LEFT ALIVE | Developer Diary featuring Toshifumi Nabeshima, Yoji Shinkawa, and Takayuki Yanase

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  • LEFT ALIVE | Developer Diary featuring Toshifumi Nabeshima, Yoji Shinkawa, and Takayuki Yanase

Listen to the developers of LEFT ALIVE, Toshifumi Nabeshima (Game Director), Yoji Shinkawa (Character Designer) from KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, and Takayuki Yanase (Mech Designer) as they discuss their experience collaborating on the game.

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  1. Steven Chou

    Konnichiwa! Please create free download android play store game of this, please!

  2. Remy Dolce

    square enix developers always look so bored and tired

  3. The Pupunator

    Im gonna buy this if Driscol or Lt. Strike has a cameo on this

  4. allthatishere

    I like that you guys are trying something new, but I'd still love to see a new mainline Front Mission game.

    What I find kinda amusing here is that the fans of Armored Core and Front Mission are both waiting for their 6th entry in the series.

  5. Hector Montes

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought this game was delayed or cancelled. It totally had FFXV DLC vibes, since they all looked depressed. I know it comes out next week but that thumbnail man.

  6. Vanitas VENTUS

    Can you guys polish it more? The looked like it's from 2010.

  7. Zane Oneiros

    Chrono Trigger or GTFO!!!!

  8. Kareem Harper

    Can't wait for this game – just a few more days.

  9. Maria Gonzalez

    I bought it, a little concerned as it looks rushed. But I'll give it a shot. Hopefully the animations aren't as clunky as they seem.

  10. Jeff t

    5/10 bad game-

  11. Al Liu

    to be honest the game still needs more work. it has potential to be a awesome game.

  12. timlOS

    Какие же вы странные. Вам было так трудно добавить Русский язык, в игру где фигурируют славянские персонажи? Вы бы хотя-бы по стыдились..
    Элементарно надписи на стенах исковеркать, что понятно только пару фраз. Что было такого, просто даже по интересоваться у людей. Некоторые даже за бесплатно бы совет дали. Пиздец какой-то, обидно даже как-то за такое отношение.

  13. NP

    $60 for this garbage? Are you guys fuckin serious. Square Enix – avoiding at all costs in the future, what a waste of money

  14. Charles

    These fools are loosing their mind, wtf is this garbage game, i literally threw it in the trash after i finished it.

  15. Tacoor gafruf

    Rushed out game, this will unfortunately put a bad mark on them and the company. This might even mean Toshifumi will not be trusted with directorship again. its a sad outcome 🙁

  16. Glitched Gamer

    Are you people seriously going to leave this game the way it is please update and add content so we can all get our 80 dollars worth

  17. GuyOnAChair ​​

    Shinkawa looks like he doesn't want to be there and didn't care about the game.

  18. Zerg Abstracto

    This game is the last nail in the coffin of one of the best turn based game series.

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