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LEFT ALIVE™ is a brand-new survival action shooter coming to the PlayStation®4 and STEAM® on March 5th, 2019.

The MECH EDITION is available for pre-order exclusively on the Square Enix Online Store in very limited quantities. The DAY ONE EDITION is now also available for pre-purchase on PlayStation Store and STEAM.

Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) join forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.


  1. Shinryu

    Front Mission ^____^x

  2. awesomejf03

    A new MGS Front Mission spin-off looks great

  3. Gachiest Muchi

    00:31 00:54 I'm buying it.

  4. Rakib Hossain

    So many talented people making this game. I hope that this is actually good. But you can tell the voice acting is bad, even in this trailer.

  5. VynxarTV

    Front Mission is back and it looks excellent! Hope they'll absorb all the DNA of FM3 and mix it well with Armored Core, even though i would have prefered tactical turn-based combat ;p

  6. オルソンフィリップ

    nice graphics is it for nintendo switch or wat

  7. Cameron Cruzen

    Those mechs look pretty similar to the ones from Code Geass, so that's cool.

  8. Big T Dog

    Ugh the English dub is killing me

  9. Brixzus Jaeger

    Awesome. DMCV, Sekiro, & left alive! March gonna be great

  10. Jolyne Kujo is allergic to fajitas

    This game looks like if Metal Gear and Front Mission had a baby, then both series died, and the baby was the only on Left Ali-… wait… WOAH..

  11. KyProRen

    Hmm… the graphics and gameplay look good… but that voice acting doesn't quite match.

  12. Joaquin Romero victorica

    Shinkawa vibes for sure and More cinematics than MGSV (worst Mgs ever made ) so take my money

  13. Patrick Recio

    Nier: Alive

  14. Hanzo Zer0

    Can we just get a new SRPG version of Front Mission…. Please???

  15. Mustafa

    Editing and story seem really poor. Like it's trying to copy Mgs, but with no Hideo Kojima it don't work.



  17. Hemang Chauhan

    Don't mess up the regional pricing on Steam!

    Your game are already more than DOUBLE the standard pricing!

  18. Владимир

    Лучше бы город назвали Новославск вместо "Новослава", логичней бы звучало

  19. Carlos Garcia

    I'm really glad Square is revisiting the Front Mission universe, but at the same time I'm disappointed that it's not an S-RPG. I'll keep my expectations tempered.

  20. Wallace Rigby

    Japanese Voices ON. Loved Front Mission & MGS & Armored Core so looks like a Win!

  21. Ocean

    a lot of ignorants comparing this with Metal Gear and NieR (yes, someone compared it with NieR, even if it is from Drag-On Dragoon universe).

  22. Dark Night

    Thank you ps4 for all these great exclusives

  23. Андрей Захаров

    If you use russian setting then where the hell is russian localisation? I despise you for this.

  24. SlyBeast

    This trailer tells me nothing about the gameplay…you know, what actually counts. Bad form.

  25. buravhik-games

    1:06 Auto VAZ "Niva" in 2127? Seriously?

  26. Dave Ramos

    Need to see a full gameplay video. This isn't enough to make me decide if I wanna buy this game.

  27. TheXIIIDemon

    Why do you release a PS2 game in 2019? R U MAD?

  28. Harold Barrios

    0:29 Prompto???

  29. Ivan Bobkov

    1:06 на дворе 2127 год, но Нива все так же прекрасна…

  30. Waifu Collector

    Hopefully there will be an option to use Japanese voices as some of the English characters sound fairly cringe inducing.

  31. Bob Peachey

    Glad to see the ps2 is getting some new games!

  32. TheBurkhardt

    Im pretty sure this game is using the fox engine. just the way the lighting interacts with the characters and the main character model looks like a create a character from mgsV

  33. Bre Fujimoto

    dude looks like jake mueller

  34. Роман Образцов

    Смахивает на типичное корейское говно.

  35. Calvin Lee

    Wish to see at least some Easter Eggs hinting Kojima as an inspiration of some sorts.
    #Respect #Kojima #A #Masterpiece

  36. Miguel Cunha

    Be Careful it's a Square Enix game, 10dollars for a save game, 5dollars to change the colour of you mech and guns etc… Shitt I'm giving them ideias!!!

  37. boing bryan

    I miss Front Mission so much….

  38. Revolt

    So another take on Front Mission.

  39. Jackalofdeath

    i might get this

  40. Sugewin


  41. Zeko

    Front mission evolved 2…meanwhile the real front mission is dead and pathetic knock offs like Into the Breach and BATTLETECH are hailed as great games while together they aren't nearly as good as old FM titles.

  42. Mr. Artacka

    Looks like someone really liked armored core

  43. Benjamin Vogt

    Snake, is that you?

  44. Luis Gustavo Kawahara

    Shinkawa Yoji é inconfundível!

  45. echorz

    Im not sure if its a final fantasy, a metal gear or a mecha game

  46. MA-121

    more trash

  47. Rory Schiffbauer

    God that voice acting is terrible.

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