KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Mark of Mastery Edition Unboxing

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We unmask the Mark of Mastery Edition in our official unboxing of the entire package including the core game. In thorough fashion we reveal the contents, details and insights into the first Collector’s Edition for the KINGDOM HEARTS series in North America.

For more information on KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] please visit: Official KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Site Square Enix Members

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  1. Tundra Tress

    I woulda rather had a stylus.. I have the zelda 3ds lol

  2. Tundra Tress

    Yay, i don't feel jipped.. I got the 3 cards from pre-order

  3. TDLM

    no prob. 😀

  4. GamesTonyy

    can this only be played on th e3ds? or on the older ds too ?

  5. Tulio 517

    Only on the 3DS.

  6. John Ernest Tobias

    Gonna buy 1 for this GAME!!

  7. Ivan. D

    are you seriose only in the 3ds cause the 3ds is 6x stronger than the ds the ds couldnt even handle the games good graphics

  8. Fly WiFi Guy

    The game with one of the BEST story lines I've ever witnessed!

  9. Neptune1009

    Loved this, except how HUGE of a tease those art cards are, a constant reminder that we never got to play the games how there were meant to be played.

    Hopefully Kh1.5HD reMIX comes out here with KH1FM so we can finally have the series in perfection.

  10. Tavis Jackson

    Wow thx for explaining tht!

  11. DandDphan

    Did he say it was the first collectors edition for a kingdom hearts game? Because its not.

  12. moto815

    i just want the game not the big box & cheap case lol..

  13. KeybladeMasterAndy

    Moto, this case is not cheap. Believe me when I say that. Damn app for not allowing direct replies

  14. KeybladeMasterAndy

    I actually put the case on my black 3ds and the pattern still shows up for the most part. The color makes it harder to see, but it's still quite visible.

  15. Hprulez19

    I have the Meow Wow plush! It's worth it! And it's very cute!

  16. likeapanda

    where can I find it?

  17. NinjaPiece

    it's obviously too small for the XL.

  18. ThePreciseClimber

    He's so white!

  19. Totoro Means King

    where was re: chain of memories?

  20. Julian Catala

    I cant what until I get the mark of mastery ediont so im getting it on black friday with my 3ds im soooooooooooooooo exided

  21. X

    Does anyone happen to know how much this costs?

  22. Frozen Ice Queen Elsa

    seen it on ebay for like £150 im gonna save for it

  23. Frozen Ice Queen Elsa

    ooooh i wants i have the normal DDD game but want that also have a DDD Riku plushie i made myself and he sleeps with me lol

  24. Frozen Ice Queen Elsa

    i am so gonna save up and buy that its high on my wish list

  25. Alicia Saldivar

    is there going to be a kingdom hearts 3 for the ps4

  26. TheMinebomber

    you dont say

  27. speedycerv

    Slowest loading video on youtube

  28. Kareem Soussan


  29. Kareem Soussan

    It a fallow-up to recoded not 2

  30. ogden sanchez

    i want this game for me

  31. ogden sanchez

    i'm going to get this game today.

  32. Trunks

    is there anyway to buy this? /:

  33. enrique alvarez

    Can anyone imagine catbug as a dreameater cause I can.

  34. Luxiless

    Can we get a New 3ds XL cover?

  35. FantasyNero

    @SquareEnix @KINGDOMHEARTS Please make Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5, 2.8 & KH3 for PC @steam_games Please Higher than 8K 60fps+, Please Like it people let SquareEnix See it and confirmed

  36. Hiro Mamoru

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance unboxing video, sigh it makes me wish I had this game back in 2012 instead of just being able to watch the game's cutscenes

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