Just Cause 4 – Eye of the Storm Trailer

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Just Cause 4 introduces a new adrenaline-fuelled chapter for rogue agent Rico Rodriguez. After Rico lands in Solís to uncover the truth behind his father’s death, he will be fighting the ruthless Black Hand militia in extreme conditions; led by the ruthless Gabriela, this is Rico’s ultimate challenge. A storm is approaching — Are you ready to bring the thunder? #JustCause #BringTheThunder

Just Cause 4 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and Steam PC on December 4, 2018.

Pre-order Now: https://justcause.square-enix-games.com/en-us/buy-now

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  1. Mr. Veles


  2. Mr. Veles


  3. Jobenblue

    No, we still want a VII trailer

  4. Not My Fkn Job

    So how’s the Final Fantasy 7 remake going Square?

  5. LeVi

    Иди нахуй братишкин, я сам посмотрю! (p.s олды тут)

  6. Mumia Gamer

    Mano que Jogo Lindo?

  7. Kea Cluster

    That guy has more suicidal tendencies than Tom Cruise

  8. Joe DeLong

    Fuck every single person behind the cancellation of DLC for FFXV. The least you could have put out is episode Noctis and Ardyn.

  9. real morphious

    Oh a campaign to this game were the fuck was the campaign in the last game

  10. c. Victor

    Where's FF 7??????

  11. The Demon Mercenary 03

    This game will be edgy

  12. Revolt

    Not enough BOOM! We need more, more Avalanche more!

  13. Mason Vannice

    This game is going to be awesome!

  14. Leonise

    Nice… but no gameplay so not nice…

  15. Jin Wildmist

    I need this song for scientific purposes…

  16. VGM Pro

    Trailer just wow.. But the real game graphics just like Boo…. Broken … Every continuing Gaming series should be epic like uncharted 4 make a wonderful graphics in 2016…but it's 2018 Just cause 4 ?? disappointed..

  17. Shaheer Khan

    0:40 I love the song what is it?

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