Flame VS Blaze Debut Trailer

FLAME VS BLAZE will launch on mobile devices in 2017!

FLAME VS BLAZE expands on the global MOBA phenomenon of fast-paced, competitive battles between players, adding additional layers of gameplay through climactic boss battles and a colorful cast of fully customizable characters, each with their own special transformation. FLAME VS BLAZE features an all-star development team, including Producer Hironori Okayama (KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ) and Director Yuji Abe (FINAL FANTASY® XIII series), with character designs by Gen Kobayashi (The World Ends With You®).

Unique to FLAME VS BLAZE, players team up with up to two friends in 3-on-3 battles to destroy the opposing team’s reactor. Players can choose their own playstyle: enter the fray against fearsome monsters to make them your allies and bolster your base’s defenses, or go head to head against other agents and assault enemy territory. After a certain amount of time, the reactors come to life and commence a full-out attack against each other. Players must work together to communicate quickly, think strategically and maneuver the battlefield carefully to defeat the opposition.

Look forward to the game in 2017!


  1. true light

    First dislike.

  2. Grandeve

    Mobile games gags

  3. Nickolas Hylton

    As soon as i heard tap i disliked

  4. Exaflare Bahamut

    dem subtle changes tho

  5. Cheese

    Square Enix moba… MOBILE MOBA…

  6. Eric Quesada


  7. Manuel Koegler


  8. Jazneo Gaming


  9. Experience_Point


  10. RyuujinLetum

    people who hate mobile are not Japanese. i guess i am Hispanic Japanese lol

  11. Hooker Legs

    I might play it.

  12. TallulahSoie

    Mobile? Nope.

  13. Milo Van

    that vo

  14. Quinton the Villain

    I was interested until i heard Tap to move.
    Ain`t no one got time for dis shit, put it on pc or something, fuck mobile.

  15. exvious

    "a game like no other??"

  16. genesisSOC

    This is the kind of crap that gives mobile games the bad rep. Meanwhile you have FF Dimensions which is only beaten by FF7, 6 and 9.

  17. Bre Fujimoto


  18. Richter WLK

    Seems like a bad game.

  19. Takeshi asdf

    So VainGlory

    but Squeenix.

  20. karnovrpg

    You lost me at the acronym MOBA.

  21. Casa do Banner

    Fuck this shit… shit Moba.

  22. GBlazing

    Cool! I hope it's fun, thanks SE, you've been really busy with alot of games such as FFXV and up coming KHIII, and many other games, I appreciate you taking the time in making a mobile game!

  23. TheDaybid

    The art and characters look too generic to be an interesting game. Maybe if they did a Moba game with actual characters from Square Enix' earlier titles it would be fun.

  24. G. K.

    Square Enix's first foray into MOBA. Aaaaand it's on mobile – pay2win, dead on arrival. 🙂

  25. Hokage of gaming

    Port to switch or pc

  26. Obi Cornell Kurosaki Eke

    You know, I'd give it a shot if it wasn't on mobile devices. The announcer's over enthusiastic voice made me watch this trailer again.

  27. Chr1sT0fu

    dude needs to calm tf down

  28. ♤Max♤

    nice trailer to make it seem hype but the gameplay?

  29. Andros Catalina Futbol


  30. Githian

    Read a dev interview about the game, seems like an interesting concept. Please consider a pc port.

  31. megaman1on1

    So this looks like a portable version of Heroes of the Storm, with an interesting art style. I like that it's all original characters at the start too, no promo characters and such… I do hope that this does well. I intend to try it. Though I am curious what happens to drop-outs, whether they just go still, or if they get replaced by an AI. I hope that they do. Plus, being that this is a portable game, I hope they don't punish people for dropping too much. I doubt there'll be a SUPER huge competitive scene, but this game doesn't seem to be offering that ANYWAY, as the interview they had with Siliconera made it sound pretty casual, which… I'm kinda happy for. I play enough hard-core games that sometimes, I really do just wanna chill and do something silly and quick. Here's hopin'.

  32. Jordan Cable

    When is this coming out?

  33. DomesticFun

    This looks like one of those online games that you see in pop-up windows.

  34. Bank Alexander

    Damn thought it was a full blown fighting game, like that other 2D one they're publishing.

  35. zackfair99

    0:03 Neku from The World Ends with You? O_O

  36. poopikins

    They have decent art direction. Why make the backgrounds a brown mess?

  37. Nick M

    Cashing in on the moba scene 10 years later… on mobile …. with horrible character models most likely ripped from the 3ds engine. Okay.

  38. Sonny FIRESTORM

    So, Squeenix, what's it gonna be: Premature shutdown? Or power/event/time/whatever creep?

  39. charroboo

    Such a waste to use Hiroyuki Ito's amazing talent on these kind of games, instead of putting him to work on the main games this company is known for.

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