KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] – PVP Trailer

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KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] is available now!

Experience the thrill of Player Vs. Player combat in the latest addition to KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]! Battle against your fellow Keyblade Wielders and reap powerful rewards!
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  1. GPJ Great Producer Jaylen

    Looking forward to it!

  2. 707. Sora AMV

    THIS CHALLENGE MAKES ME HATE KHUX and i hate saying that because i love khux …

  3. Tsakane Maluleke

    PvP is garbage and locks more than half the players out of high tier 7 star medals. Great job Square!

  4. Michael M.

    Still not KH3 or FF7 remake

  5. Sakuri North

    Square don't get me wrong I fucking love you, and I love kingdom hearts too, but this ticket mechanic where you have to be at a certain rank to receive a gold or silver tickets (which you need to make 7 and 8 tier medals 7 star medals by the way.) Fucking sucks. I'm all for this PvP mode and reaping rewards in PvP mode and hell I like how the PvP mode works, but I hate how you don't get to fight with your friends (because lets be honest a lot of us have friends and siblings who have asses we would like to kick.) And I especially hate how ranking high enough is the only way to ensure you can get a gold ticket. At least make it so we can buy gold tickets with jewel, Hell id be fine paying 3000 jewel for 1 gold ticket.

    I use to have fun and be HAPPY while playing khux but now I'm just ANGRY and PISSED whenever I play khux. I even lose motivation to play.
    So square please at least make this right by offering different ways of earning gold tickets that don't involve placing in the top x players in pvp.

  6. Teshigi Smith

    This game's art style always puts me off from playing it. Wish something would happen to it like what happened to the show Chaotic. As soon as that show got a new art style I instantly started watching it.

  7. Cri4Key

    "Battle against your friends"

    – Can't challange even your party

  8. NarakunoHana100

    Alright, JP and NA players, let's talk about this. After playing this new mode, what are your thoughts? Personally, I don't like it. I play it only because they made it necessary for daily missions to earn jewels.

  9. Katarinablades


  10. Cheapskate

    When you walk away

  11. Alex Norris

    The PVP sucks. Game was ok before but now I will only play any new story missions till KH3.

  12. Sombrero Inosuke


  13. Milher Méndez

    Hey SquareEnix!
    Release this "game" on PS Vita (and/or PS3) and I will play it EVERY SINGLE DAY!…

    ( Or at least release it officially in Venezuela, #FuckingRegionLock )

  14. ItaChu 787

    No thanks stopped playing this a long time ago lol

  15. DayoMayo

    That dank 1 damage tho

  16. PlanetSenzu

    lol.. I think im just getting too old for shit now haha

  17. Mr.Panda663


  18. Joey Cruz

    It tok them two weeks to make this announcement when it's already in the game? People on the pvp destroy me me, so far only won twice

  19. SlashingShadow

    Take note, this is a real trailer. No misrepresentation! You end up doing less than 10dmg and they win!!!

  20. WhiplashSL

    So this is why Kingdom Hearts 3 has taken so long…

  21. SoraSimpleAndClean

    You'll never beat a whale

  22. avocadobaby

    As someone who plays khux every day and enjoys it still, PvP is a total drag and they need to rethink the entire system.

  23. Keith

    What do you guys think should improve in PvP??

  24. Khux Nation

    It's false Advertising to say "Battle against your friends" when you really can't. You battle against random people, with no way to actually play against people you actually care about.

    I had high hopes for PvP to introduce a multiplayer aspect people expect from a Kingdom Hearts game, something which the Union Cross mode failed to do, but once again I was let down. This game EASILY has so much potential to be fun and exciting, and draw in (and maintain) so many more people to play the game, but the disconnect between what the players want/expect and what the company wants/does seems to grow ever larger.

    I'm desperately begging you – please just add a way to directly play with specific, individual people (both for Union Cross and PvP). They can be excluded from Rankings and that would be fine, just add in a feature to do so please.

  25. TallulahSoie

    Yeah, if you could start making original IPs instead of abusing established franchises that'd be grest

  26. soul skun


  27. bob the long haired boi

    Love the attack test two and the 300% guilted cloud ex

  28. GodBarrierDjinn

    Hoping FFVII Remake gets PvP 1v1 mode and Angeal Hewley is a playable character. Also want mod support

  29. ToObserve923

    Defense Boost III Max tournament, battle against strangers too see who has the best Defense Boost III Max…

  30. Anonymous

    pvp ranking system is flawed as fk

  31. Katarinablades

    Anyone notice that double hits Pete???

  32. 200odd300


  33. Press Start

    Here is the link for Square Enix E3 2018 Showcase!
    Created for you, Square Enix!

  34. martin macflay

    The game Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Remake ?????????????

  35. jupiter

    I only do PvP for daily jewels tbh. Can't win unless you have the best medals, or if you manage to get matched with a newer player. Not a fan, to be honest.

  36. martin macflay

    the game Soul Reaver Remake ?

  37. martin macflay

    Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver Remake ?

  38. Gracekim1

    Finally! Multiplayer ?

  39. TacoRemixX

    Battle of the wallets AMIRITE!?!

  40. Ray

    Of the many problems with PVP which was a mode I really wanted to enjoy but was severely let down on is that if you are a P2W player this mode is basically easy mode, if your F2P well your shit out of luck because of the skills, I don’t believe skills should be active for this mode, mainly it leads to stupid bullshit like one person only gets a score of 1.5 mil whilst the other who has DB3 max can get much higher if that person doesn’t have a DB3 max or even a DB2 max, and with this game mode currently being the only way to access 7 stars which makes the end game much more manageable essentially locked out EXCEPT for pulls, THIS is not good game design, PVP mode in a whole should be optional and not restrict players of content that in the future may become necessary to even participate in future content, SENA please make this game mode more accessible for everybody and not cater towards P2W, I believe simply disabling skills in this mode will lead to a better balance and would require everyone to think more about their builds and actually build setups that can get the damage necessary out to win

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