I Am Setsuna – E3 2016 Trailer

In a land of sorrow and bitter cold a tale of sacrifice will be told.

Experience the timeless story of I Am Setsuna.

Coming July 19th 2016 to PC and PSN


  1. Harlock2day

    I am a satsuma ?

  2. Shy Guy

    Switch! Thank god!

  3. Elijah Phillips

    This game looks like it copies the battle system of Chrono Trigger

  4. videakias3000

    oh my gosh this video gae should turn to a tv show(or a movie,whatever.).
    this is probably one of the best if not the best trailers I have ever seen.great music good voice acting.bravo bravo.

  5. Keith Barnes

    Comin' to the switch! WOOOT

  6. tee

    Why didn't I know about this until now? lol it would be majorly awesome, to play a classic style RPG but more modern like this. Gonna have to definitely play it at some point.

  7. Peter Lopez

    final fantasy 10 is that you?

  8. André Miguel A. F. de Paula

    all aboard the hype train


  9. HypnoPants

    "In a land of sorrow, and bitter cold." looks outside oh near, this takes place in Canada.

  10. HypnoPants

    "A girl destined for death, will give anything to save her people." … and here I am playing dark souls, destined for endless death and giving all I've got to save everyone. XD

  11. HypnoPants

    The 'in combat' portion is a chrono trigger medley with mostly the main theme. Though that's all I can hear specifically, but I think I hear corridors of time or schala's theme in the 'tale unfold' portion… though at this point I'm pretty sure all the music is chrono trigger inspired to appeal to the nostalgia of chrono trigger fans 😛

  12. Jc comments

    2/3 console companies are japanese. probably a useless fact

  13. beoash

    Reminds me of bravely default

  14. Forgotten Light

    makes me remember final fantasy ix . awesome game <3

  15. baudbandit007

    got it for Windows. great game.

  16. sefirotallo

    1:26 The music remind me something..
    some help?

  17. Kewans


  18. Asiatix Cross

    This game needs more attention

  19. Bunnniel

    Disappointing story line, plot and ending

  20. Nguyen Hai Phong

    where can i get the music?

  21. Thallia

    What is song at 0:55 please ?

  22. OliRock92

    I'm enjoying this so much on my Switch! A good throwback to Chrono Trigger! (Can we just forget about Chrono Cross plz? xD)

  23. DanteAffinity83

    So… Is Radius' friend, or Serge buried there?

  24. Puritania

    it's a bit shallow.. and filled with cringe worthy dialoges… just like the old school RPG…which is nice

  25. adil khojah

    music this game amazing …..

  26. Branco

    joguinho de beijo de pombo '-'

  27. Ведро Крови

    One of the best jrps EVER!!! TY developers!!!!

  28. chokzee chinn

    ิGood Soundtrack

  29. Gastón

    I am playing it , music and history are great !

  30. Mace

    this game was a master piece…

  31. Ali Meg

    what's the second song ? the one with the fighting scenes ! i've been looking for a year now

  32. Police Officer

    What is the first piano piece that is playing?

  33. Toshiie

    If Square Enix wants to make a game good like Chrono Trigger, there must be time traveling

  34. Paulo Badeka

    So so difficult to up levels. Stop gamming

  35. Elumio Merk

    Setsuna Dis, yourshko

  36. Blessed Mother

    The story of this game is so similar to Jesus, where He is destined to die (but resurrects three days later), and gives everything – His life – to save His people from their sins, and going to hell.

  37. Orlan Deau

    Undertale >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tuturu App >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I Am Setsuna

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