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LEFT ALIVE is Now Available on PS4 and Steam!
Buy Now: http://sqex.link/left-alive-99feb

In LEFT ALIVE, when you’re surrounded by deadly enemies, and giant Wanzers roam every corner… the only option is survival at all costs. Play as three different characters as their stories play out and intertwine in their journey towards salvation.

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  1. Dragonx

    Random ass sentences and scenes doesn't make a good trailer I think.

  2. jed-cel santos

    graphics look weird

  3. robertoci

    Front Mission died for this PepeHands

  4. Kasyan EightyFive

    This is game for Playstation 3?

  5. Lord Meatball

    It's really telling when much of MGSV was told with weird, janky and experimental camera animations and cinematography with refined animations with hardly any dialogue, and then this game comes about that does the exact opposite. They tried really hard to make this a spiritual successor to Metal Gear but ultimately failed. At least Shinkawa's Art on the cover was solid as usual.

  6. Chado

    Square Enix's Metal Gear Solid, but they also stole a scene from Aldnoah. Zero at 1:14

  7. Pedro Canas

    Dont know why gamers so surprised this game sucked, you can see from the trailers that no effort was put on this. Of course steam reviews are negative, even yakuza kiwaki looks better than this.

  8. askela superior

    sran ahah

  9. Glitched Gamer

    I don't know if sqaure reads these comments but if you do I have a great idea that could potentially save this game and get more people wanting it. Here's my little idea, make a game mode called survive which allows you to freeroam and stuff with little objectives or something. Please give this a thought cause I bought this game thinking it was open world survival with mechs

  10. Vexcarius

    PS3 game?

  11. kirtonos


  12. Txawjhlub Lao

    don't get it. the new team at square is horrible….bring back my boy sakaguchi

  13. Charles

    90 percent cut scenes, 2 percent interesting gameplay footage, 8 percent lame gameplay footage.

  14. Casey wasey

    Resident metal gear

  15. Mohamad Ikhsan

    i still waiting for FRONT MISSION 6 !

  16. Hit Marker

    I’m so sad that Square Enix, the creators of the awesome chaos JUST MOTHER FUCKING CAUSE and other awesome games I don’t play often, bought this shit

  17. Matheus Regis

    Sleeping dogs 2 PLEASE! square enix…

  18. Glitched Gamer

    Are you people seriously going to leave this game the way it is please update and add content so we can all get our 80 dollars worth

  19. Allexx G

    Please fix the good game. Add stealth kill, make headshots, Molotov, other grenade damage, fix enemy reaction

  20. Generson Bryantheart

    Please pretty please. you guys should remake Chrono Trigger instead !

  21. Dave

    What are Major Zero an Para-Medic doing here?

  22. Александр

    Guys, why not create parts Front Mission 4 & 5 in the section Ps2 classic for Ps4 ?

  23. come get

    Only option I had is not to buy this.

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