Just Cause 4 – Action Movie Trailer Remix – 1980s

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Just Cause 4 combines everything we love about legendary action movies: Extreme stunts, over-the-top action, and all presented with larger-than-life style & attitude in the form of Rico Rodriguez. As an homage to action films and heroes of decades past, we’ve created a collection of stylized movie-trailer videos and posters, inspired by classic films by era. Can you spot the movie references?

Just Cause 4 is available December 4th, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC Steam. #JustCause4 #BringTheThunder


  1. The Demon Mercenary 03


  2. Shadi Alahmadi

    Nintendo switch port by Panic Button or NO buy

  3. desric macfoy

    Coming soon to consoles and pc soon (not available on switch/tablets and phones )

  4. Gamzat Abakarov

    Just Cause: Fourth Blood.

  5. Rudiger Schneider

    Just cause 4 dlc idea
    Rico Vs Predator

  6. Alle Jo

    The voice of cinema's trailer in 80s was Don LaFontaine. RIP

  7. Phung Xuan Tu

    This is so good

  8. Iago Silva

    THIS should be Rambo: The Game

  9. Chuck Nourrizzz

    This trailer has "GET TO THE CHOPPAH !!" feeling

  10. unknow00ac

    "Directed by Ted Kotcheff"

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