Guardian Codex: Multiplay mode demo #1

  1. Donavan Hawkins


  2. GodleyX

    3:50 Do the developers play rappelz? Because that "mashin" is a straight up Genie ripped right out of rappelz.

  3. Hyou Vizer

    shinichi's body language is so awkward, its like watching a early 2000s PS2 3D character model try to be expressive……….

  4. Cullen Kawano

    super excited! I cant wait to play!

  5. Kali Takumi

    Whoa this looks really cool

  6. jaxshroom

    which phones are you using ?

  7. Adam B.

    id tap that bansee and player too

  8. Meso Espitata

    HAHA "The Blow Brothers" . Game looks good, cant wait to try it!

  9. Ulises Alfaro

    This would of looked so nice on my note 7, but it exploded

  10. TallulahSoie

    Should just port this PSN.

  11. RLHvanDijk

    It's funny how they promote Guardian Cross and how it has 8 milion downloads, but it's nowhere to be seen (atleast not in the Google Playstore).

  12. H.A.K


  13. chorpi *

    that Chris guy is so gay

  14. 猫我蜜糖

    Their marketing for this game is microscopic.

  15. Super kev

    square enix please make this game for the ps4 or 3ds.

  16. Hot Chili Pepper

    You guys are closing the game so soon?? it was perfect maybe more vareities of guardians and pvp for endless replay value

    Perfect you guys have map travel and first view style of action. Hardcore Gamers have no time to for pixel walking unless of first view engine.

  17. Hot Chili Pepper

    I'm subcribing in hope of bringing back Guardian franchises. Guardian Cross was fun, but with Codex I rather play real card games like Poker now. It's that good.

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