KHUX trailer August Update 2

In KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross], players, armed with their trusty Keyblades, traverse iconic Disney worlds to battle armies of Heartless. Along the way, players can collect, fuse and evolve hundreds of medals that contain the power of Disney heroes and villains to customize the attack style of their Keyblades, partner with other players in guilds to take down Heartless bosses and much more.

This title is available now as a free-to-play app (with in-app purchases) through the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play for Android devices.


  1. Mark MooMoo

    da fuq?

  2. Kasaix

    No one's getting medals like that without several blessings from RNGesus.

  3. MoldofDeath

    The absolute best app I've ever played and it's cannon to Kingdom Hearts story

  4. Shadepie UwU

    All this shit has BEEN out, tf is this video for?

  5. Alien Exist

    Lances el juego en América Latina y Sur! :@

  6. Teechaotic

    wtf is this? don't fall for the hype sena treats it's global players like trash, simply because the law allows it

  7. DiogoHolySpirit

    Still awaiting the release for Brazilian market… =[

  8. ema kawai

    ??????? yeiiiii

  9. Léo Sora

    Look at all thoses fantastic medals you will never have because you're not fucking lucky.

  10. Kamron Thurmond

    They should stop wasting their time and work on Kingdom Hearts 3

  11. lucariomew358/2

    Yeah it's September now…

  12. suco Carozac



    Liberen el juego para América latina. Yo sí daría mi dinero por esas Key arts

  14. cypheraine17

    Cheap ass mobile game.

  15. lucariomew358/2

    I guess SENA doesn't want to bring up Sephiroth [EX]. All those videos with people doing 50-100+ pulls with no luck are really saying something. Also, to everyone who got him within the first couple of tries….I envy you?

  16. SoraSimpleAndClean

    Fuck your pay to win bullshit!

  17. Joey Cruz

    I wish getting medals wasn't so random. why can't we just use jewels to get individual medals that we actually want. instead of hoping that randomness will let us get them?

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