LEFT ALIVE – “The Survivors” (Character Trailer)

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This is war. Follow Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid as they weave through the warzone of Novo Slava in harrowing storylines and paths of survival.

The MECH EDITION is available for pre-order exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store in very limited quantities. The DAY ONE EDITION is now also available for pre-purchase on PlayStation Store and STEAM. Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) join forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.


  1. yhwh88

    Let's take a mecha series and make a non-mecha game for it……………………….

    This should be an open-world mecha-fps RPG

  2. Viktor Nikolayevich

    Типичные будни в Рязани!

  3. Tonye Bob-Manuel

    So Square, just gonna let us think this is an awesome game instead of Front Mission a turn base rpg we been asking for like 10 years now?? This is why you lost 33 million dollars

  4. Porongotainsane

    That mech edition looks sick….!!!

  5. bladerj

    got some lost planet vibes with a light mgs tint to it. but feels like a game that should been done 10 years ago and they just dust off the plans while searching for ideas

  6. Ibrahim Hassan


  7. Uzukii

    Yes! This is the Metal Gear we've been waiting for since V. Metal Gear Survi- LEFT ALIVE!

  8. kdoty

    Not to be that one person, but I got bored in the middle of the trailer. As of now this looks really meh.

  9. Иван Анкудинов

    That is amazing! I will wait for collection ediction!

  10. ACOGLMT556

    I find the dialogue really dated, reminds me of an okay 80's movie lol

  11. Daniel Mbeng

    This is metal gear and it is the perfect spiritual successor

  12. chau2k5

    Looks like RE6 gameplay, which is cool with me. Music sounds like Metal gear knock-off. English dub is meh.

  13. Richter Zorgue

    Wow, graphics are so bad.

  14. Richard Denson

    Looks like Metal Gear and Resident Evil had a baby without the t virus

  15. PlayoffL36ron

    front mission you millennial plebs

  16. Elditya Richard

    so… this trailer shows what would have happened if Volgin, Meryl, and Raiden were to be casted for a Front Mision game ?

  17. Андрей Донских

    Разработчики молодцы!

    Square Enix NA
    – Спасибо! Жду с нетерпением!

  18. Preed Reve

    With how The Quiet Man is and they're current track record, new IPs from SE kind of scare me right now… >w>

  19. PPF Gamer

    Totally loos good so far left a like


    looks terrible, the design terrible too, basically ps3 graphics, with very bad 3D art design, hope the game and the story not as bad tho

  21. InnocentRifa

    Коджумбо гений

  22. Alex Dem

    – Koshka, please report!
    – Мяу… I mean meow

  23. Таталия


  24. darkmen7799

    Графика как в резиденте 2009 года.

  25. Adam Martinez

    Why does this remind me of Metal Gear lol

  26. олег ша

    Metal gear соль – pahomiya edition

  27. Lancher

    Escape from Novo-Slava

  28. Dready

    >мужику лет 50 на вид
    Плохо служил!

  29. Kurt K

    front mission is dead

  30. Mod Playthru Channel

    Any thoughts on a potential merger with Activision later on down the road, if profits with S.E. continue to decline?

  31. Darian

    Even the music is like Metal Gear. It looks like it could have a lot of potential, but it still seems like it needs a lot of polishing and refinement. That March release date needs to get pushed back

  32. Vagrant Sneaker

    Man. This looks very familiar but the combat animation looked terrible. Shit looks dated. Canceling my preorder. This is $20 game. Sorry square. This is not what I expected from you guys.

  33. BluMiu

    Front Mission from character perspective, and very much similar to Resident Evil/Metal Gear gameplay…but the gameplay and dialogue are bad lol! I can't take it seriously when characters look like that and speak in unrealistic, philosophical fashion constantly XD

  34. PatJuice

    those mechs reminds me of code geass and i love it

  35. henry tep

    Is this a new front mission with a different name?

  36. Good Game

    Лютый трейлер. Маст хэв.

  37. Tysan Realm

    Looks like Metal Gear? In the world of my beloved Front Mission series? I'm listening.

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