LEFT ALIVE – State of the World Trailer

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Discover the world situation and how humanity gave birth to Wanzers in its attempts to forge a better future in LEFT ALIVE™, coming to the PlayStation®4 and STEAM® on March 5th, 2019.

The MECH EDITION is available for pre-order exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store in very limited quantities. The DAY ONE EDITION is now also available for pre-purchase on PlayStation Store and STEAM.

Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) join forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.


  1. sleepyprinny

    …Wanzers, dystopian future, and economic blocs…

    So… a spiritual successor to the Front Mission series?

  2. Casshern Fate

    Why japanese devs even botter selling to western graphicbois peaseants?? they never like anyhting if it don't look like a copy-paste of real life with 7 millions FPS frames and all that bullshit not to mention the "easy-as-fuck" gameplay mechanics that they like so much. Pardon if my english is bad, i can't tell since among the 3 languajes i know english is the one that i use the less.

  3. Cristian Peralta

    I'm in

  4. Ragequit

    just make a fucking front mission game you stupid cunts

  5. Karl Josef

    people keep on insisting this looks like front mission when armored core is as fast as this game

  6. Miracle

    Slava Ukrayini!))))))

  7. candugiful

    Sorry square but I will get daemon x machina instead of left alive.

  8. Kevin Mcmahon

    This game will probably come incomplete with a season pass and if there’s any branching paths you know you’ll have to pay for it later if you wanna know what happens. You’re a shit company square you can’t hide behind the likes of nier,and dragon quest forever, I would say FinalFantasy but you let chabata bread finish directing the project and it was completely fucked upon release so good job have a nice day

  9. Alex V.

    Front Mission Evolved is one of my top 5 favorite video games of all time. I am definitely looking forward to Left Alive.

  10. Antonio Wright

    Wtf is a wanzer?

  11. Nextgengamer Jc

    So is this a rpg or survival game ?

  12. Kevin Costello

    … W… wanzer? But it'd be pronounced VAN-ZER. WTF.

  13. PorkPieDodger

    I'm surprised nobody told the VO guy that it's a German word pronounced Van-sers.

    And where's my goddamn proper Front Mission? Don't Square Enix remember how badly FM Evolved tanked?

  14. SuperBigDog2U

    Another custom edition only for consoles, not avail to pc….

  15. Luper ionic

    Hes free!

  16. reesesboot

    wait… wanzers? so its actually tied to Front Mission?? gimme some of that turn based strategy with armor/weapon upgrades

  17. Kid Mo

    Remember when Squaresoft made relevant games….. Pepperidge farms remembers.

  18. TheRealAlpha2

    Wait, this is a Front Mission game? Why didn't they say so? Now I kinda actually care.

  19. Retrx

    Square Enix: "If Konami won't make another Metal Gear, we will!"

  20. Johnny Smithy Gaming

    What even is this game?

  21. Gábor Nagy

    Oh man a classis Front Mission 4 And 5 cg moments bring back memories

  22. XOKNP

    Unless it returns to its roots in terms of gameplay I think I'll pass

  23. Happy YouTuber

    Wanna be Metal gear not only game but trailer also.

  24. this guy

    Big fan of the Front mission franchise, nice to finally see another one out even if its not tactics

  25. Kiritsugu Emiya

    Is a front mission game, but the soul of armored core is there, by the moment I already want the game.

  26. AuthorNoXII

    1:23 Ukraine and Right Sector flag! Square Enix shame on you.

  27. Rarely Comment . . .

    > Saw the thumbnail
    > Me: Welp, its looks like another Armore- [See Square Enix] Wait minute…
    > Watch Video and said "Wanzer"
    > Me: Wanzer… isn't that from Front Missio- [Squeak]

    Hope this is a worthy, especially what happen in Front Mission Evolved and also, I'm still salty because of the mission limit creation.
    Example like: Two legged Robot? Nope you need 4 Legged robot on this mission, but you choose hover robot then? still nope, 4 legged only on this part.

  28. F Off

    Cool maybe if it does well maybe fromsoft will get off their asses and make something that isn't dark souls again.
    Well it will be released in 2019 which is 9 years since the last game came out. While it's been awhile I guess the two front mission fans are happy about finally getting something.

    Man evolved was terrible

  29. William Bacon

    looks like a front mission spinoff

  30. dee dot

    yoji shinkawa and Takayuki Yanase. it's like dream come true ! i dont care the plot anymore !

  31. joseaca

    cant we just get a new front mission strategy game tho'

    i mean look how successful XCOM has become, its obvious there is a market for games like those

  32. Angel Fox

    …..Alright Square Enix, you have my attention.

  33. The Real Jim Jangle

    People dont realize this game is heavily inspired by the front mission manga , which is why theres alot more on the ground combat. If they nail 3rd person gameplay and wanzer gameplay balance it will be great

  34. JAG

    What's!!? They have a metal gear?? Here??

  35. Ry

    It's weird but I would want a Final Fantasy directed by Hideo Kojima and an art direction by Yuji.

  36. Jean-Simon Richer

    A weapon to surpass Metal Gear!…

  37. Ernie S

    You need to show actual gameplay versus a movie trailer. This does not make me want to buy your game at all unless I can see the actual gameplay

  38. Blue Wizard

    the W in Wanzer is spoken as if it were a V. Can they stop shitting all over Front Mission for once?

  39. Johnny5 Joseph

    That was such a lame and boring ass trailer lol

  40. rburn99

    a bunch of backstory and zero gameplay

  41. Equadratic

    This is like great value metal gear solid

  42. Ryan

    Horrible trailer! Showed you basically nothing!

  43. tycho042

    So it's Front Mission related? Between the art design and mecha action, I'm in!

  44. Dima L

    Republic of GURAMONIA
    Demn I hate this "Japanese Europe".

  45. John Amador

    It Reminds me of metal gear a little bit even the music sounds a little bitter like

  46. Bayu Sulistyo

    Bring back the turn-based gameplay!

  47. Aram K

    Damn the US went full Monroe Doctrine didn't it!

  48. Daeva23

    Funny how the map blurs out towards the Aral Sea. Some of us old timers who remember what it used to look like would be horrified if we saw it now.

  49. KING Dark

    i like the game so much but I can t believe it 2019 games still unrealistic why can't destruction of buildings ??

  50. Silverknight171

    With all due respect, what the fuck is going on here.

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