Inside THE LAST REMNANT Remastered (Closed Captions)

Watch an exclusive and in-depth look at THE LAST REMNANT Remastered

Inside THE LAST REMNANT Remastered takes a look at some of the secrets and anecdotes from the development of the game, featuring interviews with Akitoshi Kawazu (Executive Producer/Writer), Yusuke Naora (Art Director) and Hiroshi Takai (Director)

THE LAST REMNANT Remastered is available now on the Nintendo Switch™ system and Playstation®4 computer entertainment system.

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  1. Jhonny Egusquiza

    Beautiful… Waiting for the Steam Edition ?

  2. Pat Player

    Captions dont work

  3. StrikerJaken

    Ah.. ja… Total FFX und nicht The Last Remnant, ne 😉

  4. Darryl Vaughn

    I wanted this, but was sad to learn it was a digital only release. I know it’s only $20 USD, but I would have paid a bit more for even a limited physical copy.

  5. Paulo Freire

    Please, remaster for xbox one.

  6. Slemo

    Ue uagliò, bello sto final fantasy

  7. M Bomb

    Closed Captions don‘t work and wrong title…


    Tidus's looking neat

  9. Revanth

    And then he said:omaiwa mo shindeiru

  10. Its King

    This is nice but since the news of ff8 remastered has come,gonna wait on the last remnant and save all my backed up frustrations of not having any good old school turn based rpg style games 2 play and gonna unleash 80+ hrs on ff8.. cant wait 4 the feels and soundtrack??


    You can make this physically cmon!

  12. akualung

    6:27 "ahora esperás un hijo mío…"

  13. chris kramer

    Lemastel palasite eve polfavol

  14. SCI FU7E

    Thank you Square Enix for the "Collection Of Mana (and all like "Trials Of Mana" has german translation).
    And congratulation that you make FF8 as a remaster Version, because you (must) make it from scratch…
    I hope all Version of FF8 have the chocobo game, where you can power up your chocobo and find items.
    Look what you can make better or add (weather system, locations are more different in the fight, new items, new Missions…).

    You make a lot of cool stuff and your Animes are cool too.

    I really hope for a "Legend Of Mana" release with german translation and a new HD look like "Odins Sphere" so the magic don't get lost (polygon looks and would makes a hopeless feeling).
    And i think "Legend Of Mana" is perfect for the Nintendo Switch players, but new missions, weapons and other stuff would make it a more must have game.
    "Parasite Eve 1+2" are even so good for a remake, but there you must all locations better like your coming "Final Fantasy 7 remake" (or from other developers like "Resident Evil 2).
    Maybe you can make new games with better graphic effects, that goes in the way like your old "Chrono Trigger", "Secret Of Evermore", "Terranigma" gameplay from the look…
    Good luck for all Square and thanks what you make and even so the work with other developers like "DONTNOD" ♡ 😉


    hello se, please release a physical copy of ff8 remasterd ps4


    Kon'nichiwa, ff 8 no rimasutaringu sa reta ps 4 no butsuri kopī o rirīsu shite kudasai.

  16. MrKingx11

    i hope the music creator is interviewed jere , i know he left SE right after this game

  17. zerocool

    Sorry Square Enix, I don't buy digital games. Put the game on a disc and in a box and I'll pay more.

  18. Rose

    Love this game

  19. Daphinence

    sadly i don't buy digital copies for consoles

  20. 치맥콤보

    한글화도 해줘요~~

  21. Always_Serpico

    Videos like this always make me more interested in playing a game. I own the 360 version, but never got around to even opening it. I purchased the remaster on the Switch, so it’ll give me a chance to play it anywhere and anytime I have a free moment.

  22. naja haha

    we need the last remnant 2 pls

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