Kingdom Hearts Union Cross x Final Fantasy Record Keeper Collaboration

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KINGDOM HEARTS Sora, Riku, and Cloud join forces with Tyro and friends in this new FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper collaboration! Battle the Heartless with your favorite KINGDOM HEARTS heroes!

KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is available now for Android and iOS!


  1. Werehog20

    Wow! Could we get a Mobius FF crossover? Never thought I'd see KH cross over with a FF mobile app to begin with!

  2. Milher Méndez

    No StarWars lr Marvel?…
    Then this game is fantastic!

    (even being a cancerous App full of microtransactions, but No StarWars, so excellent)

  3. Evan Cheatham

    Now just do a Kingdom Hearts x Brave Exvius crossover and we will all be happy.

  4. NeoKoden

    Ugh. Riku's attacks never have consistent naming across games.

  5. GodBarrierDjinn

    KH2 Riku>KH3 Riku

  6. Ismael HDalyth

    Where is the Kingdom Hearts x Brave Exvius crossover? People want that since ever.

  7. Raito [ライトリボーン]


  8. TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

    shit hole

  9. Sombrero Inosuke

    Welp, gotta re-download this game

  10. PotatoMika


  11. Anthony Fry

    Fuck this, Kingdom Hearts is stupid

  12. 世界上最不安的人與淘汰的人性


  13. ItaChu 787

    We want the ffbe collab not this

  14. flameflash225

    Oh god yes soon everyone soon it will come to Brave Exvius!!!!!

  15. digidragon02

    Now what if you guy make something similar but with FFBE

  16. Traveller in the Dark

    Yay, how exciting to have a cool collab event like this in FFRK Global!

  17. Matt-in-the-Hat

    Now I can have Sora team up with Cloud, Noctis, Riku and Squall.

  18. Pretty R

    When is kh3 coming out….never?!

  19. Morrow l Terra’s Love

    Who is the 5th person at the bottom when gameplay shown

  20. zapptos 1


  21. Bank Alexander

    OMGGGGGG dope man. FeelsGoodMan.

  22. It’s your bitch Mason

    This music tho

  23. Fia Gracia

    AND I THOUGHT KH WOULD NEVER APPEAR IN FFRK!!! This is the best!!!!!

  24. Germino Gray

    How about Star Ocean collaboration?

  25. Luis Alfonso

    And when in Ffbe?

  26. Time's of the Azuressence

    Ok, shut up about the brave exvius crap, everybody wants it, we dont need to hear every single person under the sun say it

  27. FestivalRift

    Yay Record Keeper is the best app!!

  28. overanimated

    I am insulted the trio they are explicitly advertising is Sora, Riku, and Cloud.

    W H A T .

  29. Jota Random

    Next event Kairi for healer and we are set

  30. Eric Stacy

    Can you unlock Sora and Riku in FFRK

  31. RP S

    Nice! Haha, UOSB debut in GL is from KH!

  32. simon caceres

    Récord keeper for the win

  33. King Gaydorah

    Okay but how do I get them

  34. Kroatoan

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia crossover? maybe? O.o

  35. CRASHjester

    Let's see… Cloud gets a Kingdom Hearts Soul Break(Ragnarok KH), Sora has Ragnarok, and Riku gets Aura of Darkness? OK then.

  36. Walplz_xD

    Sora on dissidia pls xD

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