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SQUARE ENIX is taking smartphone games to the next level!
A brand-new title from the creators of Guardian Cross, the hit series with over 8 million downloads!

“Guardian Codex” Coming this fall!
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  1. Jxudo

    No one wants freakin phone games. If we wanted 2 polygons and 15 fps we'd go back to original PS.

  2. 166Anna

    Please use your resources to revive the Chrono and Mana series instead, thank you.

  3. Chad Ballew

    looks great – but if it's "free to play", no way. I'm out.

  4. KenjiKussano

    phone games, noooooooooooo!

    unfortunately, it's where the money is, so I don't blame Square.

  5. Xue Thao

    could've been a great ip on consoles and pcs rather than mobile. mobile gaming is like a quick buck after a fuck.

  6. Corey Grimard

    "Not interested." – Cloud Strife, 1997

  7. Mtax

    So… Mobius Final Fantasy reskin, but worse?

  8. Micahl Taylor

    Bro looks great! I am downloading this game when it release. people need to stop being so mad it mobile, Square Enix still releasing ps4 and PS Vita games, look at FF 15 and World of final fantasy. Mobile game are popping now so it just how things are.

  9. Lizzie L

    SENA plz stop too many mobile games.

  10. Marty Howard

    I love square enix. I love what you guys have done with RPGS. I wish we could have a new Super Mario RPG game or at least bring that game to the 3DS. I think that was one of your best games. From a random fan!

  11. Evan XXIII

    What's with all these phone games ew

  12. GT GameTurbo

    fuck you with mobile games

  13. Diego S

    I'm kinda tired of those "games" where all you have to do is tap your screen. Let me control the f*ckin characters.

  14. Raansu

    What is with all these garbage mobile games?

  15. maxbyer

    Some of the Square Mobile titles are actually pretty good you know.

    I used to be a hater on mobile and it's still not my preferred platform, but I'd much rather people put out quality games for ios and android than shovelware or candy crush whatever clones. I still prefer the paid titles to the f2p model by a large large margin, but outside of a few stinkers square's built up a pretty solid record on the system. (mostly paid games, but if more can be done at the level of quality put into Mobius I'm all ears)

  16. Geno San Diego

    You guys destroyed Guardian Cross on Android. Not this shit again.

  17. TheCynicalOne

    I was kinda hyped till I saw the words 'smartphone game'. Get a real console instead of a shit money making scam mobile.

  18. Marcy Adoulin

    Was it just me, or was there like a weird PS1 feel to the gameplay…?

  19. Techkey1

    Ahhhh man! It actually looked good until I saw mobile. Well nevermind, now I don't want it. Oh well.

  20. SerevionBoi

    If you get cut in the game, you get cut in real life…

  21. Legend Of Pablo

    Take this garbage and your FFXV emo pinball mechanic fucktards, and go away.

  22. Bradster X

    I can live without playing this

  23. Aroder

    lolol mobile games lolol cancer

  24. Data Grab

    "Guardians in quality 3d Graphics" (Next scene)— hah! Chaos Rings III had better graphics than this.

  25. Noctivagus

    Square, we get japanese are into mobile games… but we're not! Pls stop wasting resources on games like this…

  26. XGamingStormX

    go to hell square

  27. TheCed

    Mobile… again ?

  28. Delacroix

    Enix can stick these mobile games up their ass

  29. Rynn21

    Enough with all these mobile games. Some of them would have looked pretty decent on consoles or PC.

  30. TheYouTubeBoy

    Fucking piece of shit mobile game. Nobody uses their mobile as a gaming console device, it's never going to feel the same without a remote controller. Fuck off.

  31. Lord Cthulhu

    fakkuking burushitto

  32. Kenn Council

    I'm so tired of the Mobile phone game BS… Fuck..

  33. Adina Sayson

    Fuck you and your mobile games and your brodetrip games and your attempts at squeezing cash from people you don't think about. I'm unsubscribing. I'm not buying XV. I'm not a Squenix fan anymore.

  34. Zaber177

    I played Guardain Cross but lost itnerest due to the high difficulty to get guardians– but this renewed my interest!! gotta get it!

  35. Rio Kasha

    SE is putting out alot of mobile games lately

  36. Nameless Protagonist

    more vita games pls

  37. The.Way.You.Pink.It

    You morons need to stop with the stupid phone games. Gaming is for consoles, not your damn phone.

  38. Chileshe

    "Square Enix is taking Smartphone Ga-" clicks next video

  39. Khant Ryder

    Say No to Mobile gaming!

  40. Freedom for None - Uroboro Djinn

    "SQUARE ENIX is taking smartphone games to the next level!"

    You already did that with FF Mobius. This game looks wack in comparison.


    you guys are a disappointment

  42. Fields

    Why the unlikes? They are just offering more options to different audiences! That just means that dont leave any kind of fan behind, the same with the apple watch game. Thats good! they still do awesome console games.

  43. TjadSenpai

    i know it , he had a stand !

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