Left Alive – Announcement Teaser

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LEFT ALIVE™ is a brand-new survival action shooter coming to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM® in 2018.
Veteran developers, Toshifumi Nabeshima (director, Armored Core series), Yoji Shinkawa (character designer, METAL GEAR series), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Xenoblade Chronicles X) join forces to create LEFT ALIVE’s dark and gritty world.

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  1. Travis

    I really regret buying an Xbox

  2. Kenneth Lindsey

    I was pretty excited until it said PS4 and Steam. Square Enix why won't you release games on Xbox One? Heck this game isn't even going out on the Switch. Pretty disappointed…

  3. Cold Cafe

    also on pc

  4. G3rq

    I want to believe in Square, but you've hurt me too many times.

  5. Flubbbs

    You had me at Yoji Shinkawa

  6. AWACS

    Next on Gordon Ramsay's 'Hotel Hell'.

    "The doors are exploding, you fucking donkey!"

  7. Honey's Anime

    Looks pretty nice! This is definitely on our radar! Can't wait to experience it! ^_^

  8. Rama drama

    please god please let it not be a multiplayer focused game..please let it have a singleplayer storyline too…please

  9. ygalion

    Want to believe this could be awesome, no good mech game for looong time

  10. tincho solid

    Metal gear

  11. Joey Cruz


  12. PvtRyan96

    I came.

  13. ColonelEviscerator

    In-game footage or gtfo

  14. CharliePapaLima

    Front Mission:Left Alive

  15. kidrobot

    front mission reboot plz

  16. SoloWatcher86

    This is exhibit A of one of the reasons i love Nintendo. They rarely pull shit like this where you have a trailer that you're supposed to get excited about that literally shows you nothing.

  17. Nate Betts

    Funny story, I asked my friend to watch this trailer and give me his impressions before I could watch it myself. When I asked what the trailer actually was, I described it exactly as it is. Now that I've seen it, why couldn't they have tried something a little more…. unique?
    Still excited to try it though! LOVE ME SOME MECHA!

  18. RetroTube

    Armored Core + MGS + Gundam? 1 ticket to hype city please.

  19. Andrew Igumnov

    Developers, I just tell you something. If you make a gameplay like in Front Mission 3 I'll buy your game for any price! But if you make something like a shooter or like that I just drop that. And idk story from fm4 or fm5, so I'll be glad your game will has a story lines related with fm3.

  20. Lisz

    Раша стронг сука блят

  21. Bossikorn

    Cover art reminds me a lot of Kojima

  22. Julian Banda

    A ver que tal… Aunque se le ve un poco pobre de gráficos no? A ver que tal más adelante!! ?

  23. Chronic Procrastinator

    Yoji Shinkawa works in this. That's all I need to know.

  24. fred561g

    Yoji Shinkawa! hype!

    At this rate im gonna go completely broke in 2018…

  25. chartographer217

    Left Alive: A Toshiro Tsuchida's game.
    You better not screw this up, Square. We haven't seen Front Mission game in 12 years.

  26. eaco wind

    another example of sony throwing money around for exclusives

  27. caparzzo

    someone has competition, you know who.

  28. Lust for Awesomeness

    Shinkawa will not be participate in shitty projects

  29. ShakinJamacian

    Never thought I'd see a day where Metal Gear, Armored Core, Gundam, and Front Mission staff are all working on a game.

  30. Joaquin Romero victorica

    Yoji shinkawa and Pc master race !! how this world can be so beautiful 😀

  31. Movies I Grew Up Watching MIGUW

    I hope it's not like Zone of the Enders or Metal Gear Rising.

  32. Arena RPG

    and so?

  33. NoFace

    Hmm reusing/updating assets from Front Mission Evolved in order to make a new game I see… Let's just hope this won't be a bad game.

  34. randomv3iwer

    Kingdom Hearts Co-Creator
    Armored core producer
    And the Artist from Metal Gear
    in case you where wondering who those names are

  35. The LazyTurtle¹

    Didn't know that konami was gonna give the right to other publisher…

  36. Avatar94

    Avengers Projekt ? ?

  37. Fabian Mantilla

    Front Mission ?

  38. gongal

    Nice Eve Online font

  39. PS3GamerSyKe

    I'm really loving Square These days. All the games they wanna put out is incredible. This looks interesting.

  40. 2Lt El Autismo

    Ill take one Armored Core please (Just take my damn money already)

  41. Distory

    0:50 Moscow. 5 november 2017

  42. Games

    Это трейлер ремейка фильма Сияние (The Shining)?

  43. Spence Kidwell

    Revive Chromehounds!

  44. D D

    Where are my Wanzers?!

  45. Darvin Sabillon

    Death stranding, and left alive have a similar name vibe

  46. Sage967

    still waiting for the Armored core 5 (no not V… 5)

  47. El LITO85

    Left Alive – 2019

  48. Ricky Loves You

    Looks like it might try to fill the void left by Metal Gear.
    Hope this isnt another Evolved fiasco.

    But please SquareEnix remember your fanbase and give us all a true sequel in the Front Mission franchise on a home console.

    Why waste such an established and popular brand.

  49. River Of Blacklights

    Square Enix – PLEASE bring back the 'FRONT MISSION' series (especially back to it's SRPG roots). Better yet, please release a 'FRONT MISSION' box set with all 'FM' games, properly translated to English for us die-hard 'FRONT MISSION' fans who have never left the series.

    (P.S. Please re-title this game using the 'FRONT MISSION' name (i.e. 'Front Mission: Left Alive' ) so that the 'FM' series can get it's due credit properly…)


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