Just Cause 4 – Action Movie Trailer Remix – 1990s

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Just Cause 4 combines everything we love about legendary action movies: Extreme stunts, over-the-top action, and all presented with larger-than-life style & attitude in the form of Rico Rodriguez. As an homage to action films and heroes of decades past, we’ve created a collection of stylized movie-trailer videos and posters, inspired by classic films by era. Can you spot the movie references?

Just Cause 4 is available December 4th, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC Steam. #JustCause4 #BringTheThunder


  1. Semen Expert

    From the insane director grindhouse & visuals from Michael Bay comes a action thriller blockbuster staring machete as Rico Rodriguez & Jessica Alba as the leader of the black hand.
    Person: why aren’t you driving on the road?!

    Rico:Just…… CAUSE!

    Machete in JUST CAUSE 4!

  2. NoFaceCH


  3. Shadi Alahmadi

    Nintendo switch port by Panic Button or NO buy

  4. Ryder Draconis


  5. lumpyspacecadet

    Best one!

  6. Phung Xuan Tu

    Now I learn something new about trailers through the years. Didn't expect that

  7. unknow00ac

    "Directed by Tony Scott"

  8. GORE

    omg this is the best one

  9. Kate & mim-mim FTW Tesla,Kirby and Super Mario FTL

    Even Though, I was Born In the Late 90's


    PUT AN EDITOR MODE IN JC4 LIKE GTA V ONLY BETTER CAMERA OPTIONS (able to film cars and plane instead of motorcycle wheels). ITS THE ONLY THING MISSING!

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