Just Cause 4 – Action Movie Trailer Remix – 2000s

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Just Cause 4 combines everything we love about legendary action movies: Extreme stunts, over-the-top action, and all presented with larger-than-life style & attitude in the form of Rico Rodriguez. As an homage to action films and heroes of decades past, we’ve created a collection of stylized movie-trailer videos and posters, inspired by classic films by era. Can you spot the movie references?

Just Cause 4 is available December 4th, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC Steam. #JustCause4 #BringTheThunder


  1. Mizra1898

    Needs more Inception Style Foghorn :v

  2. KrazIIvan

    Haha, the music. I thought it would be more Nickleback.

  3. Alviscerator The Ultimate

    A true Epic Masterpiece indeed.

  4. Joseph Ocasio

    Whoever came up with the idea of making these trailer remixes deserves a raise.

  5. Frank Richard

    Holy heck what greatness# 5th comment

  6. ZombiePotatoSalad

    Not enough lens flare

  7. Orrion Odyssey

    Needs more foghorn, lens flares and fade to black transitions

  8. TheNetherWay

    sexy af

  9. Phung Xuan Tu

    Totally nailed the look

  10. Michal Dziewiatkowski

    Does this mean we'll have our own theatre mode to make movies??? 😀

  11. metea

    More Inception horns please

  12. unknow00ac

    "Directed by Michael bay"

  13. Olivier.wmv

    Needs more foghorn

  14. kinoko

    Haha that little BWAAAAAA at the end

  15. يحيى الخقه

    حمممممممممممممممممممممماااااااااااس ١٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠???????????متحمس للعبة جدا جدا

  16. Kate & mim-mim FTW Tesla,Kirby and Super Mario FTL

    Thursday December 4 2008
    Tuesday December 4 2018


  17. Some scorchy boie



    square enix should make there tethers indestuctable, help me make this hapen!!!!!! atleast a dlc for it

  19. Polska Kulka



    How to download square enix game xbox one

  21. to inifinity and beyond

    Game is trash!!!

  22. آنوسس الغآمدي .

    Why this game doesn’t has online until yet ?

  23. Mondo69

    Just case? No. stars wars?? ?? No….. Ah! Yes, Iron man ??.

  24. Tejoun Gentry Johnson

    They should put zombies in this game

  25. Aligator Aligator

    Can I Run It On My computer NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 8GB RAM Intel procesor 8th gen full HD display

  26. Binozia - Tech


  27. TheroxStudios

    Check out mine https://youtu.be/2ReHZObizJQ

  28. Superdameonglitchy4 Denovchek

    10/10 fun

  29. Landon Ricketts

    Please create a trailer for the other just cause games too plz ?

  30. Евгений Сечко

    What the music in trailer???

  31. iitryhard2k

    Pause at 0:30 Look at water detail.-_-

    EDIT: Looks like gta v on PS3/XBOX360

    Still like the game tho playin around daredevils and Demon. it's still great sandbox.

  32. MagicCookie2747

    I just watched a skeppy vid before this and I heard the duuuuuun and thought the skeppy thing was still going lol

  33. Justonkeep

    Just one mistake(Where is the police)

  34. Maz Vlogs

    Bad song choice but nice vid

  35. Wow Zerz

    This is a epic game trailer, it’s almost as epic as the game itself, I wish that the music was more intense though

  36. Wow Zerz

    Btw what is that music playing during all the action?

  37. Technique AV


  38. shadow18469

    I got the game and it is amazing ???

  39. David Mcclure

    Add mods for console players

  40. Gamer Gabe

    Can we get more inception thud effects?

  41. Peter The Pickle Manufacturing Co. Inc.

    I dont like this game because there is no multuplayer

  42. Herman Microwave Brown

    I want to see a jc4 montage with blood//water playing, now that's badadd

  43. CriticalGhostZ

    I would love if you can fix the weird ragdoll

  44. Usetheforce Oryourbrain

    What a glitched out game so disappointed

  45. Usetheforce Oryourbrain

    Stand in one little area with no cover with enemies all around ya real fun the 3rd was better

  46. mon balawi


  47. John Herbert

    Eu tenho é época jogo que eu mais gosto savei o 3 é agora tô jogando o 4 muito bom

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