HITMAN HD TRILOGY Limited Edition Unboxing

We open up the Xbox 360 version of the HITMAN HD TRILOGY Limited Edition coming out Tuesday January 29th.

The HITMAN HD TRILOGY Limited Edition comes with three classic HITMAN games redone in beautiful HD as well as an exclusive art book and code for the HITMAN: ABSOLUTION Sniper Challenge.

You can also purchase signed high-quality prints of the art within the book by visiting www.whois47.com


  1. Shamdeo

    Happy community manager day!

  2. elkornu8

    my order from amazon just shipped cant wait to get it tomorrow

  3. Dan Truong

    will these HD remastered games have trophies/achievements?

  4. teamhebi13


  5. 15mw3beast

    yes they will every game released for ps3 from october 2008 and now will always have trophies and every xbox game that releases have cheevos

  6. arelimoon29

    Happy community manager appreciation day!

  7. CyanoKhaar

    Do you know if there will be any standard copies? I don't like "book" cases, I prefer a plastic case.

  8. infinityg35jt

    Thank You Square Enix! For releasing these great games once again in HD. Also great unboxing video. We as long time Hitman fans appreciate and congratulate your efforts.

  9. David Speranza

    they couldn't release hitman part one because of only on PC?

  10. Shaun Das

    Why the fuck is this US only?

  11. llr

    Because U.S. is the best!

  12. Akhriebou Kezo

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Alex Jacobson

    If only..

  14. Square Enix

    there are yes.

  15. Square Enix

    don't worry, its my copy I'll take the risk 😉

  16. Square Enix

    Thanks 🙂

  17. queenalice0

    they sell it in eurpe too, its not limited to US… well, maybe limited edition, the only difference would be the 22pg artbook, which im sure you could score off ebay for 5 bucks if you really wanted too.

  18. bondlover1313

    ok, don't complain years later when your game doesn't work and is worth nothing.

  19. Little Weasel

    i really hate when a game's art book is also the case for the game for one, also what a waste to include blood money in this pack since you can buy the original still for probaby $5 and any true hitman fan would already have a copy of it. why was the first hitman not included instead of blood money to make it a real HD remake trilogy since blood money was already an HD game?

  20. say12thebear

    Do yo need the Absolution disc to play the sniper challenge?
    I ordered the collection for my ps3 that I just got but have Absolution on the 360

  21. Cryptic D3lirium

    There no limited edition of that just hitman hd collectin

  22. Armando Serrano

    The Blood Money I assume was really more for the PS3 because I don't think they ever released it for the PS3. I thought the same thing you did not too long ago but then I thought about it. haha

  23. ChiliRoosters

    should i install those games on my xbox 360 hard drive? : )

  24. ViCGUiMA

    Bacana! Valeu pelas dicas e pelo unboxing!

  25. IngenFiles

    I read Kane and Lynch: Dead Men came with this collection…can anyone deny or confirm this…I didn't see it in the vid, but you never know.

  26. iReturnV1deotapes

    That has to be the greatest looking HD trilogy ever released. Jesus I wish they were all like this.

  27. iReturnV1deotapes

    Yeah, it's so fucking boring having to not be interrupted to take a disc out only to put a disc in.

  28. EggRolls4Me

    I've had mine for a good month or two now, but i don't really wanna open it lol. Should i keep it sealed? 😀

  29. Brian Banta

    I would have liked it better if they still made the Pillow Kill Lithograph and A Dance with the Devil Lithograph available in print. Those were among my favorites.

  30. SwaZ B

    xbox disc suck very weak and cheap like their system never again it's sony from now on blue ray is way better.

  31. Lucas Veronezi

    Man i bought this game on ps3 and nothing about the sniper code! And i just did it because of sniper! Really cool.

  32. Scoop hun Hard

    i love 47

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