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Square Enix is taking smartphone games to the next level!
A brand-new title from the creators of Guardian Cross, the hit series with over 8 million downloads!


  1. Dink Mk. V

    Did somebody ring the dinkster?

  2. Faulty Muppet

    yo Dinkster!

  3. McNaire

    Ok, uninstalling Brave Exvius now

  4. XGamingStormX

    square enix charges ridiculous amounts in microtransactions and make it impossible to progress in their mobile games, save yourself the time and money and don't play their mobile games. one very good example is khux

  5. L. skipper Arias F.

    y uno que no tiene tiempo y sale esto

  6. kurisu7885

    I can already hear the hentai artists getting to work.

  7. Azphix Xaxa

    oh god.. lets just hope i get an op card or else the cycle with these games of rerolling will begin…

  8. David Cao

    incompatible with Nexus 6P?

  9. yokozach 28

    I hope later they make it compatible with 5c

  10. TallulahSoie

    I'm not interested in buying a $2000 tablet to play this shovelware.

  11. LordColdGames

    Don't really care, seems like garbage. I would of bought for systems if it was a good game..

  12. ゆうきひかり

    I can not play, loading too long

  13. blasianFMA

    This isn't compatible with the Nexus 6p. Why?

  14. kenny S

    cant even download it on ipad

  15. Risoluto Gaming

    UPDATE: This game Have been shut down Unfortunately. The game was definitely Fun. I really hope they can revive this game again with some rework. [don't be nexon and be money greedy now lol]
    My guess for shut down is probably because it was abit easy and/or wasn't making much money out of it. My only complaint on this game was there were no voice from characters like it was in JP.
    I didn't mind it was abit easy. the music is AMAZING. i wish i could have rip it from the game itself before it shutdown.

    If this game was still alive, I'm sure this would have got the collab of nier:automata too.

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