I AM SETSUNA Teaser Trailer


Experience the beautiful art and music of I AM SETSUNA in this nostalgic teaser trailer.

Available July 19th, 2016 on PS®4 and Steam
More info to follow soon


  1. Ida Bagus Alit

    suikoden please !!!

  2. james brentwood

    Help bring I am setsuna to the ps vita in the west http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/938/961/477/localize-i-am-setsuna/

  3. Marc Macridis

    The music in this trailer reminds me of something. I can't put my finger on it though.

  4. Doriphor

    Japanese voices please!

  5. Sena Bryer

    I am set-sooooona

  6. OneOneTimeOne

    What is this music name??!!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. Strychnine Animasola

    Any pre-order ultimate collection? ill spend another 300 bucks.

  8. Rio Kasha

    a game talking about games?! o_o
    this is legendary

  9. Wenceslao Futanki

    real game doesnt look at all like this trailer, fuck it..

  10. yingyistrife

    definitely buying this

  11. bardhi09

    No gameplay footage because the game looks like mobile trash

  12. bardhi09

    No gameplay footage because the game looks like mobile trash

  13. Akanu Wolf

    lol. "Lets relive the glory (and the whole monoluge)", makes it sound like JRPGs are dead. As if we didn't have 5000 of them this and last year. Aka Bravely Default, Persona, Final Fantasy. Looks like an interesting game… But could have done without the cheesy ass speech about past JRPGs and what would have been nice instead was if they showed what makes this one stand out.

  14. TallulahSoie

    This is already better than FFXV.

  15. Jio Wavewind

    My most anticipated current jrpg along with Person 5, FF XV can take a hike.

  16. schaefer marty

    I am sooo excited for this.

  17. Berthier

    cant wait jrpgs we need more

  18. Nas Kas

    what is the name of the bgm in the trailer

  19. MA-121

    very much looking forward to this game. thank you Tokyo RPG Factory !! much love and thank you for making this great JRPG. the thing i like the most about this game is the battle system , which uses the ATB combat system. always use Turn-Base battle system and keep Japanese dub with English Sub title voice acting , voice- overs. in all RPGs!!! ^ . ^

  20. Spade&sword


  21. ZBR


  22. No

    Please bring the NA version to the Vita!

    The game looks amazing

  23. Lê Anh Trần

    Take my money!

  24. Rias Gremory

    Wow this is going to be a great game
    i'm going to play it

  25. Mardoqueu LS


  26. Twon Jonson

    Why are these indie promos crappy?  "Let's celebrate what makes these RPGs great?"  Man way to break the 4th wall.  This promo isn't as horrible as Mighty #9 though.

  27. Adam Clark

    This game looks interesting…

  28. 079 Sovereign

    I am Setsuna . . .
    Nice title
    and Excellent Sound

  29. Guess@Who

    what about Chrono cross !!

  30. [ Setsuna ]

    well this is awkward

  31. Chaloner

    Will there be an option for original Japanese character voices?

  32. Hugh Janus

    you cant even get the audio mixing right on your trailer, why would anyone trust your 2016, greedy competence?

  33. VO LINK

    the ending will make your heart break to pieces…

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