Just Cause 4 – E3 Announcement Trailer

Available December 4, 2018 for XBOX One, PS4 and Steam.

Pre-Order Now: https://sqex.link/jc4yt

Just Cause 4 sees the return of rogue agent Rico Rodriguez as he journeys to Solis, a huge South American world home of conflict, oppression and extreme weather conditions. Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to Bring The Thunder!

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  1. Alejandro Marquez


  2. don Juan

    Gold edition preordered xbox one

  3. Max Berndt

    1:00 That music/video coordination was satisfying

  4. Daiyan Husnan

    sam fisher ?

  5. Rem

    Hopefully this is less boring and repetitive than Just Cause 3. That game was fun for a little but quickly got stale and made me not even want to finish it.

  6. Gamer Anas

    We are waiting for a new jc

  7. Pryonto Sarker

    I need it for pc

  8. Gabriel Gamer

    kingdom hearts with portuguese subtitles brazil

  9. Amazing

    No Multiplayer = No Purchase

  10. TheRebelLion96

    I hope that there is a sprint button for this game

  11. Inter TK

    I need the name of the song? Pls someone ?

  12. brandon hutchinson

    I have nothing to say except this game will be good.

  13. b o g g e d

    Ah yes the U41 Ptakojester is coming back!


    square enix HYPEE!!!!

  15. Кусок Воды

    like a fast and the furious)

  16. Joshua May

    Is this one going to be a crazy lag fest similar to what Just Cause 3 became? If it's smooth, I'll buy it!

  17. Kate & mim-mim FTW Tesla,Kirby and Super Mario FTL

    After the Release of Super Bomberman R.

    Just Cause 4, Lightning Bolts, Tornadoes, What Will Happen?
    10/10 – UDotF. 9/10 – Shub Terra-Wrath. 10/10 – Crownthulhu

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