Just Cause 4 – Action Movie Trailer Remix – 1960s

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Just Cause 4 combines everything we love about legendary action movies: Extreme stunts, over-the-top action, and all presented with larger-than-life style & attitude in the form of Rico Rodriguez. As an homage to action films and heroes of decades past, we’ve created a collection of stylized movie-trailer videos and posters, inspired by classic films by era. Can you spot the movie references?

Just Cause 4 is available December 4th, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC Steam. #JustCause4 #BringTheThunder


  1. Mizra1898

    First from Mexico, awesome trailer

  2. Trainer Amethyst


  3. KrazIIvan

    Now I want some No One Lives Forever.

  4. Phung Xuan Tu

    This is brilliant

  5. Alviscerator The Ultimate

    Bring The Thunder December 4th. We're almost there.

  6. Hanaihau Hargous

    Bring Forth the Pressure.

  7. wahyu lab

    Please remake ff type 0 on switch and before you rilis ff 7 remake ff7crisis core for switch read

  8. The MetaGamer


  9. Memist Central

    Please add firestarter to DLCs of this

  10. jubeer bin alqasim

    Parasite eve 2 remake Parasite eve 2 remake Parasite eve 2 remake Parasite eve 2 remake Parasite eve 2 remake Parasite eve 2 remake

  11. Freezay

    When avalanche discovered filters in Adobe premiere

  12. goopy ogre

    Please add volcanoes tsunamis

  13. DaftPunkfan

    Are pistols coming to Just Cause 4?

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