I Am Setsuna – Something Old, Something New Trailer

I Am Setsuna is not only critically acclaimed but also a great homage to JRPGs of yesteryear.

Check out the new accolades trailer and see why the Chrono Trigger inspired JRPG has become a favorite among both fans and critics. Follow Setsuna on her epic journey of sacrifice, sorrow and inner-strength as she prepares to save the people of her land.

Available now on Playstation 4 and Steam, and coming March 3rd, 2017 to Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Nostalgia Verse

    Bring Final Fantasy VII Remake to the Nintendo Switch please for the love of the Almighty.

  2. Giga Force

    Was hoping this was a physical release announcement 🙁

  3. Leandro Proença

    This game is very cool and sad.

  4. Nickolas Hylton

    Still didn't beat this game welp

  5. Ashflow Ramza

    Please Just Give Me a "Physical Disc" Copy Square Enix I really really like this in my collection i dont like a digital copy specially when i really like the game pls PS4/Vita or Switch/3DS pls pls pls PHYSICAL COPY PLS SQUAREENIX

  6. SpaceNinja2000

    if only the was good.

    if only….. sigh.

  7. jbonett

    Cant wait! I hope that have portuguese/br too ^^

  8. Yeiger

    bruuuuuh i thought this was the school girl from the old psx game Evil Zone.


    this looks cool to i guess…

  9. Rafii Hamdan Ramlan

    english ver on psvita pleaseeeeeee

  10. The Treachery

    physical release or at least a limited edition

  11. 13Kr4zYAzN13

    I can't be the only one who wants a Final Fantasy VI remake, right?

  12. Saeed Daakeek

    Lovely game. Good throw back down memory line

  13. Cyril Murasaki

    Wow, still no Vita announcement??

  14. virgen virgen

    Bring it to mobiles!!!!

  15. SaiyanFantasyX

    Would have given a try… On the Vita, that I would. :/

  16. Jay C.

    The soundtrack sounds nice I'd buy the game just for that


    Make a physical release!

  18. Revolt

    Vita, what?

  19. James Stine

    …Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

  20. Emil Dragneel

    we want a physical release

  21. NerdyShawn

    I can't wait to get a physical copy of this for my Switch! 😐 …. :'(

  22. Brainslug

    Great to read that so many people want a physical version too 😀

    Does anyone know if the Japanese physical version for switch have a englisch translation on the cartridge?

  23. PsyGnosiS

    only xboner is missing lol, also sony pissing of vita fans with no support

  24. Leirson Santos

    still wainting for the Vita versions in english

  25. Cristina Antunes

    Beautiful game!
    I need a physical copy of this <3
    huhhh not the japanese one haha

  26. Wanto

    Wow guys. I am big fan of ff series you know oldschool one too. Like V, VI and older. This game is new for me it looks so clean. So is available on ps4? Can someone tell me if its good to buy? I like this soundtrack very much but i hate to not have game on physical copy. Still very interest to this game.

  27. saute into the future

    you guys make awesome games for sure. buuuuttt i was wondering if there is gonna be like a life is strange 2?????? the first one was awesome there's two endings to the story butts one story has a dead end but the other Story Goes On with them riding off. What if the story starts off depending on how you ended the first one and something drastic happens?

  28. Kal Kuma

    forever behind chrono trigger's shadow, embarrassing.

  29. The Rose Experience

    I Am Setsuna is/was a messy disappointment. Hope Tokyo RPG Factory continues and learns from this, but they have to be better.

  30. Andre Hardika


  31. Mettin Kaytaz

    Welcome to Chrono Trigger of today

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