you.

    I feel like all of the talented developers and staff are wasting their time working with Square-Enix, if it's not Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or something else that was popular like Nier, it gets left behind. I can see why Square-Enix is piggy backing off of their old and more popular games, so that they can fool themselves into thinking that they are still relevant.

    The one I feel more sorry for is Yoji Shinkawa, his artwork is what sort of saved this game. I hope they put more effort into this game, if not, then I know where Square-Enix's priorities truly lie, into their more popular games. I like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, but give us a change for fuck sake!

  12. TieDie

    Honestly? Looks awful.

  13. José Mellinas

    So Metal Gear Solid and Operation Winback had an affair…

  14. SneakerStreet

    this looks like shit

  15. Azul Entertainment


  16. Wasilevs


  17. Wasilevs

    Сквозной проезд и выезд автотраспорта запрещён.
    You wanted to understand what is written, right? ?

  18. Wasilevs

    Red Alert 3 – Soviet March

  19. Adam Shalashaska

    Delay this please. I am really looking forward to this but I feel this needs more polish on the Animation side. Ive been wanting a mech game like this with some Third Person on foot gameplay mixed in, this could be a hit but right now its not looking as good as it should

  20. See OH Zee

    Still a better game than Metal Gear Survive

  21. Minegamer

    Make pls Sleeping dogs 2

  22. Painkiller Mike

    The sound effects, especially in the Wanzers, sounded incredibly dull. And the soundtrack (which I actually liked) only served to highlight that. I hope it's good but so far this looks boring and is it just me or could they have made this on last gen hardware. If the enemy AI was good, I could have looked past the graphics but it's definitely not.

  23. Crysis

    LOL those moving animations are so bad! Looks like Alpha Protocol! If they ask for a RTX to play this I'm going to laugh loud?

  24. Казимир Милобендзкий


  25. rie san

    Game looks low budget but want to sell high price like Nier automata maybe you forgot two thing.
    1 character design is not interested and service like 2B.
    2 gameplay fun and smooth from Platinum.
    Fix animation and everything comment on this video trust me if you stubborn to release game in this condition it must be business loss sure.

  26. Inacurate

    I saw SquareEnix and had hope, which was convincingly crushed as soon as the AI begin to do its thing.
    -It's a flare ON FIRE. They should see it hurling through the air. Have that unlit until it hits the ground, or the AI should be running to the source. Defeating the mechanism.
    -Why does the AI need to stand on top of the flare to inspect it? And both of them? If they are guards, they should clearing the area and searching for threats…not staring at the ground.

    That's all I need to know.
    The UI looked interesting.

  27. Mark Hofmann

    That mecha combat sequence at the end is just embarassing. Front Mission Evolved was a better game than this by far, and it was an utter shit festival in parts.

  28. Aname Goeshere

    You don't need hit-markers when there are enemy pain states / blood misting on bullet impact…

  29. Rafidz Radzi

    Square Enix should fix their AI problem……….

  30. Mc Bennet

    GOTY 2008.

    nah i'm stoked for this. i doubt it will be much of a success but it would be neat to see this IP develop and become something akin to the Ace Combat series.

  31. Jim Payette

    The more I see of this game, the less impressed I am. The animation is poor, the level design is dull, the combat is cover-based which has been done to death. It looks like a low-budget game, nuff said.

  32. Rob Swire

    I'm a bit confused how with Armored Core director mech combat in this game looks worse than even in almost 2 decade old Armored Core games…

  33. sventh

    Flopped with low score in AMAZON hmmm

  34. Leo Zendo

    If square enix does not make another philosophy masterpiece we'll be disappointed.

  35. Kapitan Harizma

    Очень слабо

  36. Don Jonson

    Graphics like at 2000 year. Shame on gamedev.

  37. in flames

    Why they don't just remake FM3

  38. luke mcmillan

    Is this ps3? Animation needs work

  39. TheJakeJackson

    Wanker + Panzer = Wanzer

  40. minos121

    fuck the haters go back to play fornite

  41. Ravanofdarkness

    So… The Gameplay, UI, Audio seems to be ripped off straight from Metal Gear Solid but very poorly. Like how are the Animations and Visuals so bad compared to a Game that was released 4 years ago.

  42. Xalen Maru

    This is Alpha Protocol 2… and I thank you for making it SE!!!

  43. Grimxonic

    Is there a "hard" or "good" version/mode of this game? Thank you.

  44. Grimxonic

    I can see this game being so good if you spend another year or more on it :/ What a damn shame, I think I would have loved this game!

  45. I B

    He moves like he want to pee

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