I Am Setsuna – An Unforgettable Journey Launch Trailer

I Am Setsuna, the first game from Tokyo RPG Studio is AVAILABLE NOW on Playstation 4! Watch this trailer to take a look at the game and see what Square Enix community members think of I Am Setsuna. I Am Setsuna is an adventure which evokes feeling of nostalgia; traverse a world map, enter towns and speak to inhabitants to discover more about the world and your quest, battle enemies in turn-based combat all set to a powerful piano-based score and relive the authentic old-school JRPG experience.


  1. Dark Cloud

    I have it, and I'm loving it, the firsts hours of the game feels really good!.

    I hope they make more games like this.


    this game is sad

  3. Rich James

    pass. be a good mobile release for $10 or less.

  4. mk mk

    I wonder if it was intentional that the first minute and a half of Setsuna's narration in this trailer could also be an old school JRPG fan reminiscing about JRPGs

  5. Josh Holder

    This looks good, can someone do a review and link.

  6. Jonathan Hodges

    I'm desperately trying to find out the voice actress' name for the English trailer we're seeing here – she's flat out amazing and her voice reaches to the depths of my core and shakes it awake – as cliche as that sounds. Does anyone have any clue what her name is by chance? I'd really appreciate the help – difficult info for me to find.

  7. Kenny Dawg

    I'm such a slut for square I'll play anything they publish but this actually looks good

  8. Sam Huang

    Awesome soundtrack, it's lovely

  9. solidkratos963

    Please let there be a PS VIta Release love playing RPG on my vita

  10. Stephbm6

    I'll wait for a physical copy, $40 for a download…I don't think so.

  11. Slobbo

    Reminds me too much of FF III remake. Dat nostalgia, gotta get it on Steam soon.

  12. Waldschatten

    GOG, or Vita (if it's not too large to fit in the space I have left in that tiny Sony memory stick) and I'm all over it, but I don't have a PS4 and I loathe Steam.

    Moon Hunters came, so maybe this will, it's pretty much only actual Square Enix (aside from some old Hitman and Deus Ex games I bought there, but it's the classic Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy ones I'd be most interested in buying) titles we're most likely not going to see on GOG.

    Not too much of a loss there, Final Fantasy XII is the most recent (home system, been some good DS/3DS/PSP/PSV titles) game I'd actually buy again, either on Vita (only one missing between the Vita X/X2 HD Remaster and the PS1 & PSP classics from IX on back to Origins) or on PC without Steam.

    Not that I expect it, Square Enix can't even manage an Android game without making the license check so repetitive and annoying that you swear off ever buying another mobile phone game from them again. Most other games check on first run, then leave you alone, Square Enix Games won't let you play on the train because there's no data and they're, once again, demanding a license check to play.

  13. Fat Swiss and Tee

    There is hope for a new Chrono game…

  14. Nuance6

    Never hears of this wdd

  15. Tanuto


  16. KloudStrifeFF7

    00:25 😮 Well, I hope Tokyo RPG Factory do more games. With more budget and experience, they will be very good.

  17. Cococrash11

    Awesome I Am Setsuna – An Unforgettable Journey Launch Trailer.

  18. dusty274

    the song that starts at 1:06….if anyone can find that and tell me what song it is ill suk ur dik. I cant find it in the soundtrack!

  19. Imgema

    This "i take myself way too seriously" melodrama featuring little girls wearing cat-ears… how can people see this shit and not cringe?

  20. Baha Amro

    oh the good old days of RPG. Why there isn't a Vita version!

  21. Muhammad Riezuan Musa

    remake for Legend Of The Dragoon anyone?

  22. Edersongg


  23. Edersongg


  24. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    You release this game on a gaming console, yet you make better games like Brave Exvius and Mobius for the damn phone. Nice going Square. You've officially lost it.

  25. TeeKay 2

    Hope a vita version/port will come later this year! Def will buy this on vita even if it's 10$ more compared to the PS4/PC version.

  26. Joel Monserrate

    game looks good now where's Chrono Trigger HD

  27. Lucas Martins Lira

    so much hype

  28. Tavorus White

    I'm probably going to cry after beating this…

  29. CloudertFinit

    Que salga una actualizacion en español y muchos otros idiomas mas para poder disfrutar mucho mejor este grandioso videojuego.

  30. Elqplau

    why will i get this game after playing FFXI sence US release? this has Phantasy Star game play not the FFXI game play i prefre

  31. MrJcpots

    She Sounds like yuna

  32. Luiz Filipe Cremonezi do Valle

    Vita version, please!

  33. Platinum Chill

    Come on man, could you guys even try to make something good.. Ill try keep my hopes up for ff15 even thou this game was useless and waste of money

  34. Sarah Sly

    if it sells well does that mean we will get a physical copy on ps4 😀

  35. Test With Test

    This reminds me of traditional jrpgs before this generation of gamer ruined them with their crying of more tits and ass. With god of war like combat because who can wait for a turn based combat system right?

  36. Erikson Vargas

    vita version?

  37. Rynn21

    This trailer already puts me there in the gameplay. I miss games with this vibe.

  38. Daveon Willcox

    Looks just like bravely default but that not gonna stop me from getting it

  39. Rarzar Bex

    Brina Palencia!

  40. Juggalo972 Plays

    I'm currently playing through this nostalgic RPG, it's a really nice throwback to my childhood and the ATB battle system is fun all over again! Great game, great story.

  41. Yeison Serrano


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